IELTS EXAM 2020, Fee,Exam pattern


IELTS Exam 2020, short for the International English Language Testing System. The primary aim of this test is to evaluate the candidate’s language ability. It is taken by those who have a job or are admitted to a university where English is the first language. In the UK and several other countries, clearing IELTS is a compulsion. This article will give details about the IELTS Exam AND IELTS FEES 2020. Also, it isn’t compulsory to take the exam to get into all the universities; however, it still is a critical curriculum.

IELTS is recognized in several countries like UK, USA, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, etc. when they are looking for either admission in university or to the employee. This test is also recognized by immigration authorities and many agencies (government and private). A minimum of 2 million people a year gives IELTS, and there is expected an elevation for IELTS Exam 2020.

IELTS Exam 2020 Eligibility:

There isn’t a set criterion for this exam; however, 16 years is the minimum age for a candidate to be able to sit for the test.

IELETS exam preparation and time ?

There are two categories among which the candidate can choose: Training that targets academics or training in general. All appearing candidates do the speaking and listening section. Let’s take a look at the break up of test:

1)  Listening section. It consists of

  • Sections: 4
  • Questions: 40
  • Time: 30 minutes

2) Speaking: there will be an interview of 15 minutes.

3) Reading: this will differ as per the general training or academic training.

  • Sections: 3
  • Questions: 40
  • Time: 60 minutes

4) Writing: This will also differ as per the academic training or general training such as two-pieces of writing with a time limit of 60 minutes to complete.

 Level and scores

There are many levels in IELTS; the candidate gets a score of 1-9. Candidates may also score in half points like 7.5. The university criteria of selection might vary from each other. For instance, some university demands a minimum of 7-9 whereas some demands a specific score in all four sections.

Where to give the test?

There are prescribes test centers for giving IELTS all over the world. To be precise, there are multiple centers around the globe, greater than 500, in number, to be exact. For IELTS Exam 2020, the candidate can search online for the test and can give the exam at the nearest center.

When to give the test?

Always try to choose the most convenient test center, this will save your time on travel, and you can relax and give the test stress-free. There is no particular date nut usually the test is organized on Thursday and Saturday.

How to register for IELTS Exam 2020?

One can register for IELTS Exam 2020 online and offline. The candidate can choose any mode of registration that they are comfortable with. However, in our opinion, the candidate should opt for online as it is a more secure and convenient mode of booking. Let’s go through the registration process step by step.

Step 1: Look for the closest IELTS test center.

  1., go to their official website.
  2.  You will find an icon “book a test,” click on it.
  3.  Then with the drop-down, choose “find a test location.”
  4.  There will be a list of options like IELTS life skills, IELTS, for IELTS for UKVI.
  5.  There will be a list of country and territory, fill it with the current residence.
  6.  Then click on find a test location. Now based on the territory, this drop-down list will display all the available centers on screen.
  7.  From the list, choose the most convenient test center, and below there will be an icon “book now” click that.

Step 2: IELTS Exam registration process ?:

As we have told you earlier, there are two modes of registration online and offline for IELTS Exam 2020.

Online Mode:

1)  On the IDP of your territory, you will see an icon, namely, “Register for Test,” click on that.

2)  Then there will be other options to select them accordingly like the test, type of test, test city.

3)  Then select the date of test that you are comfortable to appear at. Give this one sincere thought.

4)  Fill in all the other details asked in the form of application. The details are quite simply just the necessary personal information, educational qualifications, etc.

Uploading the Documents
  • You are asked to upload a scanned image of your passport, first and the last page. Although this is an optional step, the candidate may skip it, in case they feel like it.
  • Candidate must ensure the size of the file should be up to 1 MB, in PDF, JPG or JPEG format.

5)  Before moving further look at the form, edit any information required, for that click “edit details” and then click proceed.

 Offline Mode:

Honestly, this is the least preferred mode of registration but the steps for IELTS Exam 2020:

1), go to their official website.

2)  Click on “Book a test.”

3)  There will be a drop-down menu select, “How do I register,” icon.

4)  There will be options to choose from, “download an application form.”

5)  After clicking that there will be a new window popping up. Download the document, fill the details asked, respectively.

Step 3: IELTS exam fee 2020

IELTS exam fee 2020 $215-$240.

IELTS doesn’t have a universal fee; it varies from territory to territory. The reason it differs is that people conduct it in many countries, so it is charged as per the region’s local currency. For instance: Indian Fees for giving IELTS is INR 12650, well in the USA it is around $215-$240.

Steps for Online Payment:

  1.  This option of paying the fee online for the IELTS Exam 2020 can only be availed by candidates who chose to go for online registration.
  2.  There is the various mode of payment; the candidate may choose the one that is convenient for them, Net Banking, Visa or Master Debit card or Credit Card,

Steps for Offline Payment:

In offline payment can be done in person or via courier.

  1.  Visit the nearest office of IDP.
  2.  There will be online for or paper applications. Fill that out with the help of staff present.
  3.  Here the candidate can pay through, debit card or credit card. The website then sends instant confirmation for the reservation.
Via Courier:
  1.   One can complete the application form by sending it to the local test center via courier.
  2.   One can locate the address for the test center can on the official website, by following the steps mentioned above.
  3.   As it was mentioned above about the breakup of the test, let’s take a detail view o the same:

IELTS syllabus 2020:

As suggested by the name, this will evaluate the candidate’s fluency in English. That is an interview between the evaluator and the candidate. This section divides into three parts, each recorded, respectively. 

Duration: 11-15 minutes

Part 1: the candidate gets general questions about their personal life like family, education, hobbies, etc.

Duration: 4-5 minutes.

Part 2: candidate is given a flashcard with a topic on it. They get one minute of preparation time, and then he will have to speak for two minutes on the topic

There will be a question asked to the candidate on the subject of part 2.

Duration 5 minutes.

IELTS syllabus Listening 2020

It will take 30 minutes. Candidates will listen to 4 recordings all in English and then answer a few questions. This test for IELTS Exam syllabus 2020 will comprehend the ability of the candidate to understand the necessary information and judgment happens on the opinions framed by them.

  1.  The first recording will consist of a normal conversation between two people in English.
  2.  The second recording is a monologue that will be about a standard social scenario.
  3.  The third recording will have a conversation between 3-4 people in the educational context.
  4.  The fourth recording will have a monologue on any academic subject.

IELTS syllabus Reading 2020

It is of 60 minutes and consists of 40 questions. The reading skills for IELTS Exam syllabus 2020, is tested in this section.

IELTS Academic test:

This part will have three long passages. The passage can be analytical, factual, or descriptive.

This passage or long text can be from a newspaper or magazine or book.

The passage is for a non-specialist audience.

These passages are suitable for people who need professional training or admission to a university.

IELTS General Training Test:

  • It will have three sections consisting of excerpts from advertisements, books, magazines, newspapers, guidelines, etc.
  • It is for candidates applying for a job where the primary mode of communication is English.
  • The material that the candidate gets is prepared based on the daily encounters of conversation in the English-speaking domain.

IELTS Writing exams

Sixty minutes is the time allotted for this, with two necessary tasks. These tasks for IELTS Exam 2020 are designed to evaluate their grammar, vocabulary, etc. the answers must be small and crisp, to the point. Don’t bother writing an anecdote or bullets or phrases for that matter.

Academic Test:

There will be two tasks, and the candidates are expected to answer both of them in a formal language style

IELTS General Training Test:

There will be two tasks in one of the candidates that need to write a letter explaining a situation, and the second task would be writing a response to the said situation in personal style.