IELTS PREPARATION ONLINE TIPS 2020, the IELTS is one of the most popular and reputed screening exams conducted globally. The purpose of this exam is to check the proficiency of non-native English speakers in the English language. However, qualifying the exam is not a cake-walk. As the questions asked in the examination not only require to possess depth knowledge of the English language in terms of ‘reading, writing’ skill. As well as a test of listening and speaking are also conducted. The test focuses on checking the basic survival skills of the candidate in the broad social and professional context of native English speakers.

There is no specific course-book prescribed to prepare for the test. Thus, it becomes difficult for non-native speakers to prepare for the test. Here are a few IELTS PREPARATION TIPS 2020 to crack the examination.


You can begin your preparation for the IELTS ( Ilets Speaking Tips) exam either by yourself or with the help of preparation courses offered by different institutes. Here is a series of systematic steps that every ILETS aspirant must follow.

  • Understanding the test format –

The first step towards the preparation of any test/exam is to understand the pattern of questions that are asked in the test. The easiest way to familiarize oneself with the format of the test is by reviewing the task type of each question and the content of the test.

Moreover, read all rules and regulations laid down by the IELTS to all candidates carefully before filling for any type of application form.

  • Practice with sample test questions –

Once you have understood the format of the IELTS exam, you can proceed with attempting sample papers of the test. The sample papers of the last few years can play a key role in improving your grades and determining your success rates.

Since the IELTS examination is conducted in two ways. The IELTS academic examination and IELTS general training examination. The sample papers of both the exams must be solved separately.

If you plan to go for a pen-paper based test, practice in a similar manner. However, if you are interested in giving the computer-based IELTS test, then use the online mode. It is more suitable to gain test experience through websites offering online sample tests.

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Solve time-based sample papers, ie., based on the amount of time assigned for each skill. One can set a fixed time and then attempt to solve the question paper in that fixed duration.


  • Taking a preparation course –

One can also do IELTS exam preparation by taking online courses offered by different websites. Moreover, IELTS exam centers and language schools are offering preparation courses for IELTS exam aspirants. You can find out more information by logging in to the regional website of exam centers or by visiting the exam centers. Depending on the resource opted for, the preparation course may be charged a fee or may be available free-of-cost.

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The British Council IELTS prepares short educational videos on the content of the test. You can visit the official website of the British Council IELTS to find out more.




The IELTS examination is conducted four times in a month, mostly on Thursdays and Saturdays. The dates for the IELTS exam 2020 are out and aspirants have already started their preparations for the screening test. Here is how you can start your IELTS preparation right away with the help of online training resources. Here are some of the following tips which help you.

  • The First IELTS Preparation Tips 2020:

The official website of British council IELTS is offering different assistance in the entire process of the IELTS examination. This includes helpful videos and blogs that offer assistance right from the registration for a test to the assessment process.

  • The Second IELTS Preparation Online Tips 2020: Ilets Speaking Tips

The learning material provided will not only acquaint the test-takers with the exam format. But it will also improve the user’s confidence while writing, speaking, reading and listening to the English language. Even if you are a proficient speaker of English, it is still recommended to use helpful IELTS learning resources.

  • The Third IELTS Preparation Online Tips 2020:

The tutorial videos and training resources are offered by British Council IELTS. Which includes test format explained, free of cost practice tests, computer-based preparation tests. The preparation courses offered at the cost and preparation courses available free of cost are also available.

  • The Fourth IELTS Preparation Online Tips( Ilets Speaking Tips 2020)

The most striking thing about these preparation resources is that offers free of cost mobile applications to its users. This application is loaded with everything that an IELTS aspirant will need during the IELTS exam preparation.

  • The Fifth IELTS Preparation Tips Online 2020:

Unlike other online resources available, that offer preparation services in IELTS academic test. Here are offered resources for the preparation of UKVI and life skills tests for you.

  • The Sixth IELTS Preparation Online Tips 2020:

Moreover, you can benefit yourself from the wide range of preparation books and materials provided by world-leading English language specialists. Go through tips and tricks videos and improve your performance in all aspects.

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