IELTS Exam Pattern 2020


IELTS Exam Pattern 2020, You would have probably heard of IELTS and IELTS exam pattern. It is famous worldwide in helping people to achieve many things. Many international candidates take the IELTS exams to continue their higher studies abroad or to work in an English country. Some countries which accept IELTS for university admissions are,

  • Australia
  • UK
  • The USA
  • New Zealand
  • Canada

The exam taken by the candidate helps to determine the skills in the English language. However, you might have to gather information about the IELTS exam pattern 2020.

IELTS Results 2020

International English Language Testing System IELTS Exam Pattern 2020

IELTS 2020 Practice Paper

IELTS is mainly used to test the proficiency of English in the candidates who sit for the exam. It comprises of two types; IELTS academic test and IELTS general training. Hence, the IELTS exam pattern 2020 should be learned and understood.

Each section consists of 2 questions in writing test, 40 on the reading, and 3 speaking and listening tasks each. Some ways to enhance writing, speaking and listening skills before the exams are:-

  • Listening to English news.
  • Reading English books and newspapers.
  • Writing articles.
  • Watching videos.

This comprises the details of the IELTS exam pattern 2020.

IELTS 2020 Exam Pattern

Both academic and general training consists of the same listening and speaking tests. But the reading and speaking tests may differ from each other.

Candidate must make sure to prepare for the IELTS 2020 exam in the specific section they are going to sit for. It is an excellent method to do practice papers and take mock exams. You will be familiar with the IELTS exam pattern and the tasks you have completed during the exam. Moreover, you will be able to train yourself to manage time in completing the test and evaluate your answers

  • Listening Test in IELTS 2020 Exam

Candidates will be taking the listening test, which consists of recorded conversations and monologues. Candidates have the chance of finding IELTS sample tasks with answer-sheets and audio files or transcripts in the official websites. The duration of the tests takes around 30 minutes. Further, the listening tests are the same for both academic and general training.

  • Reading Test in the Academic Section

The test would include answering multiple-choice questions, matching tasks such as Matching information, headings, features, and sentence endings. Moreover, it includes Identifying information and writer’s views, completion of sentences, summary, table, flow chart, and diagrams. In addition, candidates will have to answer short questions. The texts taken for the test are mostly from books, magazines, journals, and newspapers. The duration of the test would take up to 60 minutes to complete

  • Reading Test in General Training

The tasks in the test would comprise answering multiple questions and short-answer questions, clarification of information, and writer’s views. Also the matching activities such as matching sentence endings, features, headings, and information. Moreover, sentences, tables, summary, flow-chart, diagram, the note would be given to complete.

  • Academic Writing in IELTS 2020 Exam

There are two writing tasks in the academic writing test. One task deals with 150 words and the other with 250 words. One task will include visual information such as a graph, chart, and diagram. And the candidate will be asked to describe the details of it using 150 words. This task will be given 20 minutes to complete.

The second task is in which the candidates will be asked to write 250 words. It is presented as a situation. This test takes around 40 minutes to be completed.

  • Writing Test in General Training

In it there are two tasks as just as academic writing, one with 150 and the other is 250 words. Even if the count of words is similar in both academic and general training, the task given differs from each other. The first task with 150 words in general writing test includes writing a letter explaining the situation that is provided. The second is to write an essay as a response to the situation given at the examination.

  • Speaking Test in IELTS Exam 2020

The test takes place as a face-to-face interview. The candidates will have a discussion with the examiner for about 11- 14 minutes.

IELTS Exam Process 2020

It is comprised of three parts:

  1. The candidate will be asked to share his personal details such as his name and about his/ her family.
  2. The candidate will be given a topic to speak about.
  3. A lengthen discussion on a topic.

The speaking test for both IELTS academic and general training is the same. This test will check the communicative skills and fluency in the English language of the candidate.

The candidate may check the IELTS paper pattern to understand the format of the paper they will be provided with. Moreover, those who wish to take 2020 practice papers, old papers can visit the official websites and download the Pdfs. Mock exams in IELTS will help a lot in being familiar with the tests and IELTS exam pattern 2020. With the test papers, candidates can get the answer sheet. It will assist in comparing the answers and evaluating proficiency.