Master Degree Advanced Macro Economics In UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Master degree Advanced Macro Economics in United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Abu Dhabi  Master degree Advanced Macro Economics enables the students to integrate the models with theory. In some places, the models are related with current policies.

Master degree Advanced Macro Economics in uae Dubai Abu Dhabi
Master degree Advanced Macro Economics in UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi




Master Degree Theories of Business Cycle in United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Master degree Sun Spot Theory – Haw-trey Theory – Keynes‟s Theory of Business Cycles-Samuelson‟s Model – Business Cycle Theories – Fluctuations in the open Economy – Sticky wage Model – Sticky price Model – Imperfect – feet Information Inflation (Theoretical expositions) –Unemployment – Model Trade off – Policy implications –Dynamic Disequilibrium.

Master degree Theories of Economic Growth UAE, Dubai , and Abu Dhabi

Population and Human Capital – Technological Progress and change –Capital Output Ratio- Income Effect and Capacity Effect – Endogenous Growth Model.

Master degree Government and Macro Economy UAE Dubai, and Abu Dhabi

The role of State – Effects of Public Expenditure – Mobilization of Resources for Capital Formation – Equitable Distribution – Measures to Reduce Fiscal Deficit – Fiscal Deficit and Economic Growth.

Master degree Inflation and Unemployment

Inflation – Theories – Unemployment – Modifications in Phillips Curve – Policy Dilemma – Inflation in India

Master Ddegree Applications of ISLM Model united Arab emirates Dubai Abu Dhabi

Master degree Meaning – Concepts – Identities – Mun-dell-Fleming Model – Balance of Payments and Exchange Rate Regimes – Simultaneous Equation – Automatic Adjustment and Adjustment Policies – Policy implications and critique. (Interdependence – Interest – rate & exchange rate interdependence.

Master degree – Econometric UAE Dubai , and Abu Dhabi

Master degree paper aims to familiarize the methodology of econometric with the help of statistical and mathematical techniques. It also integrates the theoretical models with application.

Unit – I:    Nature and Scope

Economic and Econometric models – Econometric Methodology – assumptions of OLS – Regression Analysis: Linear and Non-linear – Econometric Applications – Applications of Social Science Package.

Unit – II:   Single Equation Model

Properties of OLS Estimates – Markov Theorem – Co-efficient of Determinants – R Square – Standard Error – ANOVA – Testing of Significance of parameters.

Unit – III:  Violations of Assumptions in OLS

Auto-correlation,     Multicollinear      and       Hetroscadasticity:     Causes,Consequences and Remedies.

Unit – IV:   Dummy Variables

Master degree: Dependent and Independent – Distributed Lag Model – Need, Limitations and Interpretation in Economics.

Unit – V: Theoretical Distribution

Elementary theory of probability: Probability Distribution and their properties – Binomial, Poisson and Normal Distribution.

Master degree International Economics United Arab Emirates Dubai Abu Dhabi

This paper exposes the students to international economics wherein both theory and policy are taught.

Unit – I:    Theories of International Trade 

Master degree Heckscher  –  Ohlin   Theory  –   Leontief   Paradox  –  Stopler  Samuelson Theorem –Factor Price Equalisation Theorem – Community Indifference Curve – Equilibrium In term of Trade Offer Curves – Terms of Trade – Gains from Trade: Static Gains and their measurement-World welfare –Welfare of Individual Countries-Samuelson‟s Gains from Trade –Dynamic Gains.

Unit – II:   Foreign Exchange

Types of  Foreign Exchange – J-Curve Concept- Fixed Exchange Rate and Bretton Woods System – Currency Convertibility – The Foreign Trade Multiplier – International Flow of Goods and Capital – The Mun-dell-Fleming Model – Fixed and Variable Exchange Rate System.

Unit – III:  Balance of Payments

Balance of Payment and Balance of Trade –  Devaluation – The Absorption

Approach – Devaluation Deluge – Exchange Controls.

Unit – IV:  Trade Policies

Free Trade – Protection – Tariff – Quota – Dumping.

Unit – V: Regional Economic Co-Operation and International Monetary Institutions

FDI and MNCs – European Union – GATT – UNCTAD – SAARC – ASEAN – WTO – New International Economic Order – IMF – IBRD – IDA – Asian Development Bank – Euro Currency Market- G8.

Master degree Banking Theory and Policy united Arab emirates Dubai Abu Dhabi

This paper has been designed for non-economics students. It forms an important segment in economics as the policies are vibrant across the world.

Unit – I:    Master degree Introduction united Arab emirates Dubai Abu Dhabi

Theory  of   Modern   Banking   –   Functions   of   Commercial   Banks   –

Nationalization of Commercial Banks – ECS (Electronic Clearing Service) – EC (Electronic Cheque) – Technological Development.

Unit – II:   Central Banking

Theory of Central Bank – Functions of RBI – Methods of Credit Control –Open Market Operations – CRR (Cash Reserve Ratio) – Narasimham Committee report on reforms in Banking Sector.

Unit – III:  Competitiveness and Banking

Social  Banking  –  Profitability  –  Competition  –  New  Generation  Banks  –Mergers – Acquisition – Minimisation of non-performing assets.

Unit – IV:  Banker and Customer Relationship united Arab emirates Dubai Abu Dhabi

Banker – Customer Relationship – Various Deposit Mobilisation – Banker‟sRights – Special Types of Banker‟s Customer‟s relationship – Negotiable Instrument Act 1881.

Unit – V:   Banking Practices united Arab emirates Dubai Abu Dhabi

The issue of cheques – Payment of cheques – Collection of cheques – Clearing House – Various Loans – Bills of Exchange – Secured and Unsecured Loans – Bills discounting – Demand Account and Online Trading.

Master degree Research Methodology united Arab emirates Dubai Abu Dhabi

This paper presents the basics of research, explains the process of carrying out research and the techniques of presentation of research report.

Unit – I:    Master Degree Introduction

Importance – Objectives – Types of research – Research in social sciences and other sciences – Formulating research problem.

Unit – II:   Approaches to Research

Master Degree Facts, theories and concepts in social science research  – Deductive andInductive methods – Stages of scientific approach – Historical method – Case study method.

Unit – III:  Master degree Data, Design and Collection

Master Degree Schedule and questionnaire – Construction of a questionnaire and schedule– Data collection: Primary and secondary.

Unit – IV:  Survey Research, Scaling and Hypothesis 

Sampling Method – Types of surveys – Selecting the survey method – Constructing the survey – The Golden Rule – Advantages and disadvantages of survey method – Data mining and analysis – Scaling – Tabulation (two-way) and diagrammatic representation of data. Testing of hypothesis: Parametric and non-parametric tests: `Z‟ test, `t‟ test, Chi-square test and ANOVA (two-way).

Unit – V:   Report Writing

Presenting results: Written and oral reports – Stages in drafting research report – Layout of research – Types of research report – Foot note and Bibliography.

Master degree Econometric

This paper tests the priori relationship among economic variables. Also this paper enriches the student‟s capability to approach economic theory quantitatively.

Unit – I:    Simultaneous Equation Model

General  Simultaneous  Equation  Model:  Reduced  Form,  Structural  Vs

Reduced Forms, Final Form, Recursive Model – Instrumental Variables (IV).

Unit – II:   Time Series Analysis

Stationary and non-stationary – Transforming non-stationary Time Series –Forecasting – Master degree Economic Applications.

Unit – III:  Time Series Techniques

Purely random process – MA process – AR process – ARMA Process – ARIMA. Vector auto regression – DF Test – Co-Integration – Error Correction models – Box Jenkins Approach – Forecasting using BJ method.

Unit – IV:  Optimization Techniques

Input – Output Analysis – Linear Programming.

Unit – V:   Applications of Econometric Techniques

Demand – Production Function – Cobb-Douglas – Computer Applications

Master degree india Economics UAE Dubai , and Abu Dhabi

The increase in volume of economic activity led to more circulation of money. Against this there is a need to understand the theory and the State‟s policy. This paper offers a few dimensions.

Unit I:   Monetary theories United Arab Eemirates Dubai Abu Dhabi

Monetary  theories  –  The  quantity  theory  of  money  –  The  classical  and Keynesian Theory – Milton Friedmen‟s quantity theory – Don Patinkin‟s Integration  Theory-Tobin‟s  portfolio  analysis  –  Baumol‟s  inventory  approach  –  Gurley  and  Shaw Thesis – Radcliffe Committee – Sayer‟s thesis.

Unit II:  Money Supply and Banking united Arab emirates Dubai Abu Dhabi

Master Degree Money supply Components (M1, M2+M3 … M) and determinants of money supply – High powered money – Riefler and Burgess hypothesis on money supply (UK, USA – Non–Bank Financial Intermediaries) – Credit Creation by Commercial Banks and Monetary Transmission – Central Bank and credit control –Narasimnam Committee Recommendations.

Unit III: Theories of Interest united Arab emirates Dubai Abu Dhabi

Classical and neoclassical theory of interest – Modigliani stock Vs flow analysis – structure of rate of interest – segmented market theory, liquidity premium, Portfolio Behavior Theory – Expectation Theory (Yield curve – short-run and long run.)

Unit IV:  Money Market and Capital Market united Arab emirates Dubai Abu Dhabi

Features of capital and money market – Characteristics of undeveloped and developed money market – Indian money market – Treasury bills – Repo (Repurchase), capital market: primary and secondary market – capital Asset pricing model, William Sharpe – Markowitz model on Risk and Return – Alpa and Beta securities – Stock Exchange – SEBI – Derivatives, hedging, swap (Only concepts).

Unit V:  Monetary Policy united Arab emirates Dubai Abu Dhabi

The role of monetary policy in Developing economy – Lags in monetary policy –Monetary Vs Fiscal policy – Inflation – Inflationary Gap – stagflation – Philips curve- Samuelson and Solow model – Impact of financial sector reforms in India.

Master degree  Agricultural Economics UAE Dubai, and Abu Dhabi

The role of agriculture in the State economy has been steadily declining. Understanding the causes and devising appropriate solutions is the need of the hour. This paper addresses a few issues.

Unit – I:   Nature and Scope

Agriculture  and  Economic  Development  –  Characteristics  of  Agriculture  -Traditional Vs Modern Agriculture – Sustainable agriculture – Food and nutrition security – Future Role of Agriculture & Allied Sector in Economic Development – Relationship Between Agriculture and Other sectors.

Unit – II:   Factor Productivity

Agricultural  Production  Economics  –  Law‟s  of  Return-  Factor  Product Relationship – Factor – Factor Relationship – Product – Product Relationship – Return‟s to Scale – Production Function.

Unit – III:  Farm Management

Farm  Management  –  Economic  Principles  applied  to  Farm  Management  –Types  of  Farm  Business  Organization  –  Farm  Planning  –Applications  of Operational Research Techniques to Farm Management – Farm size and Efficiency debate – Management of Farm Resources – Risk and Uncertainty.

Unit – IV:  Farm Credit

Master Degree Agricultural Finance: Institutional & Non-Institutional Credit: Small Farmers Development Agency (SFDA), Marginal Farmers and Agricultural Labourers Development Agency (MFAL), Primary Agricultural Co-operative Credit Societies (PACS), Central Land Development Bank (CLDB), Primary Land Development Bank (PLDB),  Farmers  Service  Societies  (FSS),  Lead  Bank  Scheme,  Agricultural Refinance and Development Corporation (ARDC), NABARD,  AFC – Civil Society.

Unit – V:   Agricultural Marketing

ma degree Agricultural Marketing: Characteristics and Classification – Process of Agricultural Marketing – Marketing Channels. Marketed and Marketable Surplus – Price Spread – Agricultural Prices: Volatility in Prices, Types of Price Instability, Measurement of instability – Time Series Analysis, Partial Adjustment Model, State in Agriculture Marketing : NAFED, NADC, Procurement Price, Public Distribution System (PDS), Corporate Sector.

Master Degree Fiscal Economics in Dubai and UAE

Master Degree The public finance assumes greater significance in the market based economic system. This paper outlines the conceptual framework, theoretical dimensions and policy underpinnings.

Unit I:    Fiscal Functions and Public Good

Different Economic Systems – Need and growth of public sector – Price policy of public enterprises (Marginal Cost, Average cost, Peak-load Pricing, Administered Price) – Major fiscal functions – Private, Public and Mixed goods.

Unit II:   Taxation and Budgetary Theory

Incidence – Measuring incidence – Shifting and elasticity of demand – Incidence of tax – Perfect, Monopoly and Monopolistic competition – Brown – Rolph approach – Budgetary procedure – Techniques – Budgetary Theory – Classical and Modern Approach – Recent concepts on Budgets.

Unit III:  Principles of Public Expenditure

ma degree Pure  Theory  of  Public  Expenditure  –  Pigou  and  Ability-to-pay  Theory  – Benefit Principles (a) Lindahl‟s Voluntary Exchange Theory (b) Samuelson‟s Pure Theory,  (c)  Public  Choice  Theory   (d)  Players  of  political  game  and  Arrow‟s Impossibility Theorem – Mechanisms of Public Choice – Collective Decision Making.

Unit IV:  Evaluation of Public Expenditure

ma degree Welfare Foundations and Cost Benefit Analysis – Maximization of total benefits (Fixed Budget, Variable Budget), Long term projects and discounting – Effects of public expenditure united Arab emirates Dubai Abu Dhabi

Unit V:   Public Debt and Fiscal Federalism

Public dept – Methods of raising public debt – Effects of Public debt – Public debt Management – Fiscal federalism – Local bodies – Sources of finance – Constitutional Amendment – Functions of Finance Commission – Recommendations of 14th Finance Commission – Fiscal policy and price stability.

Master Degree Development Economics UAE Dubai, and Abu Dhabi 

Master Degree paper aims to study the concepts and issues of economic growth and development, models and theories and developmental policies.

Unit – I:    ma degree Concepts and Issues

Growth and development – Characteristics and Inter-relations among Modern Economic growth – Obstacles of Economic Development and growth.

Unit – II:   Economic Development

Master Degree Harrod – Domar growth model – Strategy of Economic Development – Inducement to invest – Nursing, Singer‟s and Hirschman‟s doctrine –

Mahalanobis strategy

Unit – III:  Theories of Economic growth and Development (Modern & Partial)

Master Degree Modern theories: The Neo-classical growth model with and without technical progress – Kaldor-Mirrlees, Solow, Denison Abramovitz and Kendrick – Partial theories –Rosentein-Roden – Nelson – Rostow – Dual theory – Surplus – Lewis –Ranis-Fei – Jorgenson – Dixit-Margin.

Unit – IV:  ma degree Planning and Development

Concept – Types of planning – Policy models – Projection models – Development planning models – The Wage Good model – Input-output analysis – Linear programming.

Unit – V:   ma degree Policies and Development

U-turn and LPG model – PURA – Pricing policy – Labour and wage policy – Agriculture and industrial policy – Foreign trade policy – Fiscal and monetary policy – Inclusive and Sustainable growth.

Master Degree – Industrial Economics UAE Dubai, and Abu Dhabi

The manufacturing sector has been on the forefront in industrialized economics. Fast developing countries like India too give attention to this core sector. The units, incorporated in this paper draw both theoretical and policy dimensions of industrial economics.

Unit – I:   Master Degree Introduction

Industrialization and Economic Growth – Employment – Agriculture – Foreign Trade – Social Change – Factors of Industrialization – Developing Countries and Industrialization – Adverse Effects of Industrialization- Industrial Spectrum: Size and nature based Classification – Proprietary Based Classification.

Unit – II:   Master Degree Location and Regional Development

Location, Localisation and Planned Location of Industries – Theories of Location – Criticism – Factors Influencing Location – State and Industrial Location– Measures of Control – Need for Balanced Regional Development of Industries.

Unit – III: Master Degree  Industry and Labour

Types of Labour Force – Labour Legislation – Labour Welfare and Social Security – Trade Unions – Industrial Relation – Workers Participation in Management.

Unit – IV:  Industry and Finance

Capital Market – Stock Exchange and Its Regulation – Industrial Finance (Types)  –  Industrial  Financial  Institutions  –  Commercial  Banks  –  Foreign Investment and Collaboration – Non-Resident Investment-Joint Ventures – Multinational Corporation.

Unit – V:   Industrial Development in India united arab emirates Dubai Abu Dhabi

Industrial  Evolution  –  Industrial  Estates  –  Village,  Small  and  Ancillary Industries – Industrial Sickness – Industrial Policy -1991.