BBA Sales and Marketing Distance Education Admission Process, Fees, Eligibility, 2019-20

Course Name BBA Sales and Marketing Distance Education
Admission Process Online / Offline
Duration 3 Year
Eligibility 12th
Fee Structure INR 11500 –  INR 21500/ Year
Level Graduation
Offer By University
Type Online/Distance
Approved By UGC / DEB
Support 00786-2004-786  (Whatsapp Only)

A Student Can Check Easily BBA Sales and Marketing Distance Education Admission, Eligibility, Fee Structure in India, Dubai, Oman, Kuwait & Abu Dhabi, Check Also More Information From the Upper Table:

The Bachelor of Business Administration in the field of Sales and Marketing is three years of undergraduate programs level course. it is provided the student with a Basic education in business and management principles, with coursework in the field of Marketing, Economics, Customer service, communication, Sales.

This is 3 year of graduation course, to get admission in the course, students must have a higher secondary class with a minimum of 50 percentile marks score.

BBA Sales and Marketing Distance Education Admission Process:

Students can take admission by the online/ Offline process. Interested Candidates can either go to University website and download the Application Form or visit the University Campus and purchase the prospectus and submit the filled Application Form. 

To get more information or need counseling regarding your career, students can call us on this Number( 786-2004-786 Whatsapp Only ). BBA Sales and Marketing Distance Education can also be referred to as BBA Sales and Marketing Distance Education Business Administration. This degree can be acquired in order to gain first-hand knowledge of business perspectives, outlooks, and perceptions that prevail or dominate the global enterprise culture and norms.

However, this degree needs specialization since companies are huge and they have many aspects going on to manage the organization at the same time. Hence this BBA Sales and Marketing Distance Education could have majored in many out of which Sales and Marketing is one to know out of the many. Sale and Marketing professionals are the major departments of the business or any organization. Every company which is working on sales of the product they must have any professional degree in Sale & Marketing (BBA in Sale & Marketing ) is one of the best options and this degree is valid for any sector (Government & Private sector).

The Bachelor’s degree in Sales and Marketing deals with the knowledge of not two subjects but it is actually important to know the relation between the two which is why the BBA Sales and Marketing Distance Education India, Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi is so needed. This degree normally comprises of a three to the four-year duration and is going with the new trends is also available in the patterns and teaching methods of distance education as well as online education.

BBA Sales and Marketing Distance Education Eligibility:

( 12th Pass with 45% marks ) BBA Sales and Marketing Distance Education can be gained by anyone who has passed their HSC Examination from a recognized board can apply to this program from a known institution board of Science, Arts or Commerce.

Approx. Fee Structure of BBA Sales and Marketing Distance Education:

The Fee for both types of education varies while the off-campus (distance and online) education ranges from (INR 11500 –  INR 21500/ Year) according to the university.

More BBA Online Courses Information With Eligibility & Fees:

The Education I Connect Has a Broad Extent of Courses and Colleges Under It. Colleges Are Working With Education I Connect to Provide Education in All Over the World. Some of the Courses Are Given Below.

Courses Eligibility Duration Fees Approx
BBA (Computer Applications)  12th  3 Year  INR 14500 –  INR 23000/ Year
BBA (Hons) (Travel and Tourism Management)  12th  1 -3 Year  INR 14000 –  INR  24000/ Year
BBA (Logistics Management)  12th  1, 3 Year  INR 10500 –  INR 15600/ Year
BBA (Human Resource Management)  12th  1, 3 Year  INR 10500 –  INR 16000/ Year
BBA (Marketing and Finance)  12th  1  to 3 Year  INR 11000 –  INR 18500/ Year
BBA (Insurance Management)  12th  1  to 3 Year  INR 12500 –  INR 17500/ Year
BBA (Mass Media and Communications)  12th  3 Year  INR 15000 –  INR 18800/ Year
BBA (Networking)  12th  1  to 3 Year  INR 14500 –  INR 17500/ Year
BBA (Telecommunication)  12th  1  to 3 Year  INR 13500 –  INR 18000/ Year
BBA (Accounting and Finance)  12th  3 Year  INR 15600 –  INR 18500/ Year
BBA (Airport Management)  12th  3 Year  INR 13500 –  INR 23000/ Year
BBA (Banking and Insurance)  12th  3 Year  INR 14000 –  INR 23000/ Year
BBA (Banking)  12th  1, 3 Year  INR 12500 –  INR 20500/ Year
BBA (Banking and Finance)  12th  3 Year  INR 13500 –  INR 21500/ Year
BBA (Airline Management)  12th  3 Year  INR 16500 –  INR 19500/ Year
BBA (Hardware)  12th  1, 3 Year  INR 14500 –  INR 18500/ Year
BBA (Digital Marketing)  12th  1  to 3 Year  INR 12500 –  INR 19500/ Year
BBA (Oil & Gas Marketing)  12th  1  to 3 Year  INR 13450 –  INR 20500/ Year
BBA (Marketing)  12th  3 Year  INR 11500 –  INR 22300/ Year
BBA (Management)  12th  3 Year  INR 12500 –  INR 21000/ Year
BBA (Information Technology)  12th  1  to 3 Year  INR 14500 –  INR 31000/ Year
BBA (Hons) (Hospitality Management)  12th  1 -3 Year  INR 15000 –  INR 24000/ Year
BBA (Finance)  12th  3 Year  INR 15600 –  INR 25000/ Year

Some Questions Always Arise Our Mind When We Go to Take the Admission:

  • Ques-1 Is this course valid for a government or private Sectors?
    Ans-1 Yes, Students certificates are valid in all government and private organizations also.
  • Ques-2 Is this degree or certificate valid for abroad Study or Jobs?
    Ans-2 Yes, Degree offered by these Universities are Approved for study in India or Abroad. it’s also approved by UGC, DEB, AICTE.
  • Ques-3 Can student pay fee in installment?
    Ans-3 Yes, Students can pay their fee in installment either semester wise or Year wise.
  • Ques-4 What will be examination mode?
    Ans-4 University will decide the examination mode, and it also depends on the study mode of the course.

BBA Sales and Marketing Distance Education Are Depending on University to university can be Condition can change from university to university:

Himalayan University Subharti University
NIMS University Periyar University

Our Credential Which Makes Online Education Different:

  • Healthy interplay with students and networking facilities.
  • Different virtual specialist assistance.
  • Provide video material for our students as per university rules.
  • Unified curriculum for students.
  • Superior support assistance.
  • Infrequent residency experiences.
  • Provide e-library, Study material Support.
  • Do away complaints with a mobile support system.
  • Online specialist classes & Doubt Clearance Sessions as depend on university rule.

Benefits of BBA (Sales and Marketing) Distance learning:

The Bachelors Degree in India is a relatively three-year course and project work study and also has the same online education as well as distance education methods available keeping in mind its specific need to grow the industry in the country. Benefits of BBA Sales and Marketing Distance learning in India India, Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi  include:

  • Companies get to know that the person already has quite some knowledge of the operations of organizations and can be relied on for newer approaches.
  • This helps to reach new targets as the company progress would lead to direct speedy progress of the individual.
  • The target of achieving culture enhances all inner potentials that might be needed to drive the cause.
  • These types of individuals become specifically creative to achieve out of the box ideas.
  • They are some of the most confident as well as adamant individuals who would seek anything to reach their goal.

Features of Online BBA (Sales and Marketing) Distance learning:

The BBA Sales and Marketing Distance Education has the same shared benefits reaped when acquired through online education methods or distance education programs, however, some additional features may include:

  • This is the best for individuals who are already working in some companies as those companies offer them direct leverage when they come to know that the individual is very focused to reach such a course even through online education or distance learning when his schedule is already tough through them
  • Some companies might themselves offer their employees to indulge in such online education or even distance education programs to achieve greater diversity.
  • While learning on campus might not give that much exposure but taking the course through online education or distance education programs shall bring many enterprise experts on the platform according to their ease of availability.

Career Pursuits:

This shall include the degree obtained to be employed in different areas of sales and marketing such as to be a sales manager, marketing analyst, marketing manager, strategy manager, sales head and many others.

More Information About Admission

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