Top Pharmacy Entrance Exams 2020-21: UPSEE, KCET, GJUST | Apply Now


Pharmacy Entrance Exams: Just like medicine, careers in pharmacy have no room for human error as it could claim human life. Therefore, countries such as India subject all students eyeing to pursue a course in pharmacy. Pharmacy exams primarily target entrants that would like to pursue prestigious courses in pharmacy in the best institutions of higher learning. The candidates must meet the eligibility criteria for their application to be considered. Selection is usually made on merit.

Top 6 Pharmacy Entrance Exams

  1. MU OET: This is the most common entrance exam for both UGs and PGs. The test takes place at a national level and requires entrants to apply before April of each year. All applicants need to spend Rs 2000 to complete the application. Rs.1400 caters for the entrance exam fee while Rs. 600 caters for the application fee.
  2. AP EAMCET: The pharmacy entrance exam, is popularly known by its acronym, AP EAMCET. Also, the entrance exam offers entry to entrants eyeing UG courses in Bipc, pharmacy, engineering, and agriculture courses. The exam comprises of 160 multiple choice questions which must be attempted within 3 hours.
    However, for the applicant’s application to be considered, they must meet below criteria

    1. The entrant must be a valid Indian citizen
    2. Applicant must be from Andhra Pradesh
    3. The entrant must meet the laid out academic requirements.
  3. Odisha Joint Entrance Exam: Firstly, the exam targets both UG and PG who wish to further a Pharmacy Course. Also, applicants need to meet a few eligibility requirements, such as having the minimum scores and attainment of 17 years or more.
  4. GJUST: As the exam name suggests, the entrance exam grants entry in GJUST. Academic qualification varies slightly depending on the kind, of course, the applicant aspires to pursue in the university. However, it is important to understand that selection is strictly on merit-based.
  5. KCET: It is a Common Entrance Exam that grants entrants entry to study UG Courses in the areas of pharmacy, engineering, or agriculture.

    Crucial Information About KCET

    1. KCET only comprises of MCQs
    2. The exam prohibits negative marking.
    3. Entrants pens their answers on an OMR sheet provided during the exam.
    4. KCET has a total duration of 48 hours.
    5. The entrance exam is sub-divided into four sections.
    6. Applicants must pass KCET to be selected.
    7. The test syllabus covers four subjects, namely PCM, and Biology.
  6. UPSEE Exam: It is a state entrance exam that offers entry in the fields of engineering and pharmacy in universities located in Uttar Pradesh. Also, entrants must have undertaken core subjects such as physics, chemistry, and mathematics in their class 10 to 12.