BCA MCA PGD PGC List Of Distance Education Courses In Ujjain

BCA MCA PGD PGC List Of Distance Education Courses In Ujjain

About Ujjain City

Ujjain is the fifth largest city in Madhya Pradesh state according to population of the city, The city covers 152 square Kilometer area. Mostly two language is used in communication Hindi and Malvi, Hindi is official language of the city. There are two state university in Ujjain for the higher education the name of the university Maharshi Panini Sanskrit University and Vikram university and also one engineering college Ujjain Engineering College and a medical college R.D. Gardi Medical College.

Distance education or correspondence education is the most known form of teaching that is trending right now. Many institutes have understood its importance and advantages. This is why there are many working professionals and executive class people who opt for this teaching method. It helps to get a degree through learning at home. It is available in different areas as well.What is distance education or correspondence education?

Distance courses in Ujjain

There are many different distance education institutes throughout India. Ujjain is also one such city in India that provides distance education very effectively and efficiently. The courses that are mostly popular in Ujjain include the ones given below

BA Distance Education Course in Ujjain : There are lots of BA courses which are available for a bachelor’s degree in Arts. These courses teach different dedicated subjects and their skills associated with it. There are many subject for student likewise Hindi, English, History like that.

Duration : BA Duration 3 year to 6 year

: Student should be intermediate pass likewise 10+2

: Fee demand upon university to university Approx fees will 10k/ Y to 20k/Y

BCA Distance education courses in Ujjain : Known as the Bachelor’s in computer applications. It is the first step for many students to know about different computer applications and develop simple applications too.

Duration : BCA duration 3 year to 5 year

Eligibility : Student should be Intermediate likewise 12th with PCM

Fees : Fee demand upon university to university Approx fees will likewise 18k/ Y to 22k/Y

MCA Distance education courses in Ujjain : This degree is called the master’s degree of computer applications. It is the most popular degree of all time. This helps the professionals to develop and create new innovative computer application solutions for the world.

Duration : MCA duration 3 year to 6 year

Eligibility : Student should be pass Graduation with Mathematics likewise BCA

Fees : Fee demand upon university to university Approx fees will be likewise 25k/ Y to 35/Y

PGD Distance education courses in Ujjain : This is a postgraduate level of education as PGD stands for postgraduate diploma. The diploma can be provided as a summarized and most relevant version of studies for a specific subject. For example, it can be a PGD in any computer language, autistic medical procedure or any other thing etc.

PGC Distance education courses in Ujjain : PGC stands for postgraduate certificates. These are short term courses that can be provide for various subjects. These subjects are, however advance level professional subjects which is why they are postgraduate certificates. They can include different specialized subjects from various fields like medicinal neurology, psychological behavior from medicine or project management and engineering management etc from engineering and sciences fields as well.

Ujjain has all types of distance education regarding levels available for its citizens. It helps them to enjoy the benefits of distance education fully and easily too.