Masters In Economics In Dubai And UAE Distance Learning

Masters In Economics in Dubai and UAE Distance learning Mathematics for Economics Masters In Economics Dubai To expose the students to mathematics for economics for economics. This is warranted as its writing is increasingly realized across the world. Admission process for Master of economic student can select the mode of the admission (online and offline mode).

Unit – I: Masters In Economics in Dubai  Number System and Set Theory

Need and scope of Masters In Economics in Dubai Mathematical Economics – Sets and Relations: Sets-Operations – The Number of Elements in a Set – Ordered Pairs – Cartesian Product – Relations – Choice Problems. The Number System: Numbers – Axioms of Real Numbers – Interval Notation – A Property of Natural Number –Algebraic Operations of Real Numbers- Complex  Numbers.

Unit – II:   Equations and Functions

Equations – Linear – Quadratic Equations – Solutions of Quadratic Equations – Solutions of Linear Equations with two variables – relation and functions – function of one variable – Straight Line Parabola and Rectangular

Hyperbola – Exponential and Logarithmic function, Concave and Convex functions – Masters In Economics in Dubai Application in business Economics.

Unit – III:  Masters In Economics in Dubai Applications of Differentiation

Derivatives  and  their  Interpretation  –  Techniques  of  Derivatives  –

Relationship among Total, Average and Marginal Revenue and Cost, Elasticity of Functions – Functions of Two Variable – Partial Derivatives and their Applications in Economics.

Unit – IV:  Masters In Economics in Dubai The Theory of The Firm

Masters In Economics in Dubai Optimization Problems Involving One or Two Variables – Applications in Economics – Homogeneous Function and their Properties – Euler‟s Theorem – Application of Cobb-Douglas, C.E.S. and Frontier Production Function and their Properties.

Unit – V:   Matrix – Algebra

Masters In Economics Dubai Matrix Algebra – Determinants and Properties – Types of Determinants – Operations – Addition and Subtraction of Matrix – Multiplication – Transpose and Inverse of Matrix. Solutions for Simultaneous Equations – Grammars Rule.

Masters In Economics – Environmental Economics

Due to excess use of resources the environment problems are compounding. The following units will expose the students in the broad perspective of sustainable development and environment sustainability.

Masters In Economics Dubai and UAE Introduction

Environment – Eco-system – Principle of material balance –Trade off between economic growth and Sustainable Development – Limits to growth ––

Environmental issues different economic systems.

Masters In Economics Dubai and UAE Cost Benefit Analysis

Environmental pollution – Sources and Causes of pollution – types of pollution – Climate Change – Pareto Optimality – problem of second best – Private Vs Social Cost – Environmental Impact Analysis – Cost-Benefit Analysis – Environmental Costs of Economic Growth.

Masters In Economics Dubai and UAE Externalities and Environmental Monitoring

Environmental externalities – Pigouvian taxes and subsidies, pollution permits and mixed instruments (The Charges and Standards Approach), Coase‟s bargaining solution and collective action; Informal regulation and the new model of pollution control, monitoring and enforcement of environmental regulations.

Masters In Economics Dubai and UAE Methods of Valuation

Environmental Valuation methods -User values and non-use values (direct value, indirect value, option value, bequest value and existence value)– Direct methods – contingent valuation method – methods based on response to hypothetical markets – Indirect method. Hedonic Approach- Methods based on observed market behavior, household production function approach – Travel Cost Method.

Masters In Economics Dubai and UAE   Environment Policy

Policy measures: Basic approaches to environmental policy – Regulation and Effluent Fees – A comparison – Distributive effects of environmental policy –International environmental policy – India‟s environmental policy – Law on environmental protection and pollution control in India and Dubai.

Masters In Economics for Competitive Examination

Masters In Economics paper is devoted for non-economics students. Units are designed covering various sectors in the Indian Economy. Additionally the recent Government‟s policies have been included.

Unit – I:   Structure of the Indian Economy

Masters In Economics Characteristics of Indian Economy-National Income – Methods of Calculating National Income – Difficulties – Trends in National Income in India – Sectoral Contribution – Population Growth and Economic Development.

Unit – II:   Economic Planning and Policy

Masters Economics Objectives of Planning – Types of Planning – Planning in India – Review and assessment of New Economic Policy and Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization

Unit – III:  Agriculture and Industrial Development

Agricultural Development under Five Year Plans- Structural Change- Impact of New Economic Policy (1991) – Industrial Development under Five Year Plans New Industrial Policy (1991)

Unit – IV:  Banking and Fiscal Policy

Indian Banking System – Functions of RBI – Commercial Bank, Development Bank – Co-operative Bank – Stock Exchanges – India‟s Fiscal Policy – Tax reform – Introduction of VAT.

Unit – V:   India and the World

India‟s Foreign Trade and Balance of Payment – Exchange Rate Policy – Foreign Capital and Foreign Aid – Meaning of MNC – FEMA- India and WTO.

 Masters In Economics dubai and uae Advanced Micro Economics

Masters In Economics paper covers the theoretical foundation of the economic theory at the beginner‟s level and understands the basic macroeconomic concepts such as scarcity, choice, efficiency, equity, equilibrium and uncertainty.

MA economics Factor Pricing

Neo-classical Approach – Marginal Productivity Theory – Product Exhaustion

Theory – Elasticity of Technical Substitution, Progress and Factor Shares – Theories of Market Distribution: Ricardo, Marx, Kalecki, Kaldor and Sraffa.

Masters In Economics Equilibrium Analysis

MA economics in dubai and uae General and Partial Equilibrium – Walrasian Excess Demand and Input-Output Approaches – Existence, Stability and Uniqueness – Two Sector Model – Stopler-Samuelson Theory. Relationship between Output Mix and Real Factor Prices – Rybezynski Theory.

Masters In Economics Theory of Uncertainty

ma economics in Dubai and UAE Risk and Uncertainty – N-M Hypothesis – Friedman – Savage – Markowitz Hypothesis – Sensitivity Analysis: Gambling and Insurance. Economics of Insurance: Cost and Risk, Risk Pooling, Spreading, Moral Hazard and asymmetric Information – Portfolio Selection – Optimal Consumption Under Uncertainty.

Masters In Economics  Economics of Search

Masters In Economics in Dubai and UAE  Models – Efficient Market Hypothesis – Stochastic Model – Model of Inventory Demand – Market with Incomplete Information – Search and Transaction Costs – Economics of Information.

ma economics Welfare Economics

Masters In Economics in Dubai and UAE Pigovian Welfare Economics – Pareto Optimal Conditions – Value Judgement – Social Welfare Function – Compensation Principle – Inability to Obtain Optimum Welfare – Sen‟s Welfare Economics –Theory of Second Best –

Arrow‟s Impossibility Theorem – Equity and Efficiency Trade Off.