Private Universities in India Recognition and Affiliation 2017

Private Universities in India: Looking at the different types of academic institutions within India, there are many institutions which are funded by the government and hence fall in the government institutions category while there are others which are privately owned as well as funded and are called as private institutions. It I normally seen that many people prefer to study in private institutions because their standards of teaching are normally higher and their teaching models are advanced and updated at the same time as well.

Sometimes government institutions may also have international or better visiting faculties that raise the standard of teaching in addition to the provision of labs, extracurricular activities as well as library material etc as well. There are about 230 private institutions in India all of which provide education in the higher secondary departments while some of the most renowned private universities of India include Amity University, Manipal University, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Amrita Vishwa University and many others etc as well.

Private Universities in India: Recognition and Affiliation   

Whether it is a Private Universities in India or a government university, in order to operate well through a proper and standard approved channel of education, it is important that these universities are recognized with the University Grants Commission of India (UGC).

All these Private Universities in India besides being recognized by the UGC are also affiliated with different academic institutions of science, technology, engineering etc so that more forms of teaching such as distance education etc can also be followed by them through greater exposure and wider opportunities.

Private Universities in India: Directorate of Distance Education (DDE)

The directorate of distance education (DDE) is a department that is formed in almost every private university that wants to provide distance education to its professionals and students so that the transparency, as well as the authenticity of the distance degrees, can be provided well with the statutory body that checks everything from study schedules to examination and provides ease for people to trust these distance education providers for the same. It is because of the DDE department that these degrees can be recognized equally for all their education that is provided through them just like standard courses.

Private Universities in India  Admission Procedure

There are different forms of getting admitted into Private Universities in India. These forms include spot admission as well as online education which can be done by submitting the admission form that can be downloaded from the university’s website.

This admission can be made online by submitting the form online with the required documents, fee etc while they can also be submitted to the university admission desk at the location of these different private universities.

Those who want to seek admission to the distance education teaching forms need to directly address these admission forms to the DDE which checks and verifies the degrees and returns them and keeps the attested copies and twp passport size recent photographs with them for record. The nominal registration fee can also be checked from the university website and submitted along with the complete admission form too.

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