Why is it necessary Online Distance learning?

Online distance learning comes as a blessing in disguise for students. It is this system, which has brilliantly complimented regular education, that India has registered approx. 70% literacy.

A data from the Govt. of India’s ministry of HRD has shown that nearly 30% of total enrollments are in the Online Distance learning system only, but in recent times, there has been a huge uproar about the future of this study scheme. If some organizations, MNCs, and govt. setups question the authenticity of distance degrees, the quality of this kind of study is largely criticized by all. Whenever there is a comparison made between distance and regular study schemes, people tend to ignore all the benefits provided by  online distance programmers. Even the government does not give full support to this study scheme. In fact, a distance study is an essential form of getting properly educated in today’s world of competition and rush.

What is the distance learning Scope?

  1. Worldwide Reach:Education is the basis of all advancements. Technological advancements have indicated that sky is the limit. It has given us resources through which we can conquer the world in a nick of time. However, these advancements are applied only to the open study sector. This makes this mode of learning a perfect foil for making the reach worldwide.
  2. Personal Growth Possible:Any person can develop research and self-analysis capability if one enjoys individual studies. There is lots of scope for personal growth when it comes to the ODL system. Where sincerity and perseverance holds edge, one can grow as far as one thinks via distance learning scheme.
  3. Research:Knowledge is the power and it is strengthened by going deeper. The study through distance mode gives ample time for drilling into a topic and get max knowledge.
  4. Focused Study:As open study is based on time and distance flexibility, one will learn things only when she/he is fully focused and is comfortable with it. Therefore, concentration will be more and hence better quality education and understanding of topic could be attained.

Online Distance learning is to use various kinds of resources

  1. Online study
  2. Internet
  3. Soft copy notes
  4. print notes

without needing to attend classes regularly in an established environment. It is also referred to as open learning or correspondence education. Foc

Distance learning in india
Distance learning in india

used on providing education to those who are working in a company and want to further their knowledgebase, distance study has enabled individuals belonging to every society in fulfilling the dreams, within the last 25+ years. In India, distance scheme is given the name of ODL (Open and Distance Learning) system. ODL system is slowly becoming the mandate, as people are getting busier and life is being hectic. The extent of distance education is widening as more and more people are interested to continue their studies further and have found it convenient. Whether one is sitting at home, without any college around, or a person is travelling in car/bus/plane, or one has switched to some remote location, it has become easy to access all types of resources every time through ODL system.

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Why is it necessary Online Distance learning?

  1. Globalization catching fire:The scheme of open learning offers the chance to use technology efficiently in order to upgrade oneself to beat the world. Hence, it is wiser and better to promote ODL system.
  2. An individual form of study prevailing:Every person enjoys studying without stress. Open studies are suited, therefore, in the present scheme of things as they provide total freedom of learning and comforts of time, money & place.
  3. Earn while learning option:Today’s youth has a common thinking that of standing on their own feet early on in life. It has prompted the need for promoting earn-while-you-learn option which is offered in open study scheme. Open study is needed due to its flexibility.
  4. Convenience being the key:From being flexible, easy to access and much cost effective to covering vast audience, distance education is a successful implementation in the world of today. This is why it must be promoted.
  5. Fast paced life requires multitasking:Advancing technologies have increased the pace of life. Everyone is thriving hard to find a place which suits his/her personality. In order to accomplish one’s goals, one has to multi-task. Study with income is just an example. So, it has become an urgent need to promote ODL system.
  6. Application of advancing technology needs the platform:The advancing technological world requires a platform for implementation. Education field is the best place which glorifies the technology-usage, and open study is where it is utilized to the best effects.
  7. Learning must continue along with work:Rather it is better if one continues studies, after having acquired some part-time or a full-time job. It will help them with necessary cost of education, the invaluable experience, and flexibility of time and distance.
  8. Independence compulsory:Independence is the measure of comforts. The performance of a person will improve if one is given freedom to perform tasks the way one likes. The quality, efficiency, and effectiveness will be synonymous to excellence; but the regular study doesn’t permit independence and comfort, hampering the total capability of a person.
  9. Conformance to the latest advancements:Distance scheme is primarily monitored by people who have fair understanding and idea of latest technological improvements. Also, most individuals, who study through distance mode, are working people and know what the latest outcome is. Therefore, it conforms to these norms and requires promotion.
  10. Relevant courses in tune with industrial needs: Industries are focusing on taking fresh energy into the system, which requires individuals to be in tune with what is going on in the industrial sector. The problem with regular courses is that they are hardly relevant for industries. Instead, these courses are much intended towards mugging up lessons rather than practice. To meet the exacting demands, open study courses are best suited.

Advantages overcoming disadvantages Online Distance learning:

Flexibility mates with not direct contact with faculty: If one has a flexibility of distance, time, money and other resources and the comfort of one’s own setup, then rarely one needs to contact the faculty directly. Also, if the faculty is not directly reachable one can get in touch with them with emails, video calls and/or mobile phones. This eases out the process of knowledge acquisition.

Affordability counters dependence on technology: Of course, people can argue that open study is too much reliant on technology, but the fact that these resources are easily obtainable, and that this mode of study saves time, money and extra cost of making note-books, travelling etc, makes it much preferable over the conventional college education.

Reliability matches the immaturity: The distance study is reliable. One will learn standard and relevant things only, with respect to industry and technology. Even if someone is not mature enough to understand the value of individual study and private learning, yet the distance mode is much more reliable that it imparts required professionalism in a person to earn a respectable place.

Scope for carefree study interests all: As per the likes and interests, a person can choose the course and according to the comforts, he/she can study a topic anytime. This kind of freedom promotes care-freeness and brings the best results out of a person. This kind of excellence results into grooming of a personality, making him/her suited for a decent position in the job.

Convenience mars the effect of the limitation on value: There is a big problem with distance studies that is people do not have faith in this particular way of learning. This is primarily due to an interference of individuals for whom a generation of money has a much higher priority than catering knowledge to the best standards. Another reason for its lesser value is that it hasn’t received much of support from the government and industries the world over. However, this kind of study is so convenient that people are still lured to take it. The logic behind preferring distance learning over regular courses remains that one has the advantage of experience and edge of having an additional degree, the self-acquired knowledge and much more which adds value to their career.

Apart from all these advantages distance study has more benefits, that include following:

  1. Scope to study whatever you want at any point of time
  2. Diverse course-choices and subject options available and multiple exits possible
  3. Attending classes isn’t necessary
  4. Family responsibilities alongside education
  5. Remote connectivity
  6. Quality with relevance to current standards

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