FAQ – Amity University Online Admission Process 2019-2020


Amity University Online Admission offers Masters Programmes, Bachelor Programmes, Diploma Programmes, Post Graduate Diploma Programmes, and Certificate Programmes in the Online mode. Check here more for Online Courses details-  amityonline.com/

Amity University Opens Online Admission 2019-20

University NameAmity University
Branches LocationAmity Haryana, Amity Gwalior, Amity Jaipur, Amity Jharkhand, Amity Kolkata, Amity Mumbai, Amity Noida, Amity Raipur
OwnershipPrivate University
Estd1995, 2003 (Full-Scale Operation)
Approved ByUniversity Grants Commission (UGC)
Phone0120 244 5252

Amity University is One of the Largest Universities With 45,000 Students, 22 Campuses, 133 Professional Programs, and 70 World Class Institutions. Amity University Was Established in the Year of 2005. It Has Now Marked Its Presence for Its Quality Education Provided Through Various Courses. Amity Cover Almost Every Academic Course From Nursery to PhD and Engineering to Nano-Technologies. Amity University offers education through regular and distance learning in diverse streams ranging from courses in engineering, law, medical to forensic sciences, animation and anthropology. In this Article Students Check the Amity University Online Admission Process & FAQ of Amity University, that is Given Below.

Amity University Online Admission Learning:

Now Amity Has Taken a Step Ahead by Providing Online Learning Through Amity Directorate of Distance and Online Education. It Aims to Educate the Individuals From Every Walk of Life to Give Them a Competitive Edge. University Provides Admission in Online or Offline Both Mode, If You Interested to Take Admission in Online Mode, So You Have to Click Here for taking Online Admission in Amity. Otherwise If you Interested to Get Admission in Offline Mode, then you Have to go University Campus, In that Campus You Want to Get Admission. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of Amity University:

  1. What is the Admission Process of University?
    ANS: University Provides Admission in Online/Offline Mode.
  2. Is University Provides Distance Education ?
    ANS: Yes, Amity University Provides Distance Courses Through Distance Education.
  3. Is University Approved by UGC?
    ANS: Yes, University Approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC).
  4. What is the Admission Process of MBA in Amity?
    ANS: Check the Link of MBA Admission Process in Amity.

Amity University Courses:

 CoursesDuration Mode
 B.A Hons. Philosophy, politics and economics 3 years Full time
 B.A. Hons. Applied Psychology 3 years Full time
 B.A. Hons. Economics 3 years Full time
 B.A. Hons. Insurance and Banking 3 years Full time
 B.A. Hons. Political Science 3 years Full time
 B.A. Tourism Administration 3 years Full time
 B.A., LL.B Hons.5 years Full time
 B.Com., LL.B. Hons.5 years Full time
 B.Sc. Agriculture and Food Business4 years Full time
 B.Sc. Fashion Communication 3 years Full time
 B.Sc. Fashion Design 3 years Full time
 B.Sc. Fashion Technology 3 years Full time
 B.Sc. Hons. Biotechnology 3 years Full time
 B.Sc. Hons. Chemistry 3 years Full time
 B.Sc. Hons. Forensic Sciences 3 years Full time
 B.Sc. Hons. Marine Science 3 years Full time
 B.Sc. Hons. Medical Biotechnology 4 years Full time
 B.Sc. Hons. Physics. 3 years Full time
 B.Sc. Information Technology 3 years Full time
 B.Sc. Interior Design 3 years Full time
 B.Sc. Medical Physiology 3 years Full time
 B.Sc. Textile Design 3 years Full time
 B.Tech Civil Engineering 4 years Full time
 B.Tech Food Technology 4 years Full time
 B.Tech Nanotechnology 4 years Full time
 B.Tech Solar and Alternate Energy 4 years Full time
 B.Tech. Aerospace Engineering 4 years Full time
 B.Tech. Biotechnology 4 years Full time
 B.Tech. Biotechnology – Evening 4 years Part Time
 B.Tech. Computer Science Engineering 4 years Full time
 B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering – Evening 4 years Part Time
 B.Tech. Electrical and Electronics Engineering 4 years Full time
 B.Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering 4 years Full time
 B.Tech. Electronics and Instrumentation 4 years Full time
 B.Tech. Electronics and Telecommunication 4 years Full time
 B.Tech. Information Technology 4 years Full time
 B.Tech. Mechanical and Automation Engineering 4 years Full time
 B.Tech. Nuclear Science and Technology 4 years Full time
 BA Film and Television Production 3 years Full time
 BA Journalism Mass Communication 3 years Full time
 BA Journalism and Mass Communication Continent 3 years Full time
 B.A. + M.A. Clinical Psychology Dual Degree 4.5 years Full time
 B.Sc. and M.Sc. Biotechnology Dual Degree 4 years Full time
 B.Tech Mechanical and Automation Engineering and M.Tech Automobile Engineering Dual Degree 5 years Full time
 B.Tech Solar and Alternate Energy 4 years Full time
 B.Tech and M.Tech. Nanotechnology Dual Degree 5 years Full time
 B.Tech. Aerospace Engineering.and M.Tech. Avionics Dual Degree 5 years Full time
 B.Tech. Civil Engineering and MBA 4 years Full time
 B.Tech. Computer Science Engineering. and MBA 4 years Full time
 B.Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering and MBA 5 years Full time
 B.Tech. Mechanical and Automation Engineering and MBA 4 years Full time
 B.Tech. and M.Tech Biotechnology Dual Degree 4 years Full time
 B.Tech. and M.Tech. Nuclear Science and Technology Dual Degree 4 years Full time
 BBA and MBA Dual Degree 4.5 years Full time
 Bachelor and Master in Occupational Therapy Dual Degree 5.5 years Full time
 LL.M. Business Law 1 year Full time
 LL.M. Family Law 2 years Full time
 LL.M. Human Rights 1 year Full time
 LLM International Environmental Law 1 year Full time
 M. A. Fashion Retail Management 2 years Full time
 M. Pharm Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 2 years Full time
 M. Pharm Pharmaceutical Management 2 years Full time
 M.A Economics 2 years Full time
 M.A. Psychology 2 years Full time
 M.Arch Landscape Architecture 2 years Full time
 M.Pharm Pharmaceutics 2 years Full time
 M.Sc Post Harvest Technology 2 years Full time
 M.Sc-Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing 2 years Full time
 M.Sc. Anthropology 2 years Full time
 M.Sc. Applied Chemistry 2 years Full time
 M.Sc. Applied Physics 2 years Full time
 M.Sc. Biotechnology 2 years Full time
 M.Sc. Interior Design 2 years Full time
 M.Sc. Nanoscience by Research 2 years Full time
 M.Sc.Network Technology and Management 2 years Full time
 M.Tech Biotechnology 2 years Full time
 M.Tech Embedded Systems Technology 2 years Full time
 M.Tech Food Technology 2 years Full time
 M.Tech Geo-Informatics and Remote Sensing 2 years Full time
 M.Tech Information Technology 2 years Full time
 MBA and MS 2 years Full time
 Master of Business Administration 2 years Full time
 Master of Financial Management 2 years Full time
 MBA Biotechnology Management 2 years Full time
 Post Graduate Diploma in Radio Broadcast and Radio Management 1 yearsFull time
 MBA EFT 1.5 years Full time
 MBA Entrepreneurship 2 years Full time
 MBA Fashion Management 2 years Full time
 MBA Hospitality Management 2 yearsFull time
 MBA Human Resource 2 years Full time
 MBA Media Management 2 years Full time
 MBA Public Relations and Event Management 2 years Full time
 MBA Retail Management 2 years Full time
 MBA Rural Management 2 years Full time
 M.Tech. Nanotechnology2 yearsFull time
 M.Tech. Power Systems2 yearsFull time
 M.Tech. Solar and Alternative Energy2 yearsFull time
 M.Tech. VLSI2 yearsFull time
 M.Tech. Wireless Communication2 yearsFull time

Amity University Affiliated Colleges List:

Amity Business School, NoidaNoida, Uttar Pradesh1999Private
Amity School of Engineering and Technology, NoidaNoida, Uttar Pradesh2003Private
Amity School of Engineering, NoidaNoida, Uttar Pradesh2003Private
Amity Institute of Pharmacy, NoidaNoida, Uttar PradeshPrivate
Amity School of Distance Learning, NoidaNoida, Uttar Pradesh2007Private
Amity Law School, NoidaNoida, Uttar Pradesh2004Private
Amity University, KolkataKadampukur, West Bengal –Private
Amity School of Communication, NoidaNoida, Uttar Pradesh1999Private
Amity Institute of Biotechnology, NoidaNoida, Uttar Pradesh2001Private
 CII School of Logistics, Noida Noida, Uttar Pradesh – Private
 Amity School of Fashion Technology, Noida Noida, Uttar Pradesh – Private
 Amity Law School Centre II, Noida Noida, Uttar Pradesh 2009 Private
 Amity International Business School, Noida Noida, Uttar Pradesh – Private
 Amity Institute of Psychology and Allied Sciences Noida, Uttar Pradesh – Private
 Amity Institute of Physiotherapy, Noida Noida, Uttar Pradesh – Private
 Amity College of Commerce and Finance, Noida Noida, Uttar Pradesh – Private
 Amity School of Fine Arts, Noida Noida, Uttar Pradesh – Private
 Amity School of Economics, Noida Noida, Uttar Pradesh 2009 Private
 Amity Institute of English and Business Research Noida, Uttar Pradesh 2005 Private