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Education Iconnect are one of the most student-friendly Online forums

The major benefits for all students through Education iconnect Magazine : We at Education I connect are one of the most student-friendly online forums. With our expert team of academicians and educationists, we have dissected each and every educational system and found out ways to excel in each.

education iconnect
education iconnect

We have with utmost care forged different educational ways to focus on the strengths of the students and help them to excel in each. Just as the different parts of the country have different ways of celebrating the same occasion; they too have different educational systems in each. We at Education Iconnect have analyzed them in order to find out how to excel in each of these systems. We have our centers at sixteen different states in the country and with the help of these; we can say that our outreach is far and wide. Here are the specific benefits that students who would join our global outlook program would have:

  1. We will be providing free online counseling for parents, teachers and students.
  2. We would be providing guidance to students in the form of helping them realize their potential and strengths and weaknesses.
  3. We would also be teaching them ways which would enable them to change their weaknesses into strengths and thus utilize them in a way which would be beneficial for their career prospects.
  4. We facilitate the students from ales privileged background to enroll themselves in vocational courses by us which would enable them to choose a career path of their own.
  5. We also help the students to corroborate their studies with foreign institutions and give them career guidance in applying to the right institutions and also getting the scholarships for such foreign Programmes.
  6. We help the students to obtain the payments for various institutions
  7. Since, we have links with some of the most prominent and privileged schools, colleges, universities, training institutes and distance education learning centers; we can easily monitor the students enrolled with us and in these institutions or schools.
  8. We have different mentors who have been selected with utmost care to suit the needs of each and every individual student. Since, every student has different moods, we can help ensure that the mentors can specifically target what each child needs in his or her professional path.
  9. We analyze the competitive market scene and give the trends which would be best suited for the students.
  10. We also have a job portal which would be open and updated regularly to keep the students aware of the new openings in their arena.

Why are Education iConnect services the best in the lot?

education iconnect
education iconnect

We at Education I connect provide some of the services which are entirely focused on giving the children an avenue to enhance their educational experience.

The problem with our educational system is that it has always emphasized on rote learning. The students are not taught a technical aspect of what needs to be done; instead, they are just fed stories after stories which they at the end of the term vomit it out in the exams. This is one of the main reasons why we have constantly argued that the educational system in our country is greatly flawed.

We at Education I connect provide services which are aimed at removing such fallacies from the students’ minds that they cannot choose a career path of their own. We will, in fact, facilitate a way by which they would be able to focus on their careers wholeheartedly and also along the way discover their potential.
With so many career options available for them, most of them do not realize that all that they need is a poke in the right direction. They blindly appear for all kinds of exams and do not realize their forte. We, with our expert team of professionals, will help these confused students to realize their potential and choose a career which would best suit them.

Here is the list of services that we at education Education I connect provide:

Education I connect
Education I connect

1.Services customized to suit the needs of each and every student:

Our services are meant for every aspiring student. With their varied needs; each student needs a different kind of maneuvers to succeed in their career choice. This is where we come in. We give them the much needed impetus with the customized services suited just for your needs.

Our website has information about more than 75000 colleges in India and abroad and also the names of all the courses they provide. Additionally, we also provide information regarding each and every course of these colleges so that it becomes very easy for the students to make a choice. Education Iconnect gives the users a unique option. In the search bar, they can easily search on any college of their choice and get every kind of information regarding the same college: Admission dates, examination process,

scholarships provided etc. It is a one stop-solution for every kind of information about any college.

2.We Monitor Our Students

The advantage with our services is that we have links to all the major schools, institutes, universities, colleges, training institutes and distance learning centers. Thus, students who enroll with us are constantly monitored by us in order to know their progress. We also keep a track of their studies so that we can help them improve their weaknesses. Additionally, those institutes which come under our purview or are linked to us also receive monthly reports.
3.Direct Marketing:

We can be directly reached through our services. We believe in marketing directly. That is the only reason why we have all our services all over India in sixteen states. We do not have franchises anywhere. We also have our online support forum which makes it possible for anyone seeking us to directly get assistance without the involvement of any middlemen or brokers.
4.We Keep Students Aware of New Updates

The world of competitive exams is also ever changing. The patterns keep changing, there might be new subjects being included and sometimes dates and venues also keep changing. We as a consistent web platform for aspiring and career-oriented students make it a point to keep them abreast with the latest happenings in the circuit.

We connect their institutes and colleges to our web portals which keep giving this information. Our management team is responsible for keeping important and necessary information about the latest exams, admissions to foreign institutes and any such need that a student might have.
5.We facilitate a student’s journey abroad: 

Some students have aspirations to visit abroad and pursue their career there. Taking admissions in colleges in foreign countries is not easy. Especially, because most of them have very stringent admission procedures which make it even more difficult for Indian students to take admission in these premier colleges.

Our team of professionals will guide the students through these procedures: from giving the right exams in the form of GMAT and GRE to writing the right essays and recommendations to floor the committee there; we have honed our skills in a way that a student from this facility can easily go and get degree from premier league and Ivy League colleges.
6.Secure Payment through net banking 

With internet becoming one of the most accessible sources of all time’ we have also made it possible for the students and their parents to pay admission fees to various colleges online. It is not possible for someone in Panaji to come and pay the admission fee for Xavier’s in Kolkata. Thus, we have tied up with some of the most important colleges in the country and have given people the opportunity to pay the admission bills online.
7.24*7 Online Support

We at Education Iconnect have banked heavily on the internet as a means of communication. Thus, we have our teams giving online support to anyone-teachers, parents and students on each and every query of theirs. Our online tech support is available 24*7 to answer your questions and be at your assistance. We have chat forums where the users can put in questions and we will get back to them as soon as possible.
Our counselors also give online assistance and counseling on various admission procedures in colleges and institutes. With their immense knowledge in various admission systems, they would be able to guide you on how best to proceed with the method of admission.
8. Information on Various Courses:

Based on the needs of the students about various fields, Education Iconnect has website links and information about the following streams of studies:
• Management ( MBA, BBA),
• Science( BE, B.Tech, Agriculture and Forestry),
• Engineering, Information Technology
• BCA,
• MCA,
• Networking,
• Test Preparation
• Government Sector Examinations,
• Medical exams
• Engineering exams
• Animation,
• Graphic Designing,
• Web designing,
• Banking,
• CA, Accounting,
• Hospitality,
• Aviation,
• Tourism,
• Medicine,
• Beauty,
• Retail,
• Arts,
• Law,
• Languages,
• Teaching, and
• Designing

These are some of the specific courses whose information is provided on the web portal Education Iconnect:
• BE
• ME
• B.ED
• M.ED
• Short term Courses

9. Guaranteed Placement after the Vocational Courses:(For a student who wants to join right after 12th)

We at Education Iconnect also provide vocational courses for students who would like to pursue their career right after they have passed theirtwelfth. For such students we have diploma courses which are equivalent to courses done after twelfth. At Education Iconnect we also guarantee jobs after the successful completion of these diploma courses.
Even after post-graduation from a subject of specialization, if the students are at a fix on which course to pursue after the completion; we can help them out of this dilemma and provide them the right career path.

10.Presence in the Market

One of the most important things in the markets of today is having a presence in the online scene. Today, everything is possible on the internet and as a result, it is important for us to be visible on the global internet scene. We have made this sure and created a nice for ourselves in this field. With the help of Facebook and Twitter, we keep in touch with all our customers and also keep them updated about the various happenings in the competitive scene.
11.Monthly Events:

We at Education I connect have monthly events which give the enrolled students the following advantages:

  1. Generation of admission  by enhancing personal relations. Best Services to students and best career advice.
  1. Online listing of colleges with different information regarding the courses and also the system of examination followed by the patterns and dates of exams as well.
  1. Connect the students directly to the institute or college without the need of any consultants.
  1. Education Iconnect also provided the students the facilities of attestation for students free of cost from the HRD, MAE and the different Embassies.*

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