UGC (University Grants Commission) Bring Out Courses Study For Yoga

The UGC (University Grants Commission) has brought out the program for net examination for the topic of yoga

A 12-member committee controlled by H R Nagendra, believed to be Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s yoga guru, has suggested that the net communicating, the qualification criterion for university academics, ought to be control within the subject of yoga.

The course of study for yoga includes Foundations of Yoga, Basic Yoga Texts, Yoga Vasishtha, Patanjala Yoga Sanskrit literature, yoga Texts, allied sciences, Yoga and Health.

Therapeutic Yoga, Applications of Yoga, sensible Yoga: position, Pranayama, Dharana Dhyana, Bandha, Mudra, Shat Kriya and strategies of Teaching Yoga are a part of the course of study