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MBA Correspondence in India Dubai , Russia, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Mexico, Italy, Korea, Canada , Spain, Turkey, Australia  is high demanding MBA is master level course in today’s generation. Acceptance of MBA correspondence programs are unquestionably axiomatic with the deposit amount of candidates applying for accepted taking in each academic year.

MBA correspondence Distance education in India Dubai Oman Kuwait
Dubai Oman Kuwait

MBA Correspondence Distance Education in India Dubai Oman Kuwait

Although Best MBA Correspondence in India, Dubai, Oman, Kuwait  Universities in India is accepted to be a quick way to get a successful paying job in Dubai , Russia, Brazil, United Kingdom, France  , it is not a simple obligation to access a bench at these schools. For those master of business correspondence aspirants who are cannot agree to accompany full-time, action distance acquirement MBA programs. Almost every academy identifies and caters to the needs of every MBA distance education program through its MBA Distance Education in India advance list. Over the years some of the beat MBA correspondence schools receive becoming acceptability for affidavit like acceptable adjustment assistance, greater abstraction material, lectures, etc.

Duration of MBA correspondence  course  is only  1 Year and the maximum is 2 Years.

Eligibility :

Students who have passed their  (UG) degrees since any acknowledged university, they can apply for this online MBA correspondence. Students who want to apply for MBA correspondence degree, they have no need to face any entrance exam.

Approx Fee : INR 20000/ Y  –  350000/ Y / ( Whatsapp 00 786 2004 786 )

 Accounting Practices for Managerial Decision

Unit I:

Financial Accounting – Definition – Purpose – Principles – Concepts and Conventions – Accounting Standards – Management Accounting: Meaning and Definition – Objectives – Differences between Financial, Management and Cost Accounting. Preparation of Financial Statements – Trail Balance – Manufacturing Account – Trading Account – Profit and Loss Account – Balance Sheet – Depreciation methods and Accounting.

Unit II:

MBA correspondence in India  Dubai  Financial Statement Analysis Ratio Analysis – Funds Flow Analysis – Cash Flow Analysis (as per accounting standard 3).

Unit III:

Budgets and Budgetary Control – Principles – Methods – Types – Flexible Budgeting – Cash Budget – Master Budget – Zero Base Budgeting.

Unit IV:

correspondence Courses in India  Dubai  Costing – Utility of Costing – Elements of Cost – Cost Sheets. Marginal Costing and Cost Volume Profit (CVP) Analysis – Break Even Analysis – Applications and Limitations.

Unit V:

Standard Costing and Variance Analysis – Material, Labour Overhead, Sales and Profit Variances.

MBA  in India  Dubai  Text Book

  1. Introduction to Computerized Accounting – Dr.S.N.Maheswari – Sultan Chand & Sons, New Delhi.
  1. Accounting for Management – Dr.V.R.Palanivelu – University Science Press, New Delhi.

Reference Books:

  1. Management Accounting – Brown and Howard, ELBS.
  2. Management Accounting – Khan & Jain, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.
  3. Financial Accounting and Analysis – S.P.Jain & Narang, Kalyani Publishers, Ludhiana.
  4. Elements  of  Management  Accounting  –  I.M.Pandey,  Vikas  Publishing House.

MBA  distance and correspondence in India  Dubai  Important Note:

Question Paper should have 80% weightage for problems and 20% weight for theory


MBA Correspondence  Dubai UAE, Abu, Dhabi

Unit I:

Data Analysis: Univariate and Bivariate – Grouped and Ungrouped Data – Measures of central tendencies – Measures of dispersion.

Unit II:

Testing of Hypothesis: Parametric Tests – Z-Test (One sample and two sample tests), T-test (One sample and two sample tests) – ANOVA (One Way).

Unit III:

Non-Parametric Tests: Sign test for paired data, Rank Sum test, Mann-Whitney U test and Kruskal Wallis test – Chi-Square Test.

Unit IV:

Time Series Analysis: Correlation and Regression Analysis – Time Series– Trend, Cyclical, Seasonal and Irregular Variations.

Unit V:

Probability Distributions: Probability Distributions – Binomial, Poisson and Normal Distributions – Managerial Applications.

MBA correspondence in India  Text Book

  1. Statistical Methods – S.P.Gupta


Reference Books MBA distance in India  Dubai

  1. Levin R.T. and Rubin D.S., – Statistics for Management, PHI.
  1. Anand Sharma  –  Quantitative  Techniques  for  Decision  Making, Himalaya Publishing House.


Important Note MBA correspondence in India  Dubai

Question Paper should have 75% weight for problems and 25% weight for theory


 Correspondence courses  in India  Dubai  Mercantile Law

Unit I:

MBA correspondence in India  Dubai Introductory – Nature of Contract – Offer and Acceptance – Consideration Capacity of Contract – Free Consent – Legality of Object – Void Agreements – Contingent Contracts – Performance of Contract – Discharge of Contract – Remedies for Breach of Contract.

Unit II:

Indemnity and Guarantee – Contract of Indemnity – Contract of Guarantee – Extent of Surety‘s Liability – Kinds of Guarantee – Rights of Surety– Discharge of Surety.

Unit III:

Bailment and Pledge – Classification of Bailment‘s – Law Relating to Lien– Finder of Goods – Termination of Bailment – Pledge – Rights and Duties of Pawnor and Pawnee – Pledge by Non-Owners.

Unit IV:

Contract of Agency – Definition of Agent and Principal  – Creation of Agency – Classification of Agents – Relations of Principal and Agent – Delegation of Authority.

Unit V:

Formation of Contact of Sale – Subject Matter of Contract of Sale – Document of Title to Goods – Conditions and Warranties – Transfer of Property.

MBA distance learning in India  Dubai Text Book:

  1. Elements of Mercantile Law – N.D. Kapoor – Sultan Chand & Sons, New Delhi.

 correspondence MBA  in India  Dubai  Reference Book:

  1. Mercantile Law – M.C.Shukla – S.Chand & Company Ltd – New Delhi.