Ways to find the best and authentic institution,Verify before admission

Ways to find the best and authentic institution

Distance education has become very common as well as popular in India. There are lots o benefits of it which is why it has become available in almost all cities of India for almost all courses. They are available for different levels of education too. However, looking at the way these distance education institutes have come up, it is important to choose the best one and not fall prey to the ones who are fake because their degrees are not valid or accredited with the Indian boards. Ways to find the best and authentic institution.

There are a few things that you should definitely check before making any fee payment or taking admission into any distance education provider.

These tips are given as follows

History and background

This is the first step to admission. Make sure you check the history and background, the years of Institute it has been working since and other credible information etc.


The institute website must be checked by oneself and verified to be authentic too.


Payment should always be made online with the Demand Draft in the name of the institution Name only


The fees should be double checked with the website online university


The physical location of the institute  should always be verified for its actual existence. The infra of an institute .


It is possible that the distance education provider is good enough but doesn’t have the specific course that you want. This is why you should the course yourself even if the person is saying that the course is present at the distance education provider

Expert search

The students Chose Best suggestions from the representatives of institute. This is why it is important that you also include an expert opinion in the search.

Ask a friend

Since it is a distance education provider there is a chance that the Institute is not reachable by you. This is why just verifying the institution is not enough. You should also ask a close one to visit the distance education institute if they are living near by.

Examination process Must be Required

The examination process is the perfect way to know of the authenticity of any Institute . This is why you should check when and how the examination takes place.

How it is graded to provide the degree as well. This will make sure that you have earned the degree in a deserving way.


Approval and authorization of the distance education institute is very important. You should check to see if the university/ Institute is approved by the UGC, DEB, AIMA.

Fee tactics

There are lots of tactics that are involved for fees. Sometimes the education provider might lure you into a discount. This way they pay half the fees to University that is required for admission and later on when the time comes about Degree University ask you for more fees with the penalties applied. They take advantage of putting the rest of the money to gain interest for them. This is why you should check the fees with the university online that is going to provide you the degree for it. Ways to find the best and authentic institution.


It is also very important that you check the future of the Institute  provider that you are choosing. This is important because when you are working at any company later on, it will require verification of your degree from that institute. This is why it is important that the institution is present at that time too.

Therefore, make sure that you check all these things very efficiently to have full satisfaction for the distance education provider. This will ensure that you do not face any problems, issues, or loss later.