GD Goenka University Fee Structure 2018-19

ApprovedUniversity Grant Commission
Distance EducationN/A
Application FormRs. 250/-
Application Form Fee (by post)Rs.500/-
Dispatch of Admission CardsTwo Months after Examination
Declaration of Results Three Month After Admission
Duplicate Admission CardsRs. 500/-
Fees SubmitCash , DD
Admission processOnline/Offline
Approved For admission Abroad Yes
Contact University


Sl. No.PROGRAMMESAnnual FeeAdmission FeeSecurity
  School of Architecture & Planning
1Bachelor of Architecture2,95,00025,00025,000
2Bachelor of Planning1,00,00015,00015,000
3Master of Planning1,00,00015,00015,000
  School of Communication
4Bachelor of Arts – Journalism & Mass Communication1,95,00025,00025,000
5Bachelor of Science – Animation & VFX1,30,00025,00025,000
6Bachelor of Arts – Film and TV Production1,30,00025,00025,000
7Master of Arts – Journalism & Mass Communication1,25,00015,00015,000
8Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication99,00015,00015,000
9Post Graduate Diploma -Film and Television, Digital Content60,00015,00015,000
Management, Advertising and Public Relations
10Post Graduate Diploma -Social Media Marketing, Event60,00015,00015,000
11Master of Arts – Social Media, Media Management60,00015,00015,000
 School of Education
12Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management (Montessori90,00015,00015,000
13Bachelor of Education80,00015,00015,000
14Integrated BA/BSc-B.Ed70,00015,00015,000
15Master of Arts – Educational Leadership & Management60,00015,00015,000
 School of Engineering
Bachelor of Technology – Agriculture Engineering, Chemical
16Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and2,15,00025,00025,000
Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering,
Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Mechatronics, Instrumentation and Control Engineering
17Integrated B.Tech.-MBA (Computer Science & Engineering,2,15,00025,00025,000
Electronics & Communication Engineering, Mechanical
Engineering) – 5 years
18Integrated B.Tech.-M.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering,1,95,00025,00025,000
Electronics & Communication Engineering, Mechanical
Engineering) – 5 years
Master of Technology – Communication Engineering, Computer
19Science & Engineering, Energy and Environmental Engineering,85,00015,00015,000
Power Systems Engineering, Production Engineering, VLSI
20Bachelor of Computer Application85,00015,00015,000
21Master of Computer Application75,00015,00015,000
22Bachelor of Science (Honors) – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics,70,00015,00015,000
Forensic Science, Microbiology, Biochemistry
23Master of Science – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Forensic70,00015,00015,000
24Post Graduate Diploma – Data Analytics & Cloud Computing70,00015,00015,000
25Master of Science – Analytics and Big Data70,00015,00015,000
26Bachelor of Science – Information Technology70,00015,00015,000
27Master of Science – Information Technology70,00015,00015,000
28Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical Engineering, Computer50,00010,00010,000
Science & Engineering, Electronics Engineering) – After 10th
School of Fashion & Design
29Bachelor of Design – Communication Design, Fashion Design,2,45,000 + 57025,00025,000
Interior Design, Product DesignEuros
30Bachelor of Science – Communication Design, Fashion Design,2,45,000 + 57025,00025,000
Interior Design, Product DesignEuros
31Master of Science – Fashion Design, Interior Design, Product2,45,000 + 57025,00025,000
32Bachelor of Science + Master of Science (Dual Degree) –2,45,000 + 57025,00025,000
Communication Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design,
Product Design)
33Bachelor of Science /Bachelor of Design – Gemology & Jewelry1,20,000 + 57015,00015,000
34Bachelor of Fine Arts70,00015,00015,000
School of Hospitality
35Post Graduate Diploma in Culinary Arts Management3,60,00025,00025,000
36Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology3,25,00025,00025,000
37MBA – Accommodation Operations & Management International3,25,00025,00025,000
Hotel & Restaurant Management
School of Humanities & Social Sciences
38Bachelor of Arts (Honors) – Economics, English, Political1,30,00025,00025,000
Science, Psychology


Sl. No.PROGRAMMESAnnual FeeAdmission FeeSecurity
39Post Graduate Diploma – Counseling Psychology1,30,00015,00015,000
40Master of Arts – Counseling Psychology, School Psychology1,30,00025,00025,000
Bachelor of Arts – Travel & Tourism, Geography, History,70,00015,00015,000
Anthropology, Sociology, Philosophy, Public Administration


Master of Arts – Economics, English, History, Pol Science,60,00015,00015,000
Geography, Travel & Tourism, Anthropology, Sociology,


Philosophy, Public Administration
43Bachelor of Social Work60,00015,00015,000
44Master of Social Work60,00015,00015,000
45Bachelor of Library Sciences – 1 year30,00015,00015,000
46Master of Library Sciences – 1 year30,00015,00015,000
School of Law


Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Law (Honors) -Integrated2,25,00025,00025,000
Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelor of Law (Honors) –2,25,00025,00025,000


49Bachelor of Commerce Bachelor of Law (Honors) -Integrated2,25,00025,00025,000
50Bachelor of Laws (Honors)1,95,00025,00025,000
51Master of Laws90,00015,00015,000
School of Management
Master of Business Administration – Accounting & Finance,
Entrepreneurship, General Management, Human Resource,3,95,00025,00025,000
International Business, Marketing, Operation and Information
Management, Retail Management
Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting & Finance in2,80,00025,00025,000
collaboration with KPMG
Bachelor of Business Administration – Finance, General2,60,00025,00025,000
Management, International Business, Marketing,
Entrepreneurship, Aviation Management
55Master of Business Administration (Part Time) 3 years2,60,00025,00025,000
56Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) in collaboration with KPMG1,60,00025,00025,000
57Master of Science – Financial Engg, Supply Chain Management80,00015,00015,000
Post Graduate Diploma – Supply Chain Management, Sports
Management, Accounting & Finance, Leadership & Governance,70,00015,00015,000
Online Business, Healthcare Supply Chain Management,
Operation Management, HR
School of Medical & Allied Science
59Bachelor of Pharmacy1,20,00015,00015,000
60Master of Public Health1,00,00015,00015,000
61Bachelor of Physiotherapy80,00015,00015,000
62Bachelor of Science – Nutrition & Health70,00015,00015,000
Bachelor of Science – Optometry, Cardiovascular Technology,60,00015,00015,000
Healthcare and Clinical Research, Medical Lab Technology
64Master of Physiotherapy60,00015,00015,000
65Diploma in Pharmacy*60,00010,00010,000
 All Streams
66Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) (Part Time)70,00025,00025,000
67Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) (Full Time)1,10,00025,00025,000
Admission Related Charges
68Application Form1000
Hostel Fee
69Girls – Four Sharing2,25,000
70Girls – Three Sharing2,50,000
71Girls – Two Sharing2,95,000
72Boys – Four Sharing2,25,000
73Boys – Three Sharing2,50,000
74Boys – Two Sharing2,95,000
75Boys – Bunk Bed1,20,000
76Fitness Club Membership25,000