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Bennett University Partners in India Innovation Awards

Bennett University was selected as partner in the India Innovation Initiative National Fair & Awards Ceremony 2017 held in the city. The initiative was held in partnership with the association of Indian Industry, Department of Science and Technology, government of India and All India Council for Technical Education.

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Top 40 innovators selected from all four The startups spanned a wide range of sectors including agriculture, healthcare, tech, sanitation and water vying for the i3 top awards. Transforming Learning Using Mixed Reality; Molecular Drilling Machine as a Device for Intracelluar Delivery of Drugs; and Eco-Friendly Water Retention Polymer won the top three prizes for i3 innovations. Ajay Batra, director, CIE, and Suneet Tuli, dean, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, were a part of the grand jury.

“It’s gratifying to see the depth of innovation coming out of different parts of India. It’s also good to see that a lot of innovation is coming out of rural India. Often solutions that are so fundamental like basic health and agriculture and other issues are being addressed,” said Batra.

The university is also taking some of these startups as part of the Bennett Hatchery and seeing how they can add value to them through virtual incubation. Head of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation’s Investment and Technology Promotion Office Hashim Suleiman Hussein told ET that they were implementing this model in over 55 countries worldwide. “These entrepreneurs need support making their business plans to make their projects commercial. Access to finance is only part of the deal,” he said.

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