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In order to benefit students to have a better Education, Education I-Connect Magazine is launching a New portal. Whom only purpose is to provide maximum information about the detailed institution/ University/college and courses …!!!

Education iConnect is an Education  Portal will always try to be genuine with the students or the Students who would use it. In order to maintain transparency, Education iConnect would always try our best to genuine statistics about the universities,/ institute/ college, that are published on the website. We will try our maximum to provide the maximum volume of information on the topic of the maximum number of colleges….!!

Education iConnect Magazine is serving the distance fraternity since its inception. We confidently believe in complete transparency in the education system. the iConnect magazine is the only web portal, which shelters the fees of all educationInstitutes/ University in order to make the students aware of the prevailing scenario in the Indian education sector.

This exceptional initiative will surely reduce the gap between students and policymakers so that the students get benefited.

In the age of statistics and education, everybody seeks a counselor-somebody who can understand their requirements and someone who can find their way out of the competition jungle. In the rate races of today, everybody is tramping on to become something important or worthwhile in there be in this world. But the main problem is: Nobody knows the way

We are one of the fastest growing portals in India, increasingly used by numerous aspiring Indian students to make their college decisions.

 So we are requested All university and Institute is there is something wrong kindly update us real information so that we can update information on the website by which students can compare the best course/ College / University and fee, as per there interest 

We are Not an institute or nor a university we are only medium by which students can seek information about any institute/university / College.

We are information distributors Approved by ministry of broadcasting and information.  

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