Diploma In Mechanical Engineering In Dubai, Oman, UAE, india


What is mechanical engineering Diploma in Mechanical engineering in Dubai, oman UAE and India is the branch of engineering science that deals with the study of mechanical factors involved in engineering and technology. This is mainly related with machines and mechanism involving in it. There is the various course in mechanical engineerings such as Diploma in Mechanical engineering in Dubai, Oman, bachelor in online mechanical engineering in Dubai, Oman UAE and India.

Study In Dubai, Oman, UAE, India. now you can Get the most out of your future and select the best University for your self, in India, Dubai, Oman as well as UAE has many best university who is offered the high quality education in diploma course in mechanical engineering.

What is mechanical engineering, Diploma in mechanical engineering in Dubai :

Online Diploma in Mechanical engineering in Dubai: – The course is for three years after matriculation though some students also join the course after intermediate. The course is all about practical knowledge of Mechanical engineering. The fee of the course is 10000 INR per year and it also depends on the currency of the country where the students belong to.

Bachelor of Engineering in Dubai : – This course is the graduation course in mechanical engineering and is done after the intermediate or diploma in mechanical engineering. The duration of the course is 4 years and the fee is 8000 INR per year.

Master of Mechanical engineering Dubai – This course provides the students with both practical and theoretical knowledge about mechanical engineering. The duration is 2 years and the fee is 10000 Per annum. The eligibility is Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering.

The diploma in mechanical engineering in Dubai courses are available in the regular system, distance education system and online education mode. There are various advantages of online distance education system. Here we are going to mention some of them:-

  • Students, who are not able to go to colleges for pursuing studies and want to work as well as study at the same time, can go with the online mode of distance education system. They are given all privileges with the help of online media.
  • They can get admission online by submitting the application form on the internet. All the documentation process are done online and no need to go to colleges and universities.
  • The study materials are provided to the students online. They do not need to go to colleges for that. The projects are also submitted online.
  • Examinations are done online with the help of internet and computer sets. Anyone who is enrolled in online distance courses can easily appear at the exams from anywhere since these exams are online.
  • In online distance education students do not need to spend lots of money on travelling and so they save a huge amount in the pocket.

Now let us talk about the admission process diploma in mechanical engineering in Dubai. There are lots of universities that offer mechanical engineering courses. It must be done from the recognized universities. There may be many colleges claiming to be best these courses but students must take advice from experts. The experts can be found at counselling centres. There are various institutes that students can touch to seek guidance about the universities and colleges where they can do the courses.

Eligibility: – 10th or 12th      

Fee:- 10000 INR per year     

After Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in Dubai and India, Job Opportunities:-

Once the course is done, there are many companies waiting for you since all of them need someone expert in mechanical engineering. The construction companies are offering lots of jobs to the students from a mechanical engineering background.

what is mechanical engineering Diploma in Mechanical engineering

Diploma in Mechanical engineering is a diploma course which is honored to the candidate who completes the program. The course is offered by the well-known institutes in India and anyone in UAE, Dubai, Kuwait, and Oman etc, who wants to pursue the course, can do it very easily. All you require to do is to search for the best institution in India where you want to do the course from. The duration of the course is 3 years and it is further divided into semesters. diploma in mechanical engineering in Dubai the students are given knowledge about automobile engineering, designing Auto CAD, machinery such as refrigerator, cooler, air conditioner etc. Therefore the career is secured since there are lots of companies that actually need those kinds of professionals who have professional knowledge about technical things.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in Dubai is available in online education system UAE, Dubai, Kuwait, and Oman. On distance education basis the course is easy to be done since it is not required to go to the colleges and universities for classes. All the materials and projects are given to you wither on the internet or through the post. Several distance colleges also have Study circles and if there is one near your area, you can join weekend classes there. The fee of the course on distance education is low as compared to the formal course. When you do a diploma from distance education, you have to right to choose which topic is to be learnt first and which one afterwards. In this way, you find a way to study on your choice only. Any doubts are removed on weekend classed by the experts from the industry.

Diploma in Mechanical engineering Distance education is the mode where the students are from the remote areas and cannot come to the college site for classes, examination etc. Online degree programs and the correspondence programs are actually the part of distance education.

On the other hand, an online degree is part of distance education. Here the students who have personal computers and the internet can have the whole syllabus done. In this way, students can easily do the courses at home with their own convenience.

Who should diploma in mechanical engineering in Dubai:

  • The Diploma in Mechanical engineering can be done by the students in Dubai, UAE, Oman and Kuwait who have knowledge in technical things involved in automobiles, air conditioners etc.
  • The one who wants to excel in mechanical field can join the course.
  • Who wants to pursue BE Mechanical engineering can do the course.
  • It is all about Mechanical engineering and so the ones who have a keen interest in machinery can go for the course.


  • After doing Mechanical engineering many of the students get direct entry into B tech Mechanical engineering or BE Mechanical.
  • The mechanical companies have lots of jobs for them available after they pass the final examination.
  • Also, the government offer various jobs based on mechanical engineering every year.
  • Junior Engineer job can be found in the market with this course.

Job Type:-

  • Junior Engineer
  • Supervisor
  • Client relationship officer
  • Section Head
  • Trainee
  • Technician
  • Assistant Professor
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Sales Engineer
  • Head- Mechanical Engineering

Job Area:-

  • Mechanical Department
  • Construction Areas
  • Designing
  • Teaching
  • Technical areas