BBA Banking Online Education in India, Admission, Syllabus 2018-19

BBA Banking Online Education

Duration 1, 3 Year
Eligibility 12th
Fee Structure $ 178.84 –  $ 298.06 / Year
Offer ByUniversity
Admission ProcessOnline / Offline
Support  00786-2004-786  (Whatsapp)
Approved By  UGC / DEB  Level

A student can check easily BBA Banking Online Education, eligibility, fee structure and also more information check from the upper table:

BBA Banking Online Education in India, Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi

The BBA Banking online Education association is most common for many individuals who have taken their prior education, especially in the commerce sector. The bachelor’s degree for banking is known as the Bachelors Degree in Business Administrative Banking and the bachelors in business administration with majors in Banking also.

In this bachelor degree, every student learns the basics and high-class banking system for three years each year has divided into a half year for semester system, which makes 6 semesters for BBA in Banking.


Bachelors Degree in Business Administrative Banking can be done by anyone who has passed their HSC Examination from a recognized board can apply to this program from a known institution board, More Details of HSC.

Approx.Fee Structure:

The Fee for both types of education varies while the off campus (distance and online) education ranges from (  $ 178.84 –  $ 298.06 / Year ) according to the university.

Admission Process:

Students can take admission by an online/ Offline process. To get more information or need counseling regarding your career, students can call us on this Number( 786-2004-786 ).

educationiconnect has a broad extent of courses and colleges under it. Colleges are working with educationiconnect to provide education in all over the world also including India. Some of the Courses are below.

More BBA Online Courses Information offered By IMTS Institute

CoursesEligibilityDurationFees Approx
BBA (Computer Applications) 12th 3 Year $ 229.84 –  $ 369.86 / Year
BBA (Hons) (Travel and Tourism Management) 12th 1 -3 Year $ 223.38 – 372.30 $  / Year
BBA (Logistics Management) 12th 1, 3 Year $ 188.84 –  $ 298.06 / Year
BBA (Human Resource Management) 12th 1, 3 Year $ 188.84 –  $ 298.06 / Year
BBA (Marketing and Finance) 12th 1  to 3 Year $ 179.84 –  $ 299.06 / Year
BBA (Mass Media and Communications) 12th 3 Year $ 235.84 –  $ 299.06 / Year
BBA (Insurance Management) 12th 1  to 3 Year $ 179.84 –  $ 299.06 / Year
BBA (Telecommunication) 12th 1  to 3 Year $ 178.84 –  $ 298.06 / Year
BBA (Accounting and Finance) 12th 3 Year $ 225.84 –  $ 289.06 / Year
BBA (Networking) 12th 1  to 3 Year $ 178.84 –  $ 298.06 / Year
BBA (Airport Management) 12th 3 Year $ 256.84 –  $ 339.06 / Year
BBA (Banking and Finance) 12th 3 Year $ 245.84 –  $ 325.06 / Year
BBA (Banking and Insurance) 12th 3 Year $ 249.84 –  $ 349.86 / Year
BBA (Airline Management) 12th 3 Year $ 225.84 –  $ 289.06 / Year
BBA (Sales and Marketing) 12th 3 Year $ 178.84 –  $ 298.06 / Year
BBA (Hardware) 12th 1, 3 Year $ 178.84 –  $ 298.06 / Year
BBA (Digital Marketing) 12th 1  to 3 Year $ 188.84 –  $ 308.06 / Year
BBA (Oil & Gas Marketing) 12th 1  to 3 Year $ 198.84 –  $ 290.06 / Year
BBA (Marketing) 12th 3 Year $ 235.84 –  $ 293.06 / Year
BBA (Management) 12th 3 Year $ 179.84 –  $ 299.06 / Year
BBA (Information Technology) 12th 1  to 3 Year $ 385.84– $ 488.06 / Year
BBA (Hons) (Hospitality Management) 12th 1 -3 Year $ 255.68 – 372.30 $  / Year
BBA (Finance) 12th 3 Year $ 235.68 –  $ 329.96 / Year

Some questions always arise our mind When we go to take the admission:

  • Ques-1 Is this course valid for a government or private Sectors?
    Ans-1 Yes, Students certificates are valid in all government and private organizations also.
  • Ques-2 Is this degree or certificate valid for abroad Study or Jobs?
    Ans-2 Yes, Degree offered by these Universities are Approved for study in India or Abroad. it’s also approved by UGC, DEB, AICTE.
  • Ques-3 Can student pay fee in installment?
    Ans-3 Yes, Students can pay their fee in installment either semester wise or Year wise.
  • Ques-4 What will be examination mode?
    Ans-4 University will decide the examination mode, and it also depends on the study mode of the course.

Syllabus of a particular program can be changed according to university guidelines

Our Credential which makes BBA Banking Distance Education different:

  • Healthy interplay with students and networking facilities.
  • Different virtual specialist assistance.
  • Provide video material for our students as per university rules.
  • Unified curriculum for students.
  • Superior support assistance.
  • Infrequent residency experiences.
  • Provide e-library, Study material Support.
  • Do away complaints with a mobile support system.
  • Online specialist classes & Doubt Clearance Sessions as depend on university rule.

Advantages BBA Banking online Education:

The major advantages of studying a bachelor’s degree in banking (BBA Banking online Education in India)  include the following core reasons out of the many.

  • Banking is no doubt an ever increasing and strongly growing pursuit.
  • It is an endless region of branches as well as improvements.
  • Banking can relate to many countless operations within many limitless organizations.
  • Nowadays nothing can be possible without banking and its operations hence the need has grown exponentially all over.
  • These sectors are also currently the most prominent areas that are experiencing growth
  • This is the ideal area to stay non-competitive if you have mastered it fully
  • It offers great care and support for its individuals who are directly equivalent to growth through incentives as well as luxuries
  • Banking sectors are coming globally closer hence it improves diversity with respect to exposure as well as opportunities.

While a Bachelors Degree (BBA Banking online Education) is of four years normally but the Bachelors Degree of Business Administration in Banking in India requires three complete academic years of loosely related banking operations, services as well as solutions that may arise anytime and anywhere. It also includes operations that are classified as an online working solution in addition to the traditional ones. These can be gain through normal on campus teaching as well as through online education and distance education programs.

The online education and distance education programs also have almost the same duration and the same subjects along with the identical course studies specified n order to achieve the professional degree.

While banking may have its own features, the teaching methods allow for many features as well. However, the most improved features are significantly accessible in additions for online education as well as distance education. They are:

Benefits of distance education

  • Online education and distance education is better than normal sessions of traditional teaching since the continuous dry subject sessions could here be broken down into smaller ones which are available because of ease of anytime availability.
  • The flexibility attracts many employed and working people to engage in them according to their schedules accordingly to receive online education or distance education.
  • They have many additional courses whose patterns are easy to teach and are not available on campus since there are many banking expertise sessions important and getting those experts on the definite schedule is often tougher.
  • They have many additional features which are available through the online education or distant education plan since it has the main online banking services that can be possible online only.

More Information About Admission

To get more information you can call us on this Number.Whatsapp: 00786-2004-786