Why to join Education I Connect : Revolutionizing Way Of Education !!

Who are we ?

In the age of information and education, everybody seeks a counselor someone who can understand their needs and someone who can find their way out of the competition jungle. In the rate races of today, everybody is trudging on to become something important or worthwhile in their lives. But the main problem is:  Nobody knows the way.


The path to a successful and satisfying job or work is not an easy one. There are buses to catch, classes to attend and studies to complete. In a time like this, you need a guide; a friend who would be able to guide you through these treacherous paths where one false step could lead to a lifetime regret. We at Education Iconnect are that guide for you. One of the premier service providers in the country, we aim to provide educational counseling to a variety of students. We understand the mentality and the needs of the various categories of students and give a proper counseling on which career option would be best suited for their needs.

No student is the same. We understand that and try and make each kind of experience unique with us. When they consult us, they take home with them and array of ideas and opinions. The plethora of choices they have will be wide enough for them to understand which would be best suited for them. We at Education Iconnect give them the power to understand their capabilities and choose a stream which would be beneficial for them. As a student, there are many avenues open for them. They themselves need to understand which would be the right career path for them. Our team of expert counselors will simply be facilitators in their process of self-discovery and enlighten them on what would be the best choice.

Our network has spread its tentacles all over the country in order to reach the needs of each and every special student. For us we know, the future of the country lies in the hands of the present young generation. Until and unless they are not taught to be the change makers of the society, it is difficult to envisage a better India.

We have achieved this with a simple, yet effective formula. Our company is linking various:

  • Schools, Universities
  • Consultants
  • Distance Institutes
  • Training Institutes etc.

We are doing this in order to make our company a complete and one-stop solution to all kinds of career queries and assistance. We are also hoping to become one of the most successful service providers in the country.


Why do We Do So?

As mentioned earlier, students today have a lot of avenues open in front of them. Unlike the earlier times, when there were not many choices but the competition was extremely less. Today, the scenario has taken a complete turn. Today, not only are the avenues and choices a lot more, but the competition is also a lot. Thus, thought the students are at an advantage on one side, they severely lack the position to compete in such a gigantic forum.

What gives and edge to such students is ability to judge which career would be the best for them. Many of them also give exams for different career options not knowing which one to choose and thus, in the end do not qualify for an exam which would be suited for them.

We at Education Iconnect do so to because we are a premier online education solution. We provide the students career guidance and make them aware of their capabilities. With our expert team of career assistants, we show them the way to success.

Our aim at Education Iconnect would be to modify and revolutionize the levels of education which exist in the society today. Most students are taught in a fashion where they are not able to imbibe what is actually being taught. The process of rote learning is so rampant in most of the educational systems in the society that it becomes almost impossible to change the system in a way. The students are not taught the practical aspects of the various subjects, but are encouraged to memorize most of it and then regurgitate them in the exam. This is certainly not the ideal situation. Our objective would be to change the process.

We also plan to bring the education seeker and the policy maker close to each other. The yawning gap between the both of them has ruined the system to a large extent. We are here to mend this communication gap and in a bid to change this, we also hope that the current education system would take a pivotal term for a better change and also empower the students to engage and be successful.

Education Iconnect’s Educational Professionalism and Proficiency:


Student counseling is our strength. With the career assistance we give to the hundreds and thousands of students who approach us, we have successfully helped them to get a career which would change the way they see themselves.

Our educational Education Iconnect Network is spread over the entire length and breadth of India. From the top of the country in Uttarakhand to the bottom states of Kerala, we have spread our online forums far and wide to ensure that each and every dedicated and intelligent student gets an opportunity to recognize his or her potential and traverse in a way which would guarantee professional success. We have sixteen such networks in all the parts of the country to ensure that the different needs of the students in each and every part of the country. The reason why we have decided to have our centers in separate parts of the country is because of the variegated system of education in the country. What the schools and colleges in the northern part of the country may follow as curriculum is very different from what students in the southern part of the country study. This variety made it important to have different counseling centers so that we could understand their needs better.

Educational Professionalism in Education Iconnect helps these students to secure their future with one smart decision that can change their lives.With the amount of proficiency that we have in our field, we have made sure that the students are able to gain a strong foothold in the area of their choice. Our team is prolific. We keep an eye on the changing trends in the society and hence are able to make a fine guess on the changes in the educational policies and systems.

Another very practical part of our service provider is that we have a system of professional courses. These courses are needed to ensure that students who are not able to secure a job of their own in the area of their expertise, can hone their skills better in these professional and vocational courses. The academicians associated with us also decide these courses and give the students a vast array of tools and techniques which would help them gain a foothold in the society.

We are of the firm belief that the educational system as well as the educational proficiency in our country have stalled and have become infertile. We wish to change this and make the students actually become a change in the country.


How Are We Going to Revolutionize Education by Education Iconnect?


The potential of the students in this country is huge and tremendous. But the problem lies in the fact that there hasn’t been proper guidance provided to this tremendous potential. The result is that the students are not able to follow a viable and profitable path.

We at Education Iconnect aim to change this stagnant form of education.  Our objective and goal is towards one- empowering the students to make the right decisions for their choice. As an online web forum, we aim to be mentors and guides and counselors to the millions of educational queries that the students of India have. With our net far and wide we have successfully put our online education hub in all the parts of India. Sixteen states in the country have centers of Education Iconnect and all over the world; students can access this web platform to ask meritorious counselors and educationists the right path to follow.

Our aim is not only to educate the student, but we will also be their professional counselors and give them insight into the working of the educational system in India. We will provide them a complete educational package which will give them solutions on the various problems that a student might face during the course of pursuing a career.

We at Education Education Iconnect have links with the major colleges, schools, universities, training centers and distance education centers and with those we will be constantly monitoring the changes that take place in the system time and again. It is of utmost importance to keep ourselves abreast with the latest updates and changes, only then would we be able to get the requisite change.

The greatest advantage of associating yourself with us is that we are a forum which is very user-friendly and customer-friendly. For your assistance and help, we would be available 24*7 through an online chatting facility or a Q & A forum. This would ensure that any student who might me muddled up about any career-related problem, we would be there to see that it is solved.