Why choose Caribbean medical schools besides other medical schools?

Getting into a medical school of your choice isn’t as straightforward as some might suggest. In fact, securing a seat in any medical school worldwide has become more challenging than ever. Suppose you’re someone who wishes to attend a medical college or university in the United States of America or Canada. In that case, you might have to face rejection even after giving your best shot due to the highly competitive environment, fewer seats, and low acceptance rate in medical schools. 

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), about 53,030 applicants applied to enter the medical school class of 2020-2021 in the United States of America. Out of the total number of applicants, only 22,239 students matriculated, approximately 42 percent. Thus, Caribbean medical school is a popular choice among many prospective doctors due to its proximity to the United States of America.

When researching the best Caribbean medical schools for you, you might encounter many untrue statements and misleading information about them. No matter what you may have heard or come across, Caribbean medical schools have a lot to offer to aspiring medical students. From accredited medical courses to highly experienced faculties, Caribbean medical schools appeal to a large number of students from all corners of the world with the benefits they have to offer.

Above all, top-tier Caribbean medical school cost is the secret behind attracting more and more students. Caribbean medical schools are not only good in terms of cost but there are several reasons to choose a top-tier medical university on this island over its counterparts. So, let’s talk about all these reasons that make Caribbean medical schools different from others.

Top reasons to study medicine in a Caribbean medical school

Although there are manifold reasons why you should choose to study a medical program in the Caribbean, we will talk about some top defenses in this blog. So, let’s jump right into the first point to choose Caribbean medical schools over other medical schools.

  • Accredited and recognized medical schools

The Caribbean is home to several leading medical schools globally with education systems similar to the USA and Canada. Top-tier Caribbean medical schools have international accreditation or recognition from USA agencies. Attending an accredited medical school in the Caribbean also enables you to sit in the USMLE licensing examination.

  • The proven quality of education

As top-tier Caribbean medical schools are fully credentialed and have WFME recognition, they provide proven quality of education for the success of students. Caribbean medical schools focus on the holistic development of students and prepare them to tackle complex situations in the real world.

  • Direct admission after intermediate

Many American or Canadian medical schools ask for an undergraduate degree in the sciences, which should be 3-4 years. In addition, a letter of recommendation and high GPA and MCAT scores are essential to attend a medical college in these countries. However, Caribbean medical schools offer direct admissions to applicants who qualify for medical entrance exams after intermediate from science.

Apart from these top three reasons, rolling admissions, low tuition costs, and an easy admission policy help students become successful physicians. So, what are you waiting for? Apply to the course now!

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