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Education Entrance Exams: Education is a significant factor that should be there to sustain in this world. Education Entrance Exams is a suitable factor that should be followed by the candidates who are willing to become a teacher and create a new experience in the field of teaching. By following this exam, it will help a person to grow as a teacher, lecturer, professor, and other types of careers in the teaching field.

To get a suitable career in the field of teaching, there are specific exams that need to be done. A few main entrance exams like the B. Ed Entrance Exam, M. Ed Entrance Exam, and Master of Education Entrance Exams are very much suitable for a person who is eligible to become a career guide in the field of teaching.

Education Entrance Exams

B. Ed Entrance Exam

B. Ed Entrance Exam is an undergraduate that prepares a student to work as a teacher in school. This course will guide a student to get complete training in the field of teaching. This will enable a person to become a professional teacher. To get into the B. Ed course, the candidates should sit for the B. Ed entrance exam.

Usually, these Education Entrance Exams are held at state levels, colleges, and university levels to select the best candidate. Some skills should necessarily be there in a candidate who is trying to follow a B. Ed Course.

Skills for B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) Exams

  • Confidence
  • Patience
  • The ability of quick learning
  • Ability to think in critical situations
  • Empathy
  • Skills in organizing
  • Better communication skills

Eligibility Criteria for B. Ed Course

Education Qualification- The candidate who is sitting for Education Entrance Exam needs have completed their graduation in any stream. The significant factor that needs to be considered here is the candidate needs to be graduated with at least 50-55% of the marks.

Age Limit- To pursue this course, the age limit is not considered by the majority of the institutions. But the age limit that is considered by some of the institutions is the candidate should be 19 or above that.

M. Ed (Master of Education)

Master of education is a course that should be followed to get complete learning about new methods of teaching that could enhance a significant victory in the teaching field. This course is done for two years time period. But at some institutes, a time duration of one year is given. So that it can be easy for the candidates who are participating.

Skills for Master of Education (M. Ed)

  • Confidence
  • Leadership skills
  • Discipline
  • Empowering skills
  • Hard-working skills
  • Innovative thinking
  • Patience
  • Time managing skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Planning skills
  • Skill of observation

B. Ed and M. Ed are the Education Entrance Exams that can help the candidate to make his career in education.