IELTS Results 2020


IELTS Results 2020 will be announced soon and you will be able to check the IELTS results after 13 days of the exam. You can check your results both online or offline. However, it is better not to rely on reviewing your results online. Instead, you can try to obtain your results offline.

 IELTS test report forms are available for the candidates. Moreover, the IELTS test report form will be issued 13 days after you sit for IELTS exams. You can get it through post or any other method. The IELTS exam center uses to send the test report form. On top of all, the candidates must remember that they will be offered with only one test report form. So, every candidate must make sure to use that one form they get with care.

IELTS Result 2020

But there is a concession given to the candidates who want citizenship or immigrate to Canada. That is, two test report forms will be given to them. Furthermore, you will be given a chance to choose universities or any organization you prefer. You can include up to 5 institutes or organizations on your list. That IELTS exam fee would cover the charges of the place you wish to choose. Another copy of the IELTS report will be sent to the institutions on your list if there is any requirement.

How to Check Your IELTS Results 2020

Offline Method

Thirteen days after the exam, the IELTS Exam Center will make arrangements for candidates to get IELTS Test Result Form. Sometimes the candidate will get the resulting delayed. It happens due to the high-quality control steps taken by the organization. The candidate will be informed about the delay through email. Moreover, another way to obtain the IELTS test report offline is through SMS services. 

Online Method

Same as in the offline method, candidates are enabled to check their IELTS results after 13 days from the exam. It is convenient to obtain your results online. Official websites of two organizations will allow the candidate to check the results. They are,

  • IDP IELTS and British Council IELTS 

If you find it hard to obtain your IELTS results from both of the above methods, don’t worry!. You can go to the exam center and request for your IELTS score.

Steps to Acquire Your IELTS Results 2020

In the time of accessing results, you must have the following details with you to obtain what you seek. They are,

  • Identification document number of the candidate
  • The candidate must provide the number she/ he received when sitting for exams
  • The date in which the candidate sat for the exam
  • To preview IELTS exam results, the candidate will have to provide his/ her date of birth

As already said, the candidate can use either offline or online methods to check the IELTS exam results. Many candidates do not know the procedure that should be undergone to obtain the exam results through online or offline. Here is some help to understand the steps to be taken to secure your IELTS Exam results.

  • As the candidate visits the official website, he/ she will be guided to the result portal. The candidate must fill details such as identification document number, the number provided to the candidate at the exam. With the submission of the details asked, the IELTS result will be shown. 

About Additional Test Report Form of IELTS Exam

Candidates will not be provided with 2 reports except for those who wish to obtain citizenship or migrate to Canada. But you have the chance to request to send the test report form to the institutions that you choose. The original application will ask you to nominate around five institutions for this. In case if you do not have filled those details, you can get another form to fulfill your needs. The candidates have to obtain an additional test report form by paying an amount. The amount might differ depending on the mode of test report will be sent through.

A photocopy of the passport and a copy of the exam report should be attached to the application. Moreover, you will have to provide details of the recipient of the test report.

Details to Include in the Additional Test Report Form

  • Candidates name.
  • The candidate number was provided at the examination.
  • The date in which the exam was held.
  • Personal details of the candidate, such as an address, telephone number, and other information.
  • Information on the institution you want the report to be sent for (details like the email, HoD, and other details).
  • The date on which you are filling the form and the signature of the candidate.