Study For Diploma In Interior Designing

Before deciding to study for diploma in Interior Designing, students must comprehend as to what is interior designing all about? What are the requisite skills? 

What is Interior Designing?

Interior Designing is a professional field that combines art with science to come up with innovative and unique designs so as not only to make efficient use of spaces but also to transform it into visually spectacular yet functional using colours, furnishings as well as varied decorations. 

Completion of Interior Designing Diploma ensures opportunities in diverse fields like lighting designers, exhibitions designers, set designers for performing arts, furniture designers, kitchen designers, and textile designers, etc.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Students must complete their 10+2 in any stream securing a minimum of 55% from a recognised board.
  • Students must have an understanding of Mathematics
  • Entrance exams of respective colleges, followed by group discussion as well as interview.

Required skill set: 

    • Creativity & sketching ability: In order to visualize innovative concepts, you must have excellent creative skills. However, in order to communicate the concepts, the interior architectural plans, floor plans, etc. to the clients, you need to be adept at sketching. 
    • In sync with the ensuing Trends: You must possess a thirst for knowledge, scientific aptitude, and analytical mind to not only stay relevant by having the pulse of the market but also stay ahead of the curve by being able to predict trends. 
  • In order to craft cohesive spaces, you must not only be focused on the big picture but also must pay attention to the minutest of details
  • To cut back on your carbon footprint and also to stop the exploitation of natural resources, clients have not only been demanding the use of eco-friendly material but employing sustainable practices as well. 
  • Comprehension of Colour wheel, hues, patterns, and textures will steer you to position yourself in a niche zone by using attractive palettes to delight your clients.  
  • Communication and Networking skills: Being a good listener is a part of good communication skills. You have to be an avid listener in order to comprehend clients’ requirements and translate them into innovative concepts. Furthermore, communication and networking skills are required to not only handle relationships with vendors and other stakeholders but also to collaborate with varied departments in order to get the work done.   
  • Problem Solving approach will put you in the driver’s seat since will always be counted upon to come up with innovative solutions in tight situations. 
  • Financial skills will help you to come up with creative solutions in order to do justice to the given budget. Furthermore, you will be able to give a realistic budget due to your financial skills. In addition to this, your negotiation skills will get you the best of the materials at the lowest of the prices. 
  • Competencies in the use of computers will help in not only presenting, explaining, and selling the concept but also evaluating the design.  
  • Diploma in Interior Designing: Besides the skills, a diploma in Interior Designing will equip you with dexterity in updated techniques as well as an understanding of the handling of varied design challenges in a constantly evolving ecosystem. Besides this, it will provide you with competencies to convert your concepts into reality. 

So register and design your dream career.

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