Air hostess salary in india :The Wages of Air Hostesses in Indian Airlines


Air hostess salary in india :The Wages of Air Hostesses in Indian Airlines Today we will discuss one of the coolest working fields of all time. Yes, we are talking about Indian Airlines. There is almost no woman who has not dreamt to be an air hostess at least once in her life. That is no doubt one of the most glamorous jobs. We all get impressed with the behavior and charm of the elegant but polite ladies that serve us during our flying in Indian airlines. Now we will discuss the A to Z of the Air Hostess Salary in India.

Air hostess salary in india

There is some discrepancy about the exact definition of the job air hostess among the employees of the airlines. The term called “air hostess” also carries some controversy. As the culture of the airline is changing, male attendants are also serving the flight passengers. As the “air hostess” is a completely feminine term, nowadays it has been obsolete. The beautiful and smart people who help you to have a comfortable journey by flight are now called cabin crews. Just like their etiquette and appearance, their salaries are also impressive, for sure!

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Factors that Determine the Air Hostess Salary in India:

The salaries of the flight attendants basically depend upon three factors. These are,

  • The type of Airline:

 There are two types of flights such as domestic and international. The cabin crews who fly on the domestic flights usually get lower package of salary than the international cabin crews. Traveling on international flights to serve the passengers is a tougher job. The crew has to work harder and stay more time out of her home to work as a flight attendant on an international flight. This designation demands more efficiency and experience. Therefore, an international flight attendant gets a better wage than a domestic flight attendant.

  • The Airways Company:

There are several airways organizations in India. The salary of the flight attendants depends upon the company they work for. If you are working for Air India, you are going to get paid 40K INR per month. On the other hand, when you are a flight attendant at Air Asia, then your monthly salary will be 28K INR per month.

  • LCCs and FSCs:

That is an important factor. Here are two types of hospitality that you usually buy from the airways. These are Low-Cost Carriers and Full-Service Carriers. When you are taking an LCC service, you will pay low. Then you will not be provided with anything during your journey on the flight except the free water from drinking. You will not get any meal or beverage for free. You will have to buy these and these are very expensive inside the flight. On the other hand, full-service flights cost more than low-cost flights. It ensures all the comforts of the passengers including meals and beverages. So, there is no wonder that the cabin crews of FSC will get a higher salary than an LCCs cabin crew.

  • The Experience of the Cabin Crew:

As same as all the other work fields, the airlines also determine the salary of the cabin crews on the basis of their experience. A fresher one will have to start as an intern. She will have to complete her internship before she gets the offer letter as a full-timer. The salary package is not that much attractive during the internship. But after the flight attendant completes her first year as a flight attendant, her salary will increase. An experienced attendant will get a higher package of salary when she will join a new company.

What is the Air Hostess Salary in India?

As I have said before, the salary of the cabin crew basically depends upon the company she works for, the type of flight she attends and the amount of experience she has gained as a flight attendant. Here I have provided a list of the salaries the reputed airlines offer their cabin crews. Here I have given the average salary of a beginner and a pro air hostess.

  • Indian Flights

  1. AirAsia – 336000 INR per Year
  2. GoAir – 348000 INR per Year
  3. IndiGo – 378000 INR per Year
  4. Spicejet – 360000 INR per Year
  5. Vistara – 420000 INR per Year
  6. Jet Airways – 420000 INR per Year
  7. Air India – 480000 INR per Year


  • Freight Flights

  1. Delta Airlines – 720000 INR per Year
  2. Etihad Airlines – 720000 INR per Year
  3. Singapore Airlines – 660000 INR per Year