BA Hindi Distance Education Admission, Syllabus, Specilization & Fee Structure 2019-2020

Course Name BA Hindi Distance Education
Duration 1 to 3 Years
Eligibility 12th
Fee Structure INR 11000 –  INR 21000 / Year
Level Graduation
Type Online / Distance
Offer By University
Admission Process Online/Offline
Support   00786-2004-786  (Whatsapp Only)
Approved By   UGC / DEB

A student can check easily BA Hindi Distance Education Admission, Eligibility, Fee structure and more information check from the upper table:

A Bachelor of Arts in Hindi it is three years undergraduates degree. Hindi is a national or official language of  India. The Hindi language Made of up mostly Sanskrit language along with Urdu etc. after having passed the course, the candidate can find the many jobs in various sphears in the country.

BA Hindi Distance Education is continuously gaining popularity among the countries that have greater access to social media. Bachelors Degree in Hindi (BA Hindi Distance Education) has immense significance. The availability of literary material specifically in the Hindi language is quite abundant that has served enthusiasts by helping them to excel in that field who later struggle to fill loopholes and save that from extinction. Knowledge of Hindi both as language and literature is very important in a society that is proud of its enormous number of speakers.

Admission Process of BA Hindi Distance Education:

Course are available viz BA Hindi, BA English, BA Economics, BA Geography, and many other generals and technical courses for one-year graduation BA Hindi distance education is open for 2019 batch apply online or get more information from a counselor on (00786 2004 786 Whats Up Only). Students can take admission through an online/ Offline process, it depends on the university.

Eligibility for BA Hindi:

( 12th Pass with 45% marks ) Bachelor’s Degree in Hindi can be gained by anyone who has passed their twelve years of education from a known institution board of Science, Arts or Commerce.

Approx. Fee Structure:

The Fee for both types of education varies while the off-campus (distance and online) education ranges from (INR 11000 –  INR 21000 / Year) according to the university.

Approvals and Recognitions:

  • Distance Education Bureau (DEB)
  • University Grant Commission (UGC)

Some questions always arise in our mind When we go to take the admission:

  • Ques-1 Is this course valid for the government or private Sectors?
    Ans-1 Yes, These Universities are approved by the government of India. Students certificates are valid in all government and private organizations. Their Certificates can be attested by government organizations.
  • Ques-2 Is this degree or certificate valid for abroad Study or Jobs?
    Ans-2 Yes, Degree offered by these Universities are Approved for study in India or Abroad. And also approved by UGC, DEB, AICTE.
  • Ques-3 Can student pay fee in installment?
    Ans-3 Yes, Students can pay their fee in installment either semester wise or Year wise.
  • Ques-4 What will be examination mode?
    Ans-4 Examination can be held in either offline mode or Online mode at the concerned centers as per universities rules.

Career after (BA Hindi Distance Education) Bachelor of Art in Hindi:

BA Hindi program has many opportunities for a candidate like higher studies, the student can also choose a career like Philosopher, Public Relation Officer, teaching field, Educationist, Historian, Sociologist, politics, government services.

Our Credential which makes Distance Education different:

  • Healthy interplay with students and networking facilities.
  • Different virtual specialist assistance.
  • Provide video material for students as per university rules.
  • Unified curriculum for students.
  • Superior support assistance.
  • Infrequent residency experiences.
  • Provide e-library, Study material Support.
  • Do away complaints with a mobile support system.
  • Online specialist classes & Doubt Clearance Sessions as depend on university rule.

BA Online Courses Information  With Eligibility & Fees:

The education I connect has a broad extent of courses and colleges under it. Colleges are working with the education I connect to provide education in all over the world. Some of the Courses are given below.

Courses Eligibility Duration Fees Approx
BA (English) 12th 3 Years INR 10281 –  INR 20562 / Year
BA (Political Science) 12th 3 to 6 Years INR 10281 –  INR 20562 / Year
BA (History) 12th 1 to 3 Years INR 10281 –  INR 20562 / Year
BA (Journalism) 12th 1 to 3 Years INR 10281 – INR 20562 / Year
BA (Economics) 12th 1 to 3 Years INR 10281 –  INR 20562 / Year
BA (Hons) (Event Management) 12th 4 Year s INR 10281 –  INR 20562 / Year
BA (Ancient Indian History & Archaeology) 12th 3 to 6 Years INR 10350 –  INR 21390/ Year
BA (Geography) 12th 3 Years INR 12282 –  INR 20562 / Year
BA (Home Management) 12th 1 to 3 Years INR 10281 –  INR 20562 / Year
BA (Home Science) 12th 1 to 3 Years INR 12282 –  INR 20562 / Year
BA Fine Arts 12th 1 to 3 Years INR 10971 –  INR 21252 / Year
BA (Visual Communication) 12th 1 to 3 Years INR 10281 –  INR 21735 / Year
BA (Hospitality Management) 12th 1 to 3 Years INR 10350 –  INR 20631 / Year
BA (Foreign Trade Management) 12th 1 to 3 Years INR 10350 –  INR 19527 / Year
BA (Computer Science) 12th 1 to 3 Years INR 11040 – INR 22080 / Year
BA (Computer Applications) 12th 1 to 3 Years INR 10350 –  INR 22770 / Year
BA (Tourism and Hotel Management) 12th 1 to 3 Years INR 12765 –  INR 23460 / Year
BA (Yoga and Naturopathy) 12th 1 to 3 Years INR 10350 –  INR 22080 / Year
BA (JMC ) 12th 1 to 3 Years INR 13041 –  INR 24702 / Year
BA (Human Rights) 12th 1 to 3 Years INR 11868 – INR 22425 / Year
BA (Mathematics) 12th 3 to 6 Years INR 12972 –  INR 23805/ Year
BA (Physical Education) 12th 3 to 6 Years INR 11730 –  INR 22770 / Year
BA (Public Relations) 12th 3 to 6 Years INR 11040 –  INR 22080 / Year
BA (Rural Development) 12th 3 to 6 Years INR 12765-  INR 22425 / Year
BA (Fashion Design) 12th 3 to 6 Years INR 11730 –  INR 22770 / Year
BA (Hons.) (Travel and Tourism) 12th 3 to 6 Years INR 10695-  INR 21735 / Year
BA (Human Resource Management) 12th 3 to 6 Years INR 11040 –  INR  22770 / Year
BA (Public Administration) 12th 3 to 6 Years INR 11385 –  INR 21873 / Year

Benefits of Distance Education or Online Education: 

  • They shorten or even eliminate distance (online education) from home to school, college or university.
  • This new education system has positively influenced various students by providing them broader perspectives of learning
  • Education is gained from highly qualified and professional faculty throughout the world.
  • Hindi literature has a very rich history and it is learned through different perspectives giving it more exposure.
  • Their anytime available feature attracts those employed in other activities as it suits them.

Benefits of Bachelors Degree in Hindi:

  • One can quite easily access Hindi literature and conveniently refer to the general public to take lessons from their legendary personalities and literary material.
  • The country gets prestige and an influencing image from very basic things like national language, culture, traditions, and civilization.
  • Among all drivers, the national language has greater importance for nation building and to intrigue patriotic spirit within an individual.
  • Learning about historical achievements of a nation provides necessary resolve to uphold that legacy and motivate to quest harder to strengthen the thread of presidential record.
  • Widespread acceptance and popularity of Hindi language and literature help to easily seek job opportunities after acquiring a degree in Hindi.
  • Being the official language of many states and provinces also makes the job market less competitive for the degree holders.

BA Hindi Distance Education is an undergraduate degree that spreads over a period of 3 years like other bachelor programs which can also be obtained through distance learning or online education programs as well.BA degree includes ten common courses, fourteen compulsory courses, eight complementary courses, and a project assignment. Fourteen compulsory courses are about Hindi language and literature. Eight are assigned for the supplementary support of core courses and to give professional know-how. Completion of these designed subjects successfully assures qualification whereas the subjects could vary in the online learning and distance education program accordingly.

How will a Bachelors Degree in Hindi degree be beneficial?

  • The degree will help the individual to understand social issues in a better easy way and seek appropriate solutions for those in a more understandable way.
  • Another advantage will be an improvement in writing Hindi language and development of interest in literature.

Courses Are Depending on University to university can be Condition can change from university to university:

Learning Hindi and acquiring a BA Hindi Distance Education will broaden learning perspectives, act as an explanatory tool for Hindi literature and incite argue to contribute efficiently to the development and promotion of the language. Moreover, it will provide better opportunities for employment within the country and provide better expertise whether obtained in a standard way, through online education or distance education.

Graduation in One year is also a good option to get a bachelor degree in a single year, how to do one year graduation for any university, some university provides the 1 year graduation for those scholars who have dropped out the bachelor degree due to any reason, they can only apply for this course for further education in one year.

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