Got 6 month to fill all the vacancies from UCG


Got 6 months to fill all the vacancies from UGC

Got 6 months to fill all the vacancies from UGC All colleges, universities have been given a six-month to fill up their faculty vacancies, with a process that will be monitored at every step by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and the University Grants Commission (UGC). Institutions which fail to meet the deadline were warned that their UGC grants may be withheld.
There are at least 5,000 vacant positions in 48 central universities alone. UGC oversees over 900 universities and more than 40,000 colleges across the country.

The six-month timeline allows 15 days for the identification of vacant posts, the details of which must be uploaded on the NHERC portal by June 20, 2019. Within 30 days thereafter, the competent authority of each institution is required to give its approval to fill up the vacancies.

By the end of six months, appointment letters should have been issued and uploaded on the NHERC portal.