IGNOU – BTS Programme Syllabus 2019-2020


This is an under graduate course, their objective is to provide competence, knowledge and skill in professional field. Students need to qualify the 12th lass, to get admission in the course. To find the more details move in the given link and click it. Students can check here the list of BTS program syllabus.

Programme Name
Bachelor of Arts (Tourism Studies) (BTS)
3 to 6 Years
10+2 or its Equivalent
Programme Fees
Rs. 7,500
Age Criteria
No Bar
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IGNOU – BTS Programme Syllabus:

Course NameCredits Course Code    
1st Year
 Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences 8 FHS-01
 Foundation Course in Gujarati 4 FGT 1
 Foundation Course in Tamil 4 FTM-1
 Foundation Course in Telugu 4 FTG-1
 Foundation Course in Kannada 4 FKD-1
 Foundation Course in Malayalam 4 FML-1
 Foundation Course in Telugu 4 FTG-1
 Foundation Course in English-1 4 FEG-1
 Foundation Course in Hindi-1 4 FHD-1
 Foundation Course IN Humanities AND Social Sciences 4 FHS-1
 Foundation Course in Tourism 8 TS-1
 Foundation Course in Marathi 4 FMT-1
 Foundation Course in Oriya 4 FOR-1
 Foundation Course in Punjabi 4 FPB-1
 Tourism Development: Products, Operations and Case Studies 8 TS-2
 Foundation Course in Bengali 4 FBG-1
2nd Year
 Foundation Course in Science and Technology 8 FST-1
 Indian Culture: Perspective for Tourism 8 TS-4
 Project on Indian Culture: A Perspective for Tourism 4 PTS-4
 Ecology, Environment, and Tourism 8 TS-5
 Project on Ecology, Environment, and Tourism 4 PTS-5
3rd Year
 Communication Skills in English 8 EEG-03
 Secretarial Practice 4 ASP-1
 Project on Tourism Marketing 4 PTS-6
 Office Organisation Management 4 AOM-1
 Human Resource Development 8 TS-7
 Management in Tourism 8 TS-3
 Tourism Marketing 8 TS-6
 Human Environment 8 AHE-1
 Modern India, 1857-1964` 8 EHI-1
 India: Earliest Times to 8th Century A.D. 8 EHI-2
 India From 8th to 15th Century A.D. 8 EHI-3
 India From 16th to Mid 18th Century A.D. 8 EHI-4
 Society and Religion 8 ESO-15