We are information distributors Approved by Ministry Of Broadcasting And Information India. Vide registration number DELENG/2013 dated 30.08.2013. It is further submitted that the purpose of our publication is to spread awareness about the various developments taking place in the education sector, providing details of various courses offered by various institutes/colleges / Universities, and details of various timelines and corresponding fees. and there original office information, with official mail.

We at Iconnect are one of the most student-friendly online forums. get information around 800 university and 15000 Colleges, With our expert team of academicians and educationists, we have dissected each and every educational system and found out ways to excel in each.

We have with utmost care forged different educational ways to focus on the strengths of the students and help them to excel in each. Just as the different parts of the country have different ways of celebrating the same occasion; they too have different educational systems in each. We at Education Iconnect have analyzed them in order to find out how to excel in each of these systems. We have our centres at sixteen different states in the country and with the help of these; we can say that our outreach is far and wide. Here are the specific benefits that students who would join our global outlook program would have:

We will be providing free online counselling for parents, teachers and students Free of cost.

We would be providing guidance to students in the form of helping them realize their potential and strengths and weaknesses.

We would also be teaching them ways which would enable them to change their weaknesses into strengths and thus utilize them in a way which would be beneficial for their career prospects.

Further, in order to reach out to a wider audience, the said information is also made available on “”.

We at Iconnect provide some of the services which are entirely focused to give the children an avenue to enhance their educational experience.

The problem with our educational system is that it has always emphasized on rote learning. The students are not taught a technical aspect of what needs to be done; instead, they are just fed stories after stories which they at the end of the term vomit it out in the exams. This is one of the main reasons why we have constantly argued that the educational system in our country is greatly flawed.

We at Iconnect provide services which are aimed at removing such fallacies from the students’ minds that they cannot choose a career path of their own. We will in fact facilitate a way by which they would be able to focus in their careers wholeheartedly and also along the way discover their potential.

Thus, the sole purpose of the said website is to provide information to the public at large, in relation to various courses offered by various institutes and UGC update guideline information.


It is categorically submitted that no education courses/ admission is offered through “”, which is only to provide the information to students for chose path in good way.

Further, phone numbers are used to provide interact with peoples who contact us with their specific queries in relation to various courses/institutes. It is categorically denied that any client is solicited for imparting education course on behalf of any institute in lieu of consideration through the aforesaid phone numbers.

It is reiterated that no education courses, admission, whatsoever, are offered/solicited through “, The said website only provide information in relation to various courses, university, institute it neither provide any course admission nor collect fees from any student on behalf of Any University, Institute or College.

Notwithstanding that aforesaid, the website has clear disclaimer that all the information on this website is published in good faith and for general information purpose only. No claim as to the accuracy and correctness of the information on the site is made although every attempt is made to ensure that the content is not misleading. In case any inaccuracy is or otherwise, improper content is sighted on the website

we have also provided the web-address of University page so that the person interested to obtain more information can directly go to their site take right information from the university by own And can also contact the university directly.

Thus, it is that all the information published on the website was in good faith and not to defraud anyone.

It is reiterated that “” is only a website to provide information to the public at large, it neither provides/impart any education course nor collect any fee for imparting any such course. as per education guideline students have the right to know about all university information one a single platform, if this is wrong then how can students know the information.

We always try to give the right information to students as per students rights. Language and writing do not copy from the website and University name is not used for any commercial purpose. 

If any information finds wrong we are very sorry for that, we can update immediately on an urgent basis.

We trust your good self would find the aforesaid in order.

In case any wrong activity or and illegal activity you find from our side kindly share us further information is required in this regard, please feel free to revert.



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