Distance MBA in India : Fees, Subjects,institutes College in India


Distance MBA in India : Fees, Subjects,institutes College in India : Distance MBA is ideal for working professionals or people who do not have enough time in the day to attend classes for up to eight hours. Let us have a look at high  Institutes for Distance/Correspondence MBA.

Distance MBA in India or Online MBA is now a duly approved course by the University Grants Commission. The UGC Regulations 2018 announced on 24 May 2018. The certificates equal to the syllabus with their regular classroom programs. Institutions that offer such courses can provide Distance MBA in India online degree diplomas the certificate courses equivalently with regular classroom courses. The higher educational institutions can provide distance education online degree diplomas.

Distance MBA : What’s Correspondence MBA ? 

Time Duration: Distance MBA allows a candidate to research without needing to forego their other essential responsibilities. As there is no classroom instruction, this mode of education is flexible enables the participant to utilize their time for studying according to their needs and convenience.

As the Name Implies, Distance MBA program Top 10 Distance MBA institutes in India No reduction of MBA is offer great Employment.

Working professionals commonly consume distance MBA classes. Everyone can pursue Distance MBA: Unlike routine MBA, space MBA could pursue by anyone, whether they are students, working professionals, or remain at home moms

Such institutes offer courses such as those approved as regular classroom courses at the undergraduate level. They qualified to provide distance learning programs where the underrepresented graduate has done. Such an online distance learning program requires the least National Assessment. The Accreditation Council score of 3.26 on a 4-point scale. If you are looking for a distance MBA course, then there is a Sanclaw college in India offering distance MBA. But there are very few that provide good value for your time and effort.

Students can continuing their jobs. Correspondence MBA or Distance MBA is chiefly

Skill enhancement: as stated previously, an MBA degree has become a necessity in today’s competitive world,

Correspondence MBA in India Courses : What is all about ?

The Distance MBA Course is a flexible and affordable government-accredited MBA program. It does not require you to attend regular daily classes. Thus, a distance MBA is a good option if you are unable to pursue a full-time MBA.

India’s top distance MBA colleges offer a combination of the two in the offline correspondence MBA online distance learning mode. The Distance Learning University Grants Commission also regulates distance MBA literature. Hence, it is working to improve quality and better governance in the region. Types of Distance MBA College the Ministry of HRD recognizes some types of resources to offer distance education in India.

Distance MBA. Fees, Subjects, Online Admission University Admission Process

Distance MBA in India: Which university is best ?

  1. Distance MBA by National Open University or IGNOU.
  2. Amity University
  3. KSOU University 
  4. Periyar University
  5. MKU University
  • Central universities
  • State universities
  • Private universities
  • State private universities.
  1. In stand-alone institutions DEI Distance MBA presented.
  • Government Institute
  • Private Institute
  • Business Organizations

Distance MBA in India : Take online admission Process?

Hundreds of MBA colleges in India offer Correspondence MBA in India. But there are only a few top distances leading management colleges that offer excellent value. As a result, some of the standards in the Best Correspondence MBA college are UGC-accreditation, update syllabus, and affordable fees.

  1. NMIMS Global access schools for continuing education
  2. Symbiosis center for distance learning
  3. IMT Center for Distance learning Ghaziabad
  4. Indira Gandhi National Open University, IGNOU
  5. Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education Sikkim
  6. Wellingkar Institute of Management
  7. Amity University

Distance MBA in India FEES STRUCTURE :

Distance mba specialization

Duration Fees
Hospital Management 2 years 40000
Human Resource Management 2 years 25000
International Business 2 years 30000
Investment Management 2 years 30000
Transport Management 2 years 30000
Information System Management 2 years 30000
Logistics and Supply Chain Management 2 years 30000
Marketing Management 2 years 30000
Software Testing and Quality Management 2 years 30000
Hotel and Tourism Management 2 years 30000
Technology Management 2 years 30000
Advertising and Sales Promotion 2 years 30000
International Business 2 years 40000
Banking Management 2 years 40000
Banking and Finance Management 2 years 40000
Customer Relationship Management 2 years 40000
Export Management 2 years 40000
MBA Airline and Airport Management 2 years 40000
Entrepreneurship 2 years 40000
MBA Finance Management 2 years 40000
Financial Services 2 years 40000
Textile Management 2 years 40000
Materials Management 2 years 40000
International Shipping and Air-cargo Logistics Management 2 years 40000
Project Management 2 years 40000
Retail Management 2 years 40000
Services Management 2 years 40000
Shipping and Port Management 2 years 40000

Correspondence MBA Benefits :

If you still have doubts, then Correspondence MBA programs offer a lot of benefits. The benefits of the scriptures and working professionals are the main benefits.

MBA Time Management:

The Distance MBA provides the flexibility of time and speed compared to a regular MBA. It suits those people who cannot pursue a full-time MBA due to time constraints or other.

MBA Online study : Education Technology to Your Home:

Distance MBA has benefited from the rise of communication and technology in education. Even significant universities such as MIT, as well as Howard Business School, use education technology to deliver programs worldwide.  Also, platforms such as Rydex& Audacity from the MOOC. The Core has removed the stigma associated with Correspondence MBA.

Correspondence MBA low Cost Fees : Cost-effective Option:

The most significant advantage of Correspondence MBA programs is its low fee creation. A regular MBA can also cost you anywhere between 5 to 15 lacks. Thus, the fees for a reasonable distance MBA program range from 75000 to 1.5 deficiencies.

Industry-related Courses:

The best remote institutes like NMIMS University IMT CDSL Centre for Distance Learning and IMT CDL. They also verse in changing the business environment. Hence, they provide students with an updated and industry intrigued curriculum.

Distance MBA in India:  Big Reason to choose online and Distance education

For other professionals considering MBA education in another geography position, the option of a full-fledged Kali, part-time MBA, may find. Even at this point, one would settle with family and take a break from work. Relocating to a new place for a year or two that would bring many Interruption. Executive MBA programs come with a stable price tag.

You should also keep in mind the extra costs involved in traveling to attend sessions. Given that most other options have rejected, the most practical. Thus, the affordable choice for such people would be a remote MBA program.

Types of Distance MBA Programs in india

Online MBA programs first introduced by correspondence courses where printed material would deliver to you. This will also require a lot of dedication from you as it will involve self-study. Besides to course materials, there may be some audio-video learning ads to the learning process. Finally, you will assess through assignments and exams. As a result, his method of delivery is still in use in India.

Technology has revolutionized the methods of delivery of . Distance MBAs such as online and hybrid MBAs can also gain popularity with prestigious international B schools offering these programs. Thus, the Hybrid MBA program differs from an online MBA because it will have some on-campus elements. Besides, the online delivery of content used by the online MBA program.

Distance MBA Online Description use these Programs

First Method:

The online MBA component usually has a mixture of contemporary course work with asynchronous. The synchronous course is a live session where you will be able to interact with your professors and peers. This requires professors and student participants to be online at the same time. Live class sessions can conduct through video conferencing with the professor and several students who can participate in the discussion. Class sizes can generally be kept small to ensure a better learning environment.

Second Method:

Sessions are thus conducted at periodic intervals and usually cover the course once a week for that period. The only requirement for taking sessions is an internet connection and a webcam. Similarly, interactive sessions can all recorded so that you can watch them at a later date. You may also interact with coached feedback sessions together.

Third Method:

Synchronous chat rooms allow many users to log in and text chat. Synchronous learning includes study material, video presentation, assignment, tests that the user requires to access and complete at their convenience.

Fourth Method:

Depending on your preferences, you may have sessions that vote for synchronous students considering active participation. Learning by providing them the chance to share ideas and experiences and get to know their classmates better. Some people may not attend these live sessions because of their busy work.

Fifth Method:

There may help others who, do a lot for more synchronous courses, but you can take from it a lot. These sessions are more relaxed and provide more time to think. Understand various concepts and form your own opinion or answer.

Sixth Method:

An online MBA program may also have a residency component. It can be an organized session at any place else so that the students get together with their mates. Many students look for this opportunity to be able to network with faculty staff from parties and possibly alumni during these trips.

Distance MBA in India:  There Any Harm Connect With It?

Distance learning MBA programs provide limited networking opportunities. Networking is the top takeaways program of an MBA. Learn how networking your MBA program can offer. The live session provides you with an interactive platform to get to know others and engage in discussions. Group projects offer an excellent opportunity to have close contact with their classmates and develop a strong brand.

The perception has changed with B schools covering the second abuser MBA. There may also be recruits who may have their own former homes and consider it of secondary importance.

Distance MBA in India: Career Scope After 

The Distance MBA program helps in career advancement as it broadens your knowledge base. It also gives the student a good understanding of problem-solving skills and various business statements. For those seriously looking for a complete change in career, choose a program that can help you make this change.

MBA’s Can Go to the Top Companies in the Field. After covering the distance MBA, candidates get opportunities in public-private and government sectors.


  • Bank.
  • Credit Rating Agency.
  • Name Insurance Companies.
  • Trending & broking Farm, etc.


  • Sales and Marketing Department.
  • Advertising Agencies.
  • Event Management Companies, etc.

Human Resource Management

Students are offered roles in the HR departments of leading recruitment/training agencies consulting and career development in national/multinational companies.

  • Operations Management.
  • Production Distribution.
  • Logistics Department etc.