List of Engineering Courses After 12th Courses Name And Fees Information


List of engineering courses after 12th  is one of the most preferred streams among the students today. There are several specializations for the students in this field to choose from. What matters the most is the one you choose that fascinates you the most. Once you have passed the 12th in science with math, you can select which direction you want to go or which course after 12th you opt-in lifB.E.

This is important as no one will want to choose a course or a subject randomly and regret it later in lifB.E. There’s no come back then. So choosing the right Subject for the students is important in the science stream.

A career that is always in demand is the engineering. It may have some difficult subjects or difficult curriculum, but this won’t scare away the interested students. It’s a field that will challenge your caliber and creativity and thus it’s one of the highest-paid professions in India.

List of engineering courses after 12th

Engineering is one of those few professions which not only benefits you but also your society around you. It’s not like any other job where you sit idle and follow the instructions of the boss. Engineering is about the creativity of finding new ways to tackle a problem.

Having a bug on the website? A web developer can solve it. The car is broken down? A mechanical engineer can solve it. Engineers deal with such problems and find solutions for them.

12th pass student needs to figure out his or her wants and interests in order to get the career on track. Courses after 12th Engineering can be the option for them if they’re interested in a particular subject like computer science or electronics or any other. It’s crucial to find the interests before it’s too late because even engineering students ask themselves at one point about whether they should continuB.E. And wonder if engineering wasn’t their cup of tea all along.

If you’re one of those who are still wondering if they should choose Engineering courses after 12th, then this blog will be helpful as we will go through the reasons for choosing engineering and the types of engineering available in India.

Engineering Courses After 12th B.E and B.Tech Courses

B.E stands for bachelor in engineering and B.Tech stands for bachelor in technology.

Let’s get started with the best professions in engineering that remember both these viewpoints and are the most mainstream courses starting at now. The best professions in engineering that we have recorded beneath additionally happen to be a few high demanding engineering employments in India. Engineering occupations, for the most part, pay well.

Obviously, the ones popular will be the ones that give a more significant compensation bundlB.E. Oil Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering are the ones with the most significant salary bundle in India starting at now.

Engineering courses after 12th Computer Engineering:

This coordinates two fields of electrical engineering and software engineering for the improvement of equipment and programming. IT industry is in the blast for over 10 years now and the significance of computer engineering is still at its pinnaclB.E. Plenty of aspirants to choose computer engineering as it pays well and has a ton of extension both in India and abroad.

List of engineering courses after 12th in Electrical Engineering

This branch is one of the most interesting fields of engineering. As it manages the utilization and use of power, gadgets, electromagnetism, and so forth its application is utilized worldwide and in everyday lifB.E. A profession in electrical engineering will consistently be productive for any individual who chooses to seek after it.

Nuclear Engineering:

Someone who is captivated by the material science of the universe, nuclear engineering is one field where the standards of nuclear physical science are applied to the best degreB.E. Splitting and combination of nuclear and sub-nuclear particles are contemplated in this part of engineering. Another very good field, this branch gives a great deal of extension as far as to pay and opportunity.

Chemical Engineering:

There are a ton of components in nature which interest and divert an individual. Science, Physics, and Biology make up the field of SciencB.E. These are then utilized alongside science and financial aspects to change, produce, and utilize chemical components, vitality, and materials. It is an unsafe yet energizing field and the need to discover new blends and components that are feasible in nature has raised the interest of chemical architects. This happens to be one of the highest-paid departments of engineering.

Advanced plane design:

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is all the rage lately. With a great deal of innovative work going into the investigation of different places of the universe, a requirement for shuttles and aircraft emerges. This is dealt with by Aerospace Engineers. Advanced plane design is an order of engineering which manages the improvement of shuttles and aircraft.

It is additionally separated into aeronautical and astronautical engineering which is interlinked. These designers happen to be one of the generously compensated individuals in the field of engineering.

B.E and B.Tech don’t have any major difference except a few change syllabus and in subjects. You can choose either of them to have the same career opportunities. Apart from the mainstream branches, there are various other branches in engineering like:

  • B.E. or B.Tech in Electronics Engineering
  • B.E. or B.Tech in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  • B.E. or B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering
  • B.E. or B.Tech in Civil Engineering
  • B.E. or B.Tech in IT Engineering
  • B.E. or B.Tech in IC Engineering
  • B.E. or B.Tech in EC Engineering
  • B.E. or B.Tech in Motorsport Engineering
  • B.E. or B.Tech in Petroleum Engineering
  • B.E. or B.Tech in Automobile Engineering
  • B.E. or B.Tech in Mining Engineering
  • B.E. or B.Tech in Biotechnology Engineering
  • B.E. or B.Tech in Genetic Engineering
  • B.E. or B.Tech in Environmental Engineering
  • B.E. or B.Tech in Naval Architecture
  • B.E. or B.Tech in Marine Engineering
  • B.E. or B.Tech in Plastics Engineering
  • B.E. or B.Tech in Food Processing and Technology
  • B.E. or B.Tech in Agricultural Engineering
  • B.E. or B.Tech in Dairy Technology and Engineering
  • B.E. or B.Tech in Agricultural Information Technology
  • B.E. or B.Tech in Textile Engineering
  • B.E. or B.Tech in Infrastructure Engineering
  • B.E. or B.Tech in Power Engineering
  • B.E. or B.Tech in Production Engineering
  • B.E. or B.Tech in Metallurgy Engineering



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