Between Finance and Accounting, Which is Better?

The international business platform is operatively divided into two major subfields which are the accounting and finance sectors.

While the finance division is all about making more revenue out of the current capital, the accounting department deals worth keeping track of money and figuring out where it’s going out of the business accounts.

Accounting courses offered in Singapore are well structured to enlighten candidates of the extensive catalogue and highest ethical considerations that accounting or finance experts should keep in mind to carry out relevant practises within the workplace.

If you are interested to drive in the competitive job market, then opting for accounting and finance undergraduate degree from Singapore can help you transform your professional career dramatically within just a few years.

Continue reading to find out how specialising in the accounting and finance sectors can help you experience job growth and security, as well as an above-average salary to complement your profile.

What can you do with a finance undergraduate degree?

A bachelor’s degree in finance will teach you the different ways of tracking financial information, which can be leveraged in a wide array of employment options from a security evaluation, financial markets and financial modelling to investments and financial management.

Additional subfields that you will get practical training on includes various kinds of trading such as securities and commodities, as well as stock brokerage, where you get to deal with clients and businesses representing investment firms and banks.

You can earn as much as $1,56,150 as a finance professional, the job growth of which is expected to rise at the rate of 5% every 10 years!

What can you do with an accounting bachelor’s degree?

Undergraduate accounting degrees offered in London can help you establish a career in the field of business law, auditing, cost accounting, intermediate accounting and income tax the name of you.

Accounting degree holders can also try their hand at job roles related to unique accounting roles related to property law and real estate, alongside interesting subfields like forensic accounting.

As an accountant holding an international qualification, you will be primarily responsible for making sure that all debits and credits add up to zero for each of your clients, while stationed at certain law enforcement agencies or a private corporate sector.

Accountancy graduates studying in Singapore can bag salaries as high as $1,24,450, with the accountancy sector churning out around 1,43,6100 jobs the last time the Bureau of labour statistics checked!

Earning an undergraduate degree from Singapore is more than just powerful as it can not only help you establish yourself as a corporate leader but also become an instructor and professor internationally.

No matter the kind of bachelor’s degree that you prefer to learn, you must keep in mind that you will always be well compensated and have the power to conquer international markets or even become an entrepreneur.

Send in your applications today if you truly want to be part of the world economy and earn the respect that only leaders deserve!

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