How to nail IAS exam in six months ?

There is no age bar to start the preparation for IAS exam. If you want to enter Indian administrative Services, the best preparation time recommended by professionals is one year. But, in case you made your mind later even then don’t worry. You can easily nail the UPSC exam with six months of extensive preparation. Motivation, Hard work and dedication are the three keys to success. If you have your basics clear, then go ahead you can easily make your family proud by cracking the exam in your first attempt itself. This article will provide you proper strategy on how to prepare IAS examination in just six months.

How to nail IAS exam in six months

1.Knowledge about syllabus, pattern and proper resources (month 1)

Before starting preparation, make sure you know about the dates, syllabus and the pattern followed. The first stage of UPSC IAS exam is the prelims. While choosing an elective subject, make sure you don’t take up the subject which is termed as scoring by professionals rather choose the one which interests you. Selecting a subject in which you are at stronger edge automatically becomes scoring for  you.  Selecting a subject which is boring and do not interests you, is definitely suicidal. Make sure that you are equipped with all the study material especially NCERT books, their solutions such as social science solutions, maths solutions for class 6 to 10 etc.

2. Know your strengths and weaknesses (month 2)

So, by the end of first month I expect you have done your SWOT analysis i.e. you should be very well aware of your strengths and weaknesses. You still have five months to work over your weaker subject. Give some extra effort to that subject. In case of any problem, there are many online tutorials available and study material available over internet. You can easily go through them.

3. Completely Pour NCERT concepts (months 2 and 3)

All the questions asked in the prelims as well as in the subjective mains exam are based over NCERT syllabus for classes 6 to 10. No need to ask your neighbor’s kid for borrowing NCERT books, there are plenty of material available online. You can easily approach any website and can download NCERT text-books as well the solutions books, absolutely free. Make sure that you are sound with the concepts. The questions may not come directly but more focus is laid on application part. So, it’s not a time for hard work but you actually need smart preparation.

4. Follow standard books (month 3)

For your elective subject, beside NCERT books you will need to take help from standard books as well. There are lots of practice questions available in the standard books. Each and every subject has its own specific book referred by the professionals for advance study.  Look out for that also.

5. Solve previous year papers (month 4)

Now you are left with just 3 months. Gear up for the revisions. By this time you have covered all the books including in depth studying of NCERT books and standard books. Start solving previous year question papers. This will give you a deep insight on the pattern followed and time management.

6. Mock Tests Series (month 4)

If possible, it’s better to join a coaching center for a hardcore preparation. Join mock test series offered by these coaching centers. Being in a similar group of aspirants you will be able to feel the pressure as well as it will give you a glimpse of your actual preparation. Analyze your exam results deeply. You still have time to cover your weaker areas.

7. Start your day with newspaper everyday! (From day 1)

In your study schedule, do not miss out on newspaper. Just take out one hour from your schedule and mark all the important names, events and places. This certainly aids you in your current affairs section.  Read newspaper everyday even the day your interview is scheduled. Also, read the editorial section. This will give your subjective skills a tremendous boost as it helps you in forming opinions of the events.

8. Time management (Month 4- till exam)

Work over your speed as well as accuracy. If you are unsure about any question leave it and move to next one. Just mark the question and come back later at this question after finishing other questions of the exam. This way your time won’t be wasted.

9. Revision and revision (month 5)

Revision is the ultimate key to success. Now just one month is left. Just focus on revising the concepts you know and leave everything else. No need to take up and study new things. Devote that extra time in your revision and improving your speed for a better time management.

In all the preparation period, make sure that you take a sleep of at least 5-6 hours every day. Compromising over health may lead to some unexpected rejections. Stay positive and seek the blessings of elders and god before leaving for exam hall. All the Best!!

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