How to earn more than 30,000 to 1,00,000 Rupees per Month in India ?


How to earn more than 30,000 Rupees in India ? This is a big and haunting question among the young stars and students of India nowadays. How can we earn more than 30,000 rupees per month or more than that? Not only youngsters and students but this particular question haunt a huge number of people nowadays.

Earn more than 30,000 – 50, 000 Rupees in India

So today we will be discussing a few ways that anyone can earn more than 30,000 rupees per month based on different skills and qualifications.

 “People with higher educational qualifications can earn big amount of money ” or ” We need higher qualifications for a bulky salary every month” these are myths. Yes, for some jobs we need that but salary and pay scale depending on skills and efficiency to work mainly. Certificates and Grades don’t work on Floor. You can also be a freelancer and earn more than 30,000 rupees per month as well. So hang on and get ready for the doors to open.

Earn more than 30,000 Rupees in India : So the few different types of jobs are here –

  1. Wedding Photographer –

India is a romantic country and we are so much obsessed with marriages. There are lots of functions and ceremonies are happening for the marriages in India. Generally, there is a trend for capturing the special moments in marriage ceremonies because it happens only once for maximum people. So if you are skilled with portraits and have some creative ways to look at things you can easily earn a huge amount of money by being a Wedding photographer. Some families also want to make a film-like video for their marriage so if have some good ideas of making videos then there will be more income. I have seen a few photographers earning more than lacks per marriage depending on there works. This is a freelancing job as well.

All you need is a good camera, a computer to edit photos and videos and some creativity.

  1. Host or Anchor –

India is such a joyful country where we love to celebrate every bit of life whether it’s Eid, Durga Puja, Diwali, Marriage ceremony, Blood donation camps or Official conference cultural events are happening here and there in different venues. for long time venues, these events demand charming personalities to host the event or as an anchor. So if you have skills to talk and throw jokes and you carry a charming personality that you can draw everyone’s attention in you then this job is for you.

This is freelancing and we can also find event houses who work with anchors as a basis of contracts or permanently. you will be getting paid at least 3000 rupees per event, so you need only more than 10 events per month to hit the target of 30,000 rupees per month. though it depends on how skilled you are and how good you at your work.

So all the charming personalities get some scripts ready and enjoy.

  1. Fulltime Youtuber –

This is a very passionate way of earning more than 30,000 rupees per month regardless of what is your skills. All you need is to make videos on your works and upload then consistently on Youtube. You can be a Chef, a Singer, a Storyteller, a Gadget freak, an Inspirational Speaker, a Social Media Influencer, an artist, a fitness coach or anything else. You just need to make interesting videos that people will stick to and get benefitted from your videos. As you get targeted amount of subscribers and views on your channel you will get paid by Google ad services and brands wich wants to sponsor your videos or advertise their products. Again it depends on how well you are doing your jobs. There are famous YouTubers and youtube channels like – BB ki vines (Bhuban Bam), The Bong guy (Kiran Dutta), Pehchan Music, Raghav Chaitanya, Sanam, Technical Guruji they are all earning a huge amount of money every month from their channels and promotion or works in real life coming through their channels. Even if you are not so famous but you can also earn a good amount by hitting the target set by Youtube.

All the best fellas, find out your passion and make interesting videos and post but Youtubers say that you need patience and will power and hard work in initial days to get your channel in a good stable state. They have also said that- “if you are doing Youtube to earn money only, then you are in a wrong place, Honey.”

So get some passion, a good camera or mobile phone to shoot pieces of stuff and a computer to edit.