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How do I score 350+ marks in SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam?

                                     How do I score 350+ marks in SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam?

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Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level Exam- 2017, is in progress. The results of Tier – 1 exam have been declared and tentative dates for Tier – 2 exam has been announced. The competition in this exam is on its peak. If one wants to secure one’s seat for a good grade-pay post, 350+ (Paper I + Paper II) marks in SSC CGL Tier 2 exam is a must. These many marks seem to be very difficult to achieve but with a rational strategy it is quite possible.




There are four papers in Tier 2 exam:-

  • English Language and Comprehension: – This section is mandatory to all. Two hundred questions of two hundred marks are asked for a time limit of two hours.
  • Quantitative Aptitude: – This section also is compulsory to all. One hundred questions two hundred marks are asked for a time limit of two hours.
  • Statistics: – This paper is for those candidates who qualify for the list of Junior Statistical Officer post. This exam is of one hundred questions and of two hundred marks.
  • General Studies (Finance and Economics):- This paper is for those candidates who qualify for the list of Assistant Auditor Officer Post. This exam is of one hundred questions and of two hundred marks.

Through this article we will be sharing strategy for English Language and Comprehension, and quantitative Aptitude exam. The section wise strategy is given below:-

English Language and Comprehension: – The students should follow a rational sequence of topics. In order to help you in that the topic wise marks distribution after a thorough research from previous year’s papers is given below:-

Topic Marks
Narration 27
Cloze Test 25
Comprehension 30
Error Spotting 20
Fillers 5
Synonyms and Antonyms 6
Misspelt words 3
One Word Substitution 12
Idioms and Phrases 10
Active and Passive 20
Para Jumble 20
Sentence Improvement 22
Total 200

The candidates should start with scoring topics first. The topic wise strategy to be followed is given below:-

Narration (25+ Marks):-

  • Learn all basic rules from a good book or online platform and practice previous year’s questions.
  • Attempt online quizzes and analyze results. In this topic one must have 100% accuracy.

Active and Passive (18+ Marks):-

  • This topic also is very scoring, first of all complete all basic concepts and practice questions from year’s papers.
  • Attempt online quizzes, identify loop holes and practice questions as per your needs. In this topic accuracy must be 100%.

Comprehension (28+ Marks):- 

  • Complete all passages of previous year’s, there are chances that same passage may be repeated and you will gain an idea of level of complexity.
  • Read articles from good quality sources.
  • Practice fast reading skills, one can use “How to Read Faster and Better” for improving speed.

Error Spotting and Sentence Improvement (38+ Marks):-

  • There certain rules on which questions are asked in exam. The candidates must learn all rules from a good source.
  • Once rules are learned, practice questions from previous year’s exams
  • Take online quizzes based on grammar as many as you can.

Para Jumble (15+ Marks):-

  • Learn basics of conjunctions, phrases, gerunds, and other basic grammar rules.
  • Practice questions from previous year and questions asked in recently conducted exams.
  • Try to focus on the context

Vocabulary (25+ Marks):-

  • In this topic focus more on one word substitutions and idiom and phrases, as these topics alone can solve the purpose.
  • Learn vocabulary from previous year’s papers.
  • Attempt online quizzes and play vocabulary based games if time permits.

Cloze Test and Fillers (28+):-

  • This topic can be based on grammar and vocabulary as well. Practice questions from previous year’s exams.
  • Take online quizzes and analyze your progress.

In this way the candidates can score 175+ marks in English section very easily. The next section is Math; in this section also the candidate is required to score 180+ marks. The topic-wise breakup of marks based on previous year’s trends is given below:-

Topic Marks
Arithmetic 84
Mensuration 26
Geometry 22
Algebra 20
Trigonometry 20
Number System 18
Data Interpretation 10


The topic wise strategy is given below:-

Arithmetic (75+):- 

  • There are certain topics of this section like Time and Work, Pipes and Cisterns, Partnership, Profit and Loss, Ratio and Proportion, Percentage, etc. which holds maximum weightage. First of all practice questions from previous year’s papers followed by mocks.
  • Learn short tricks of all important topics.
  • Practice questions from recently conducted banking and insurance exams also, as you will get to know new concepts and never knows the level of exam can be raised to higher level.
  • Attempt online quizzes and analyze your progress.

Algebra (18+):-

  • Learn all basic concepts and important formulas. Practice previous year’s questions.
  • There are certain important tricks and techniques which need to be practiced a lot as merely knowing concepts is not sufficient.
  • Attempt online quizzes on this topic.

Geometry and Mensuration (42+):-

  • Learn all formulas related to surface areas and volume of all two dimensional and three dimensional figures.
  • Learn all theorems of geometry from class 8th to 10th
  • Practice questions from previous years and recently conducted exams.
  • Make short notes of important results for quick revisions.

Trigonometry (18+):-

  • Learn all fundamental concepts and formulas, for better retention practice derivations of important formulas and results.
  • The level of difficulty may increase in upcoming exams therefore practice questions from difficult topics as well.
  • Practice questions from 11th and 12th class NCERT books, there are chances that the questions may be asked as it is from it.
  • Take online quizzes and mocks.

Number System and Data Interpretation (24+):- 

  • Revise all basic concepts from a good book and practice questions from previous year’s papers.
  • Learn short tricks for improving calculation speed.
  • Attempt online quizzes.

These are the important points to be kept in mind while preparing for SSC CGL Tier 2 exam. The candidates are advised to follow above strategy religiously for best outcomes. For free study material & exam alert notifications, download gradeup app.

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