Amity University, Gurgaon Fee Structure 2017

Approval & RecognitionUGC
Type of University Private University
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Declaration of ResultTwo month after exam
Contact Number0124-2337015

 Vice Chancellor: P.B. Sharma amity

The University is currently offering more than 100 programs in the field of Management, Engineering, Biotechnology, Applied Sciences, Forensic Sciences, Environment, Medical and Allied Health Sciences, Nursing, Journalism & Mass Communications, Liberal Arts, Computer Science, Foreign Language, Law, Architecture, Medical, Commerce, Economics, Fashion, Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, Laser Technology and Optoelectronics and Hotel Management both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, besides offering Doctoral Degree in many of these disciplines.

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Amity University, Gurgaon Fee Structure

CoursesDurationFee Structure(INR)
 Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] 4 year(s) Rs. 7,78,600
 Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] + Master of Business Administration [MBA] 5 year(s) Rs. 15,81,000
 Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] + Master of Technology [M.Tech] 5 year(s) Rs. 11,71,000
 Master of Technology [M.Tech] 2 year(s) Rs. 2,64,059
 Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Automobile Engineering) 4 year(s) Rs. 7,95,000
 Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] + Master of Business Administration [MBA] (Electronics and Communication Engineering) 5 year(s) Rs. 15,82,000
 Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] + Master of Technology [M.Tech] (Biotechnology) 5 year(s) Rs. 9,92,000
 Ph.D. (Software Engineering) 2 year(s) Rs. 2,02,000
 Ph.D. (Engineering) 2 year(s) Rs. 2,02,000
 Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Laws [BBA LLB] 5 year(s) Rs. 8,82,000
 Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] 3 year(s) Rs. 6,35,000
 Bachelor of Tourism & Travel Management [BTTM] 4 year(s) Rs. 3,56,000
 Diploma in Front Office 1 year(s) 6 month(s) Rs. 1,02,000
 Master in Hospital Administration [MHA] 2 year(s) Rs. 5,47,000
 Master of Business Administration [MBA] 2 year(s) Rs. 6,88,778
 Bachelor of Commerce + Bachelor of Laws [B.Com LLB] 5 year(s) Rs. 8,82,000
 Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] {Hons.} 3 year(s) Rs. 3,32,000
 Bachelor of Statistics [B.Stat] 3 year(s) Rs. 2,59,000
 Master of Statistics [M.Stat.] 2 year(s) Rs. 80,200
 Ph.D. (Commerce) 2 year(s) Rs. 2,01,000
 Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] 3 year(s) Rs. 2,48,000
 Bachelor Of Science [B.Sc] + Master Of Science [M.Sc] 5 year(s) Rs. 5,52,000
 Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] + Master of Science [M.Sc] (Biotechnology) 5 year(s) Rs. 5,52,000
 Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] {Hons.} 3 year(s) Rs. 2,82,000
 Master of Planning [M.Plan] 2 year(s) Rs. 2,56,000
 Master of Science [M.Sc] 2 year(s) Rs. 1,79,333
 Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] {Hons.} (Biotechnology) 3 year(s) Rs. 3,85,000
 Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Medical Laboratory Technology) 3 year(s) Rs. 2,72,000
 Bachelor in Audiology and Speech – Language Pathology [BASLP] 4 year(s) Rs. 3,62,000
 Post Graduate Diploma in Bioinformatics (PGDBI) 1 year(s) Rs. 88,500
 Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws [B.A.L.L.B.] {Hons} 5 year(s) Rs. 8,82,000
 Bachelor of Arts [BA] 3 year(s) Rs. 2,07,200
 Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} 3 year(s) Rs. 1,75,000
 Bachelor of Fine Arts [BFA] 4 year(s) Rs. 2,33,000
 Executive Programme 2 year(s) Rs. 1,18,000
 Master of Arts [MA] (Applied Psychology) 2 year(s) Rs. 1,18,000
 Master of Public Health [MPH] 2 year(s) Rs. 1,82,000
 Post Graduate Diploma 1 year(s) Rs. 58,500
 Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology 1 year(s) Rs. 58,600
 Bachelor of Design [B.Des] 4 year(s) Rs. 5,06,000
 Mass Media and Communications 3 year(s) Rs. 4,84,000
 Master of Arts [MA] 2 year(s) Rs. 3,28,000
 Ph.D. (Journalism and Mass Communication) 2 year(s) Rs. 2,02,000
 Ph.D. (Mass Communication) 2 year(s) Rs. 2,03,000
 Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication 2 year(s) Rs. 1,17,300
 Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] 2 year(s) Rs. 1,94,800
 Ph.D. (Nutrition & Dietetics) 2 year(s) Rs. 2,02,000
 Bachelor of Optometry [B.Optom] 4 year(s) Rs. 3,62,000
 Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] 4 year(s) Rs. 3,89,000
Master of Science [M.Sc]2 year(s)Rs. 2,35,000
Master of Clinical Optometry2 year(s)Rs. 1,82,000
Bachelor of Hotel Management [BHM]4 year(s)Rs. 5,29,000
Bachelor of Architecture [B.Arch]5 year(s)Rs. 9,92,000
Bachelor of Planning [B.Plan]4 year(s)Rs. 5,06,000
Master of Architecture [M.Arch]2 year(s)Rs. 2,66,000
Master of Laws [LLM]1 year(s)Rs. 56,300
Ph.D. (Law)2 year(s)Rs. 2,05,000
Bachelor of Computer Application [BCA]3 year(s)Rs. 3,86,000
Bachelor of Computer Application [BCA] + Master of Computer Application [MCA]5 year(s)Rs. 7,06,000
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]3 year(s)Rs. 3,85,000
Master of Computer Application [MCA]3 year(s)Rs. 4,65,000
Ph.D. (Information Technology)2 year(s)Rs. 2,02,000
Master of Pharmacy [M.Pharm]2 year(s)Rs. 2,03,000
Diploma in food production1 year(s) 6 month(s)Rs. 1,03,000
Diploma in Food & Beverage Service1 year(s) 6 month(s)Rs. 1,03,000

Education Loan:

Most bank offers education loan for its students.The University tied up nationalized banks Oriental Bank of Commerce and Allahabad Bank.For all the details kindly check the website:





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Frequently asked questions:

1. Is this University Degree is valid From UGC?

Ans:  UGC Give  Approval to University for awarding Degree.Amity University is Approved by UGC.

 2.Is university offer Distance learning Courses?

Ans: Yes, Amity University is providing distance learning courses.

3. After Study in Amity University can i take admission in other universities for higher education?

Ans: Yes, Any student can apply for higher education in other universities as per university criteria.

4. Can i pay fee in installments?

Ans: Fee-related information is given by the university.

Amity University also provide journal for scholarly in all the subjects.The name of Journal is Amity Journal of Health Sciences (AJHS)

For More Information Regarding Admission:  (+91 7862004786 )


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