Confused about career, courses after 12th, commerce, science, It is not bad to be, confused, in fact, it means you have too many options to choose from, so quit worrying if you are confused about your career. These are some steps that can help you get your way when you are confused about career, courses after 12th :

Courses After 12th Commerce, Science Confused About Career

Consider what you are best at – Courses after 12th commerce, science everybody is good at something or the other. It is best you jot down whatever you are good at. For example if you are good at singing, a music career would not be too bad, if you really had the knack for it. Some even enjoy cooking, which means trying your hand in this field would not be bad either. Short Term Course after 12th for further education from recognized university.

Courses after 12th commerce, science

Here we mention the list of all courses after completing the 12th class, duration of the courses, and their free structure, students can check here..

CoursesDurationEligibilityFees Approx
BBA Management3 Year12thINR 12,000–  INR 20,000/ Year
BBA (Human Resource Management)3 Year12thINR17,000– INR25,000   / Year
Bachelor of Law3 Year12thINR 12,000 – INR 21,000/ Year
BA Mathematics3 to 6 Year12thINR 10,000 –  INR 24,000/ Year
BBA Marketing3 Year12thINR15.000 –  INR 30,000 / Year
B.Sc. Software Engineering 3 Year 12th with 45-50% INR 26,000 –  INR45,000 / Y
B.Sc. Physics 3 Year 12th with 45-50% INR 10,000 –  INR 35,000 / Y
B.Sc. Physical Sciences 3 Year 12th with 45-50% INR 17,000 –  INR 42,000/ Y
B.Com Distance Education1 to 3 Year12thINR 10,000 –  INR 20,000 / Year
BBA (Computer Applications)3 Year12thINR 12,000 –  INR 25,000 / Year
BBA (Finance)3 Year12thINR 16,000 –  INR 22,000 / Year
BBA Digital Marketing1  to 3 Year12thINR 12,000 –  INR 22,000  Year
BBA Banking1, 3 Year12th INR 12,000–  INR20,000 / Year
B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology 3 Year 12th with 45-50% INR 22,000 –  INR 38,000 / Y
B.Sc. Mass Communication 3 Year 12th with 45-50% INR17,000 –  INR 38,000 / Y

Speak to a career counselor – Speaking to a career counselor may help to clear your confusion and in fact they may even help to point out career options which you never knew about. Thus, make it a point to visit a career counselor courses after 12th .

Take online testsThere are several sites which allow you to take tests online for free so that you can know which area is your strong point and help you to decide taking that course of action to go ahead in your career choice.

Talk to professionals Even talking to professionals in certain fields can help you get an idea about a particular field. People working there can provide you with the best knowledge of that field and help you decide your way.

Get an internshipIf you are confused and don’t know which way to choose for better career courses after 12th then get an internship. This will not only give you work experience but may even help to open a door to a future job. If you think you are capable of many types of jobs, an internship may help you to narrow down your field of opportunity and get the skills that could be useful in all fields.

Join a networking groupMany groups are there today online and in reality which may help you in your career hunt. You can pick out a career networking group and talk to people about courses after 12th they are interested in and why. You can join such groups and attend meetings that focus on particular careers, such as a group for future physical therapists and various others. If you are not a member you tag along with a member or a friend from that group.

Don’t be afraid always remember never to be afraid while choosing your courses after 12th or you will settle for something which is not good for you. Choose certification courses after 12th, where you know you will love doing the work and your priorities will be right. Its no use being in a heavily traveling job if you love your family and cannot stay without them. Select the job which makes you happy.

Be open to ideas when you think about courses after 12th, commerce, science, lastly, never think that you cannot do something. You will never know unless you try it so, be open to all ideas of work because you never know which option you may start liking.