Perks of french language learning official language of UNITED NATIONS


Perks of learning the French Language : Being the official language of 14 countries including France, French also acquires the spot of 14th most widely spoken language however according to World Economic Forum it is the 4th most powerful language to do business on, in planet Earth.

French language learning

Still for its inherent grammar and twisted pronunciation style, French is not really popular amongst foreign language learners. At the same time learning French can create galore of opportunities in front of aspirants.

The G-8 countries are the ones with French as their official language and as they export a quite lot of things abroad french is definitely a continually growing language to do business.

Apart from all material stuff, French is one of the richest languages when it comes to literature. It is called the language of culture for a reason.

Learning the language of french strong reasons

Therefore, if you wish to learn French, here’re some strong reasons why this language is so important.

  1. The official language of UNITED NATIONS: 

French is one of the 6 official languages of UNITED NATIONS. Therefore if you are aspiring to join foreign service french obviously should be your cup of tea as UN and it’s associates publish a lot of communique in French and it is also of utmost importance in the diplomatic state of matters.

  1. French in the Hotel, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry :

  Thousands of French-speaking people visit India every year, and the number keeps on increasing year after year, and they look for a person who can explain things in their native language. The French Language offers a plethora in the tourism industry.

Language plays an essential role in the hospitality industry. The French language can be utilized in the industry to assist the foreign traveller, communicate with French speaking-employees, and to work in French-speaking countries.

  1. India’s Defence sector. 

French language learning :The French language can give you a chance to join the continuously growing field of Franco-Indian defence cooperation as France is one of the major importers of defence goods in India and these include the recently hyped Rafale Multi-Role Combat Aircraft, Scorpene class submarine and many more in Indian Navy, Airforce and Indian Army.

4 . India’s Booming WINE Industry :

India now has a booming Industry of fine Wine and that majorly depends on France. Local Indian wine-makers have mostly learnt this art in France as such courses are very rare in India. Also, French people are the one who perfected the art of bottling wine and exquisite French grapes are the best in business when it comes to wine.

So, if anyone wants to lodge himself in such business French is a must-learn for him/her.

  1. Job opportunities, Career options, Scopes and Demand.

French is a career asset in various sectors as Hospitality Industry, Banking and Finance, Diplomatic services, Education and much more. Besides, there are career options as Translator and Interpreter which are highly lucrative.

Many French companies such as Louis Vitton, L’oréal, Airbus, Orange, Christian Dior are now opening regional offices in India and other parts of the globe, the ability to speak French increases your chance manifold in these sectors.

  1. France is one of the best destinations for Indian students :

France has more than 3,500 institutions of higher education, including many century-old universities.  Université Pierre, École Polytechnique, Marie Curie UPMC, University of Paris Sud, ESPCI ParisTech, The École Normale Supérieur, HEC, Supérieure de Lyon, Sorbonne Paris Cité are some examples. These institutions offer excellent education in various fields of management, science, art, technology, etc.

Every year over 5000 students from India go to France for higher studies, in fact, Paris is considered the best city for students. So, efficiency in speaking French obviously increases your chances in French Universities and business schools.

  1. French is a language of Love, Art and Culture.

French language learning France has the highest number of recipients for the Nobel Prize for Literature, with sixteen Laureates. Knowing French enables you to understand the rich cultural diversity, which will enhance your competitive advantage abroad. Knowing French will also give you access to original french pieces.

France is one of the best countries to produce International films. The Cannes Film festival is famous for hosting the best and the most prestigious films.

In a conclusive note,  France and rest of the Francophone world are on the rise in trade and diplomatic ties with India, learning French is becoming increasingly important.