B.Sc Hons Microbiology

Fees   16000/y
Duration  3 Years
Eligibility   12th(PCB)
Affiliated by  UGC

B.Sc Hons MicrobiologyB.Sc Hons Microbiology is an undergraduate Microbiology course. Microbiology is the branch of the science that deals with the study of microscopic organisms. Microscopic organisms are any living organism that is either a single cell, a cell cluster or has no cells at all. Microorganisms are responsible for the disease so the course usually studies about the immune system (Immunology). The applicants of the program study about the subjects and topics like Macromolecular Structure & Analysis, Basic Microscopy & Instrumentation, Principles of Transmission Genetics, Principles of Immunology, Computational Biology, etc. The duration of the course is three years and the complete syllabus of the program is divided into six semesters.

B.Sc Hons Microbiology Eligibility

  • The candidates must be passed in their 10+2/Intermediate/HSC examination from a recognized Board in science stream.

B.Sc Hons Microbiology Syllabus

Sem. I
Sr. No. Subjects of Study
1 Macromolecular Structure & Analysis
2 Biophysics & Instrumentation
3 Cell Structure & Dynamics
4 Biomathematics I
5 Chemistry (Pass)
6 Introduction to Computer (Pass)
1 Basic Microscopy & Instrumentation
2 Biochemistry
3 Chemistry (Pass)
4 Introduction to Computer (Pass)
Sem. II
1 Organic Mechanisms in Biology
2 Principles of Transmission Genetics
3 Principles of Microbiology
4 Microbial Growth & Reproduction
5 Chemistry (Pass)
6 Introduction to C-Programming & Digital Logic (Pass)
1 Cyto-genetic Techniques
2 Microbiology
3 Chemistry (Pass)
4 Introduction to C-Programming & Digital Logic (Pass)
Sem. III
1 Microbial Genetics
2 Principles of Immunology
3 Plant and Animal Tissue Culture Techniques and applications
4 Microbial diversity & classification
5 Chemistry (Pass)
6 Introduction to Data Structure & Computer Organization (Pass)
1 Immunology
2 Tissue Culture Techniques
3 Chemistry (Pass)
4 Introduction to Data Structure & Computer Organization (Pass)
Sem. IV
1 Molecular Genetics
2 Computational Biology & Bio-informatics
3 Biodiversity & Taxonomy
4 Microbial Biotechnology
5 Chemistry (Pass)
6 Introduction to DBMS, Computer Network & Numerical Analysis (Pass)
1 Molecular Biology Techniques
2 Bio-informatics
3 Chemistry (Pass)
4 Introduction to DBMS, Computer Network & Numerical Analysis (Pass)
Sem. V
1 DNA Typing, Proteomics & Beyond
2 Recombinant DNA Technology
3 Environmental Biotechnology
4 Industrial Microbiology
1 Genetic Engineering Techniques
2 Applied Microbiology
Sem. VI
1 Model Organisms in Human Genome Project
2 Medical Microbiology
3 Food & Agricultural Microbiology
4 Microbial Technology–Social, Legal & Ethical issues
1 Project on Biodiversity
2 Dissertation on Microbiology


B.Sc Hons Microbiology Colleges

  • Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla
  • University of Delhi – DU, Delhi
  • Sai College, Bhilai

B.Sc Hons Microbiology Course Suitability

  • Those candidates who have the interest in the biology and micro organisms and want to do some inspection and research in the subject are suitable for the course.
  • The candidate should be able to conduct a range of investigations, analyzing data and should be good in the statistical techniques.
  • They should have the analytical mind and be focused towards the work.
  • Those who want to do research program on this subject, this course is the first step towards their aim.

How is B.Sc Hons Microbiology Course Beneficial?

  • The course provides a good basis for further higher studies in this field such as M.Sc., Ph.D. and M.Phil. Degree in Microbiology.
  • After the successful completion of the program, they will become eligible for the post of a lecturer in any university/college.
  • The professional of the course can also serve the society by spreading awareness for the fatal diseases such as AIDS, cancer, heart disease etc.

B.Sc Hons Microbiology Employment Areas

  • Agriculture Departments
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Agricultural Research Services
  • Environmental Management and Conservation
  • Beverage Industry
  • Farm Management Organizations
  • Biotechnology Firms
  • Food Industry
  • Chemical Industries
  • Conservatories
  • Clinical Research Organizations and Universities
  • Fertilizer & Chemicals Plants
  • Cosmetic Companies
  • Health Care Providers
  • Fermentation Industries (including Breweries)
  • Hospitals
  • Horticulture
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Herbariums
  • Herbal Products Companies
  • Plant Genetics Research Centres
  • Wildlife and Fishery Departments
  • Medical Research
  • Testing Laboratories
  • National Parks
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Science Centres
  • Research and Development Firms

B.Sc Hons Microbiology Job Types

  • Bacteriologist
  • Biochemist
  • Geneticist
  • Biotechnologist
  • Industrial Microbiologist
  • Cell Biologist
  • Horticulturist
  • Conservationist
  • Food Microbiologist
  • Ecologist
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Environmental Microbiologist
  • Farming ConImmunologistsultant
  • Molecular Biologist
  • Plant Researcher
  • Taxonomist
  • Virologist
  • Weed Scientist
  • Science Writer
  • Medical Microbiologist
  • Science Adviser