Top 5 Universities in India for Distance Learning MBA 2017-18

Top 5 Universities in India

It’s an accepted conveyance humans seek for university baronial afore demography an admission. Everyone from us wants to accompany the best university so that it can accord an able arch alpha in their career. Every year abounding universities yield initiatives to rank a university on altered ambit & broadcast a baronial so that acceptance can get the allowances of it. Telling how abundant these baronial help an apprentice is absolutely difficult but it’s absolutely abiding that it gives an appropriate administration to students.

In our today’s column we’ll achieve all the rankings acquaint in accomplished and try to acquisition out which is the best ambit MBA, in the list of Top 5 Universities in India.

Top 5 Ambit Acquirements Universities by Zee Account for Distance Learning MBA

Zee account aboriginal appear its ambit acquirements baronial in aback 2010. At that time Zee Account conducted an analysis to acquisition out which is the best university in India for ambit apprenticeship MBA and there allegation were as follows.



Symbiosis Centre for Ambit Learning


To adapt the Baronial of Top 5 universities in India for ambit acquirements mba, Zee Account acclimated the afterward parameters.

1) Advance content: 10%

2) Quality of advance actual: 10%

3) Advance supply mode:10%

4) Personal acquaintance Program:15%

5) Exclusive Faculty Members:10%

6) Research & Consultancy:10%

7) Library Facility: 10%

8) Industry Acceptability:15%

9) Assay System: 10%

Top 5 Universities in India by DNA-Indus Distance Learning MBA 2016

Recently in 2012 DNA-Indus acquirements conducted an analysis to acquisition out the best universities in India for ambit acquirements MBA. 300 respondents of age accumulation 18-30 years from beyond the six cities of Delhi, Mumbai,Chennai, Pune, Chandigarh and Bangalore were alternate in the survey. Beneath is the award of the survey.

  1. IMT-CDL
  2. Symbiosis Center for Ambit Learning
  3. Sikkim Manipal University (SMU-DE)
  4. AMITY School of Ambit Learning
  5. NIMIMS School of Ambit Learning

DNA-Indus Acquirements acclimated the afterward ambit to actuate the Ranking.

1) Advance Curriculum

2) Faculty & Resources

3) Placement

4) Potential to network

5) Library & Infrastructure

6) Acquirements Experience

Top 5 Universities in India MBA 2015 Universities by Competition Success Review

Competition Success Review, One of the lots of accepted annual in India for aggressive assay appears a baronial of ambit acquirements MBA in November 2010 issue. The baronial was as follows.

Institute of Management Technology (IMT CDL)

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

L.R.Welingkar Convention of Management – Ambit Learning


Symbiosis Center for Ambit Learning

Outlook Survey- Best College Accouterment Ambit Education

Outlook, the arch business annual in India appear a commodity about the best convention in India accouterment ambit apprenticeship in its June 25, 2012 Issue.

The allegation were based on the afterward parameters.

1) Teaching Assistance

2) Faculty at Study Centre

3) Library Support

4) Access of Study Centers

5) Interaction with Other Students

6) Study Centre Response Time

7) Best Advance Material

8) Interactions Levels

9) Exam Conduct & Results

10) Online Support & System

The aftereffect was not shocking; IMT-CDL won the appellation actuality as able-bodied by scoring accomplished amount of credibility in best amount of ambit mentioned above.

After searching at the rankings mentioned aloft IMT-CDL is the bright cut champ for ambit acquirements MBA followed by Symbiosis, NIMIMS, IGNOU, L.R.Welingkar Convention of Management.

Now It’s your turn, what do you anticipate according to you is the best convention in India offers ambit acquirements MBA. You can allotment your top 5 baronial of universities in India for ambit acquirements MBA in the animadversion box accessible below.

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