Highest paying jobs in India 2020 ? highest paying careers in India


Highest paying jobs in India 2020? highest paying careers in India: Highest paying jobs About money? Otherwise, people would work for free. No? When it comes to career options, we do think of monetary leverages. So, this is the article for you that will make you familiar with the most paid professions in our country.

Top 16 Highest paying jobs in India, When it’s time to choose a career option, like highest paying careers in India, there are lots of factors to consider. These are job satisfaction, job Culture, but the best motivator is the amount of money you get every month. If you are looking for the answer which career paths /jobs role offer the highest amount of money, then you are in the correct place to quench your thirst of a question

Highest paying jobs in India 2020

  • Spiritual Gurus
  • Cricketers
  • Software Developers
  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • Management Experts
  • Data scientists
  • Machine Learning/Automation expert
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Investment Banker
  • Management Consultant
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Energy Professional
  • Government Jobs
  • Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Doctor
  1. Spiritual Gurus

one of the Highest paying jobs : It may sound weird, but it is true. India is a religious country. It is the land of Yoga and spiritualism. When you are profound in the ancient theories of religion, and you can gain the power to motivate and inspire people with your in-depth knowledge and approach, you will be a millionaire in on a single wink. Here are the leaders like Baba Ramved, who is a yoga expert, and Baba Balakrishna, a follower of Ramdev, who is earning in trillions every year. Sadguru is a motivational speaker who makes in crore through his live sessions and youtube channel.  

Required academic qualification: No specific educational qualification is required for this profession. 

Expected Salary: 10000000 INR per Year

2. Cricketers

highest paying careers in India: Here comes the most glamourous profession for all time in India. Here the mass people worship cricketers like a god. In that profession, you will get fame, popularity, and love enormously, and most of these, money. You would earn a tremendous amount of money if you had the opportunity to play cricket in the national team of India. The Indian cricket board is the wealthiest cricket board among all the countries that play cricket. BCCI pays almost 2 billion dollars per each cricketer each year. 

Required academic qualification: No specific educational qualification is required for this profession. 

Expected Salary: 2500000 INR per Year


3. Software Developers

Highest paying careers in India: This is the era of internet-based businesses and applications. Our country is on the way of being a full-stack digital one. Here you will get everything digital. From cab service to grocery, all services are dependent upon applications. So, there is no wonder that the application makers will steal the show here. Data experts, application makers, and developers are one of the highest-paid jobs in India.

 Required academic qualification: Specialisation in HTML, Javascript, CSS.

Expected Salary: 7000000 INR per Year


4. Lawyers

The law professionals earn a lot. There are several courts and law firms who welcome the law experts with a massive pay scale. Many organizations appoint law specialists to defend them on many issues. They offer high pays. There are business tycoons who hire lawyers for them personally. You should take a law degree and do excel in your field. Then you can earn a hundred thousand bucks every month.

 Required academic qualification

Graduation in any stream with a professional course in law. Or, LLB ( a combined class of five years that provide bachelor and law degree altogether), LLM.

 Expected Salary: 

More than 3000000 INR per year.

5. Doctors

There is no other respect and earning a job like being a doctor. There are huge job scopes for doctors. When you are a medical professional. You have thousands of opportunities. You will get a lot of job offers with a high salary. The hospitals, nursing homes, and NGOs are ready to welcome the doctors with the gigantic pay scale. Unani, Ayurveda, homeopathy also have several scopes alongside allopathic doctors. You can open your private chamber as well.

 Required academic qualification: M.B.B.S, BAMS, BHMS, M.D, F.R.C.S etc.

Expected Salary: 2400000 INR per Year

6. Management Experts

The management specialists are the ones who have thousands of high paying job scopes. They are the ones who organize the working procedure of an organization. Managers are also the ones who take care of the sales department. No company can grow without enough supports from its managers. So, each prominent multinational companies look for efficient managing persons. After you complete your professional course in management, you will be offered a minimum of a six-digit salary per annum.

 Required academic qualification: There is a bachelor’s course for management named BBA. Students can accomplish two years long management master’s level professional course called MBA after completing their graduation in any stream.

 Expected Salary: Starting salary can be low, like 20000 per month, but efficient managers can earn infinite.

7. Data scientists

Highest paying careers in India: This is a new field of the job sector, but it’s paying the most. Data scientists collect, and analyses market data. After that, the data scientist provides data-based solutions to the employer to make the correct decision for sales, marketing, etc. The average salary of a data scientist after 3yrs of experience is more than 40lakh/year.

8. Machine Learning/Automation expert

The experts of Machine Learning/Automation make the machine functions as a human with high intelligence and accuracy. The demand for these two experts is continuously growing and salary too, particularly in the automobile sector. The average salary of machine learning/Automation experts after three years of experience is approximate 25 lacks per year in India.

9. Blockchain Developer

Blockchain is the latest and revolutionary field which provides solutions for currency transactions like Bitcoin transaction, data security, etc. Significant private and public sectors are using this new technology, and the best part of the experts in this field is there is a considerable shortage of specialists. You need to know the data structure, the architecture of blockchain to be an expert. The average salary you can expect after gaining experience of 3 years around 20 lacks per year in India. 

10. Investment Banker

This career profile is one of the best options and consistent performers, as this is one of the highest paying jobs worldwide. Investment banker provides investment decision for a bank or big companies. An investment banker needs to be good with statistics and should expertise in presentation and communication. Even a fresher can get more in this field compared to experts in another area. With five years of experience, anyone can expect more than 25 lacks per year in India.

11. Management Consultant

The goal of a management consultant is to maximize productivity by improving the function and solving problems inside the company. Hence, a management consultant needs knowledge in the fields of marketing, sales, economic, etc. MBA with B.Tech is the most relevant experience in this field. The salary increases with experience. For example, in a good company, a management consultant with 3 years’ experience can get up to 18 lacks per year.

12. Chartered Accountant 

Maybe you heard that it is tough to complete the course of Chartered Accountant but it worth a lot. A Chartered Accountant provides solutions of account, tax and audit services, etc. You need to have excellent analytical and numerical skills to be a successful Chartered Accountant. Experts Chartered Accountant after six years get more than 30 lacks per annum while a fresher can get up to 10 absences.

13. Energy Professional

The demand for energy is ever-increasing. The professionals in India, After MTech/Btech Degree, can get a good salary in petroleum, solar, Gas, power plant sectors. It would be best if you were patient, as the pay is not much at the starting of career compared to Chartered Accountant or investment banker. Still, after ten years of experience, the salary can be increased to 15 lacks per annum. 

 14. Government Jobs

Highest paying jobs: There are some high paid government jobs in India. Jobs in RBI (reserve bank of India), administrative services like IPS, IAS officers are paid a high amount of remuneration. Beside of compensation, employment of these sectors mentioned above gets other benefits like house allowance, social reputation and frequent holidays, etc. The gross salary in the starting of RBI administrative employee is around INR 75000/- per month.

15. Sales and Marketing Manager

Highest paying jobs: The job selling and marketing has the right amount of scope from the centuries. For a professional and successful sales and marketing manager, the remuneration can be more than any other sector. It would help if you struggled a few hours as a sales and marketing employee to be a sales or marketing manager.

16. Doctor

Well, I don’t want to put the career option at the last as the job is related high amount of self and social respect. There is no fixed salary for a doctor. 

Top 16 Highest Paid Jobs, The only reason to mention this option, at last, is to be doctor, one needs to study for a more extended period, but after gaining reputation, a Doctor can earn even more than 30 Lacks per month.