List Of Vocational Courses After 12th, Meaning, Scope & Jobs


List Of Vocational Courses After 12th: If you are thinking of choosing something different than mainstream academic courses such as bachelor be it in English, Physics, Economics or Mathematics, you can just opt for Vocational Courses after your 12th. Vocational Courses are the courses that provide you direct skills which are prerequisite for a particular profession or trade. These are non-academic courses that enhance your skills and develop them suitably for a particular profession or art.

Vocational Courses After 12th?

The courses are available both on a short term basis and a long term basis; therefore you can choose them as per your convenience and interests. You can explore a certain field by going for a short term vocational course and ascertain whether you want to pursue your career in that field or not. It’s better than wasting years doing something which at the end seems useless to you. In India, people these days are more inclined towards vocational courses after 12th class as they provide you adequate and appropriate skills to do the job perfectly right after your schooling.

List Of Vocational Courses After 12th


The animation is a new trend in this era. It is gaining worldwide popularity and demand for animators has drastically increased in the past few hear. Animation deals with the illusion of motion by displaying images and then telling stories through it.

The film industry, however, is not far behind in using animation to boost their Sales. Through movies like Avatar, The Incredibles, Inside Out, etc. filmmakers have generated a craze amongst people especially kids for them and demand for animators has increased.

Not only movies, one can see a lot of cartoon channels these days making a lot of money through various characters and addictive content. Therefore animation courses after 12th will be beneficial for your skills.

Institutes for Animation Designing:

  • Picasso Animation College,
  • Reliance Education Noida
  • Arena Animation

 2.GYM and Physical Education Vocational Courses After 12th

With growing awareness about Health and Fitness people, these days are willing to spend money on fitness trainers and gym instructors. Everybody wants to be fit and in shape therefore one can think of joining this industry as well. If you are a fitness Creek then you should probably think of earning your livelihood through this passion of yours.

You can do a vocational course after 12thin the same and be an expert in the field. Because only exercising is not sufficient you should know about food products their nutritional values as well. In order to be able to prescribe a proper diet according to the body needs of the client needs professional training in the field. Hence courses after 12Th can be considered.

Institutes for Physical Education

  • Lakshmibai National College Of Physical Education, Thiruvananthapuram
  • Indira Gandhi Institute Of Physical Education And Sports Sciences, New Delhi
  • Amity School Of Physical Education And Sports Sciences, Noida

3.Finance and Banking Vocational Courses After 12th

Finance and Banking sector of the country in the past few years have always been the most reliable non-academic profession in the country. There is a huge scope in the field as India has a dynamic economy. It deals with assets, liabilities, and investments in the country. The sector is directly concerned with the interest rates and monetary transactions, in cash, inline or through cards.

Vocational Courses after 12th in this field will enable you to understand the market better as in this age one’s mind grasps information rapidly. A candidate can do any vocational course in the field as there are a lot of options available like statistician, broker, bank accountant, cashier, etc. You can further do a course and become a bank clerk.

Institutes for Banking and Finance training:

  • TKWs Institute of Banking & Finance
  • International College of Financial Planning, Delhi
  • ISBM

4.Marketing and advertisement Vocational Courses After 12th

Marketing and advertisements are one of the most trending and prospering industries of the world and therefore marketing courses after 12th are more preferred by youth these days. One can see a lot of advertisements and marketing of the products in the market. It is marketing that encourages people to buy a particular product available in the market.

The job of a marketer in easy language is to spread and create awareness about the product in the market thereby influencing buyers to purchase the product and maintaining brand awareness about the product. A marketer needs to make quick decisions and work in a rapidly changing environment.

A person who is a market enthusiast and can handle pressure while taking decisions is best suitable for the job. Vocational Courses after 12th in Marketing will blast your career and confidence.

Institutes for Marketing Course:

  • Amity University
  • College of Vocational Studies
  • Mewar Institute

5.Catering Management

Another worldwide famous vocational course after 12th is Catering Management. India is a land of various types of tastes and traditions. A person who loves cooking and is willing to manage food preparations is ideal for the job. The job has dual advantages, one you will learn how to cook tasty food and second you will be paid for it.

Catering contracts these days are highly beneficial and people are earning more money through food than any other source. However, if you are not fond of cooking you can do other jobs as well such as waiting or bar staff, kitchen assistant or the famous bartender.

You can do anything and explore yourself through these courses after 12th and know what you really want to do in your life.

Institutes for Catering Management are:

  • State Institute of Hotel Management
  • Parul University, Vadodara
  • UEI Global, Jalandhar

More About Vocational Courses After 12th?

The most confusing stage in one’s life is teenagers. Here you are confused about everything, be it your clothes, college or career. However to help you out these vocational courses after 12th will guide you in understanding your true potential and interests. All you have to do is to take a step towards it. Moreover, you can do these courses online along with your academic education so that if you feel like switching your precious time is not wasted.

You should take the initiative and enroll yourself in creative things and develop your personality. Because this is the most crucial time for your career and you can do wonders if you take it seriously. But one should not feel pressured and burdened. Just understand the responsibility and fulfill it with 100 percent effort.