IELTS Pattern 2020 : IELTS Exam Pattern


IELTS Pattern 2020 : IELTS Exam Pattern :  will help you to understand that how the exam will and which type of questions will come in the exam. Many international candidates take the exam of IELTS for many reasons. The main reason is to migrate to another country in which the primary language is English. Universities in countries such as the UK, Australia, Canada, and many other popular countries accept IELTS. The exam basically evaluates the English skills of the candidate. Furthermore, with IELTS candidates can apply for postgraduate or undergraduate programs in the universities of many countries. 

IELTS Exam Pattern 2020

The examination pattern of IELTS consist of 4 main sections they are,

  • Listening.
  • Writing.
  • Reading. 
  • Speaking. 

Moreover, the system of IELTS consist of two forms they are,

  • IELTS academic training test.
  • IELTS general training test.

ielts exam pattern Question paper

IELTS Pattern 2020 

Some universities ask for IELTS academic, and some other universities ask for IELTS general. So the candidate must make sure to check the requirement of the institution they are applying to. It is imperative to go through the IELTS exam pattern before sitting for the exams. Generally, IELTS academic test is taken by candidates who apply for universities or needs professional registration in another country. And IELTS general training is accepted by the ones who want to migrate to an English country. IELTS exam is conducted by the Educational Service, worldwide. 

IELTS Pattern 2020
IELTS Pattern 2020

Paper Pattern of IELTS Exam

The IELTS Exam Pattern is divided into 4 sections of English. The duration taken for each section differs from each other.

IELTS  Exam Pattern
IELTS Exam Pattern.

The complete test takes up to 2 hours and 45 minutes.

  • Reading – Section:

The test consists of 40 questions. The texts included in the reading test helps determine whether the candidate will suit to take the postgraduate/undergraduate program. Thirty minutes are allocated for the test.

  • Listening – Section:

The test is sectioned into four parts in total the test comprises of 40 questions. This test takes up to 30 minutes to complete.

  • Speaking – Section:

The speaking test evaluates the speaking skill of the candidates. Moreover, the candidates will have to face the exam as in the form of the face –to face interview. The test on speaking might take from 11-14 minutes.

  • Writing – Section of the :

This takes the longest out of all the tests. The duration given is 60 minutes. The test comprises of two main questions. One of them is to write an essay, and the other is to explain a diagram or table with data.

Every candidate must remember that they will be tested reading, writing, and listening with one sitting. The test on speaking skills would be tested on the same day as the other tests. or It might take up to 7 days for the test. Listening and Speaking tests are the same for the two sections in IELTS; IELTS Academic and IELTS general training. But writing and reading tests differ on the sections you choose to take

IELTS Exam Pattern Eligibility

Anyone can take the IELTS exam regardless of age, race, gender, religion, or nation. However, the IELTS tests are mostly recommended for those who are under 16 years old. The minimum age limit is 16 years for the IELTS exam and the candidate must have a valid passport. 


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