Executive MBA OR E-MBA One Year In Abu Dhabi,Dubai, India

Executive MBA or MBA one year in Abu Dhabi, Oman,  Dubai,  Kuwait, UAE,  India, Nepal 

Executive MBA or MBA one Year Many professionals from around the world are choosing the Executive MBA in Abu Dhabi, Dubai . Abu Dhabi  is well known for its wealth and natural resources and has a developing economy with huge foreign investments and great business opportunities. This Middle Eastern country plays a huge role today and an executive MBA from here can help provide the skills, knowledge, and experience required to do well in the global market. This place is filled unique and myriad of business opportunities which can help to enhance one’s career.

Executive MBA or MBA one Year of Abu Dhabi are:

What is an Executive MBA or MBA one Year ?

Ans: it is a management program designed for the mid-managerial level employees mainly with some years of experience. It allows these employees to add a managerial degree to their name without having to quit the job.

What is so important about this course?

Ans: this MBA one year course here helps professionals to develop the skills needed for effective leadership and management and exposes them to diverse perspectives while creating a stimulating learning experience.

What is the eligibility for this program?

Ans: it is a postgraduate degree in business that is created for professionals with a good amount of work experience. It can be completed in less than 3 years and has been designed in such a way so that students can learn while working.

What are the specializations for E- MBA or MBA 1 Year here?

Ans : they include specializations in finance, marketing, and accounting, and may lay emphasis on leadership and management in different business sectors.

What is the approximate fee for such course here?

Ans : approximate fees for this course may be between 15,000 USD to 17,000 USD with 7.5% reduction for early joiners for this program.

Advantages and benefits of doing this course from Abu Dhabi?

Ans : the advantages of doing this course is that students gain a greater understanding of the key functions of  the full business requirements and use these skills and apply them in practical life for better use. One of the greatest benefits is that each student brings unique knowledge to the classroom and they are encouraged to share with and learn from each other which is important.

Where can one get jobs after MBA one year ?

Ans: after completing the executive MBA course from Abu Dhabi one can get a job in any top companies across the world and provides great opportunities for all.

What are the employment areas offered by this course?

Ans : these courses offer employment in finance, accounting, marketing, HR and various other departments.

How much salary can one expect after completion of this course?

Ans : salary for an executive MBA candidate with lesser work experience will fetch lesser salary but with greater work experience will fetch higher salary. For example with one year experience, they may get around 70,000 AED but people with more work experience will get higher salary package.

Is this valid in US and UK Dubai , Oman , Kuwait, Abu Dhabi , India ?

Ans: yes these executive MBA courses from Abu Dhabi are valid all over the world today and can help one to get good jobs easily.

Executive MBA or MBA one Year