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List Of Entrance Exams in India – Engineering, Medical, Management 2020 : Entrance Exams: Entrance exams are usually taken by aspirants to determine whether they qualify for certain courses. Usually, the exam is taken by HSC or SSC students to decide whether or not they are eligible for higher education. Typically, the Entrance Exams happen at two distinct levels. These are national and university levels.

Classifications of Entrance Exams

As mentioned above, Entrance Exams occur at different levels. For this reason, the exams consist of three categories. These are university level, state level, and national level entrance exams.

National Level Exams:

These are conducted throughout the country for any willing student who has completed the 10th or 12th. It’s crucial to note that several bodies are authorized to conduct these exams. They include NTA, NLUs, and IIMs. Once the students sit for the exams, the institutions evaluate if the person can get admission or not.

State Level Exams:

Just like the National Level Exams, the state level entrance exams happen in individual states. Usually, these exams have a specific state name. Students can only get admitted to the universities or colleges within the state of the exams they pass.
Types of State Level Exams

    1. KCET – Karnataka
    2. UPSEE – Uttar Pradesh
    3. Rajasthan JET – Rajasthan
    4. MHT CET – Maharashtra
    5. WBJEE – West Bengal
  1. Institute Level Exam: In India, these exams occur at all levels. However, once the student’s scores are out, they’re only considered by a few colleges or universities in the country. Below are the different types of institution-level entrance exams and their corresponding university names.
    Types of University Level Exams

      1. XAT: Xavier School of Management
      2. BITSAT: BITS Pilani
      3. VITEEE: Vellore Institute of Technology
      4. CUSAT: Cochin University of Science and Technology
      5. LPU NEST: Lovely Professional University

List Of Entrance Exams in India

  • Merits of Sitting for the Entrance Exams

Evaluation is highly standardized by the exam bodies. All the exams attract many applicants every year from across the country. For this reason, the examiners are bound to standardize the exams to come up with reasonable results. Technically, all the students can’t flop and equally impossible for all students to pass exceptionally.

The exams create a fairground for a competition to earn admission. Usually, students that sit for these exams compete for a similar goal. Therefore, the respective body provides them with the same exam. The authorities invigilate the exams with the utmost efficiency to avoid giving some students an advantage over others.

Entrance exams are the perfect path for students who know what they want to study but do not know a specific path. This is like a specified path for them as they just need to study for these exams, appear for it, get the desired result, and then get admission to whatever course they want to pursue.

It is a Fair Ground for All

As mentioned above, the entrance exams provide a fair playing ground for all the candidates. Therefore, when students pass these exams, their morale is enhanced immensely. They get the necessary motivation to study even harder after qualifying admission.

The exams sharpen the examinee’s life skills, such as creativity and hardworking skills. All the candidates have to prepare adequately for these exams. Failure to prepare appropriately automatically results in either failing to qualify. In such a case, the student can either appear a second time or can try something else. Ultimately, these exams help one to become more hardworking and positive.

The exam instils hope in the candidates. Most high school students do not see life after the high school level. For this reason, the exams present hope to such students as it presents a chance to earn admission to the next level. What makes the exams more credible is the transparency showcased by the exam bodies. Applicants become even more hopeful in life after they get shortlisted for admission.

What Happens after Qualifying the Entrance Exams?

The relevant body is at liberty to either evaluate candidates or directly admit them. The conducting bodies can host GD’s or PI for eligible students. For instance, the body may opt to conduct another exam with a different criterion with the candidates.

Also, the body may choose to do a more in-depth evaluation through other ways like GD’s. However, the point of all this is to determine the most suitable students for admission. There are no shortcuts for any students. One has to earn it.

Entrance Exams in India Careers 

Some of the careers which require applicants to pass the Entrance Exams include;

  1. Journalism careers such as reporters, anchors, etc.
  2. Medicine such as a doctor.
  3. Business Management such as a manager.
  4. Architecture (B.Arch)
  5. Engineering (B.Tech)
  6. Aviation such as aeronautics, etc.
  7. Agriculture (BAMS, etc.)