Tips for Preparing for the Upcoming NCA Exams

The NCA stands for National Committee on Accreditation. The NCA exam provides a certificate of qualification which acknowledges the knowledge of an individual on Canadian law. It assesses the education of the individuals on the law as well as the professional experience of those who have earned their credentials in a Canadian civil law program or obtained it outside of Canada. This certificate asserts that the individual has extensive knowledge of Canadian law and that the person has similar knowledge and expertise on the matter as someone who earned their degree from an accredited Canadian law school program. 

What is the exam format of NCA? Discuss more of NCA.

NCA exam formats are similar to those of regular Canadian law schools. These exams are objective, fact-based, and open book. Students have a maximum of 4 hours to finish their NCA exam. Even if a candidate finishes early, they must stay seated for the entire four hours. To get a better understanding of the exam pattern, look up past exam papers of the law school. It will give you a good idea regarding the important content and the exam pattern. The past exams can be availed at some libraries of Canadian law schools. 

The NCA provides 12 exam sessions every year. However, all subjects are not covered in every exam session. Students can write their exams over many sessions if they so wish. The assessment reports every candidate receives get a deadline by which they need to complete their assignments. 

Look up the NCA schedule to learn the details. 

What are the NCA Online Exam Rules?

NCA exams are open-book tests and long response forms. Students are only permitted hard copy materials. No electronic study materials are allowed in the exam. 

In order to make it more friendly for the students, they allow one hour extra – or a total of 4 hours to complete each of the exams. 

The NCA offers many ways to students to help them prepare for the online NCA exam. One such is the practice exam. It allows students to try out the operating features and functions of the online platform. Mock questions are made available to the students for practicing. The test side is available to students at any given time. 

The NCA also provides these sample exams for every subject. At the end of every exam outline document, there is a list of resources and publishers whom students can contact to get access to the texts. 

Start your NCA preparations as early as you can in order to perform your very best. 

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